3 simple ways to hide and lock private photos or videos on your iPhone

woman looking at phone texting at home
It’s easy to move photos to a hidden album, and then hide that album, on your iPhone.

  • You can hide photos in your iPhone’s Photos app by adding them to a hidden album.
  • With iOS 14, you can also hide that hidden album from the Photos app, so no one can see it.
  • You can also lock photos in the Notes app, or try to hide photos in your texts.
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Whether you’re trying to hide a picture of a loved one’s birthday gift, or you don’t want to see certain old photos, there are a few ways you can hide pictures on your iPhone.

You can create a hidden album in the Photos app, move pictures to password-protected notes in the Notes app, or disguise photos in your text messages. Here’s how to do it all.

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