23 last-minute gifts you can still get in time for Mother’s Day, including gift cards and subscriptions

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Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Products in the Drunk Elephant The Littles™ 4.0 lying flat on a pink background

  • If you’re purchasing a Mother’s Day gift last minute, there’s still time to order something special.
  • We rounded up 23 options – from luxurious hair products to cookbooks – that will arrive by May 9.
  • If you’re not in a hurry, check out these 54 Mother’s Day gifts under $50.

Mother’s Day is around the corner and there are just a few days to get a gift for the moms in your life. For those living on the edge and have yet to pick up something, we have you covered with last-minute gift ideas that can be ordered, delivered, and presented, right in time for Mother’s Day. If you’re cutting it close, we also have recommendations for subscriptions and gift cards that can be purchased and gifted on the day of.

Here are 23 of the best last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that will arrive by May 9

The most stunning bouquet we ordered and reviewed

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - UrbanStems The Hema Bouquet on a living room table

Gift an UrbanStems bouquet, starting at $50

Let’s start with the Mother’s Day basic — a beautiful bouquet. UrbanStems offers a range of fresh, modern bouquets and other arrangements that are a step above the average flower mix. They were the best flower delivery service we tested, and the best part: they offer next-day delivery for 48 states and same-day delivery in New York City and Washington, DC.

A clothing subscription to switch up mom’s wardrobe

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A Stitch Fix subscription box, including tops, bottoms, outerwear and a pair of shoes

Gift a Stitch Fix subscription, $20

Amp up the traditional blouse you get mom with a Stitch Fix subscription, which will deliver a customized wardrobe based on a style quiz and the plan you choose. There’s a $20 styling fee, and then you can personalize your picks after.

A sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner set for salon-looking hair

Last minute Mothers' Day gifts - Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner lying next to each other on a table

Gift Kristin Ess’ The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner, $20 each

If healthy and shiny hair is important to mom, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, like Kristin Ess’ The One Signature line, won’t dry out hair, so it’s perfect to gift — especially with summer coming up. When ordering online from Target it will arrive by the weekend, or you can pick it up at a local store.

A clothing subscription to switch up mom’s wardrobe

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Everlane Gift Card in an envelope

Gift an Everlane gift card, from $25

For cozy, luxe basics, Everlane is one of our favorite retailers. Simply enter the gift card amount of your choice, print out a few options to stick in a Mother’s Day card, and you’ll be all set.

A pair of designer shades to sport this summer

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Ray Ban Clubmaster Square Sunglasses

Gift the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Square Sunglasses, $161

For a timely, practical gift for the warmer months, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Ray-Bans. They’re one of our favorite retailers for womens’ shades and are Amazon Prime-eligible too.

An oversized beach tote for all the necessities

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - CGear Sand Free Gray Stripe Tote

Gift the CGear Sand-Free Gray Stripe Tote, $49.99

For moms who can’t get enough purses, crossbody bags, and clutches, gift her another carrier — a spacious beach bag. The CGear Sand-Free tote has a gray- and turquoise-striped design and is Amazon Prime-eligible. You can even fill it with a reusable water bottle, high-end sunscreen, and wireless headphones for the beach.

A smart tea kettle for making tea or preparing baby formula

Last minute Mother's day gifts - Smarter Electric iKettle standing upright on a kitchen countertop

Gift the Smarter Electric iKettle, $99

For frequent tea drinkers, the Amazon Prime-eligible Smarter Electric iKettle boasts Wi-Fi and voice activation with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant — you can control the temperature from the Smarter app on your phone. The iKettle is wonderful for new moms for hassle-free nighttime feeding.

A Walmart+ subscription for the savvy shopper

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A Walmart tote bag with what you can get with a Walmart+ Subscription inside, including groceries, Play-Doh, and a Nintendo Switch

Gift a Walmart+ subscription, $12.95 per month

Walmart is known to sell almost everything under the sun, and gifting mom a Walmart+ subscription adds the convenience of items shipped directly to your door. We tried it out and, whether shopping for groceries or video games, Walmart+ is a practical idea.

If mom is a big Amazon shopper and isn’t already an Amazon Prime member, here’s how to sign her up — a monthly subscription costs $12.99.

The comfiest pair of sneakers you’ll find

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman walking on pavement wearing the gray Allbirds Wool Loungers

Gift the Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers, $95

From grocery store runs to walks in the park, moms are frequently on the go. The Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers are some of the comfiest shoes we’ve reviewed, and the brand appeared not once, but three times in our best white sneakers for women guide. The shoes will arrive in two business days or can be expedited in one business day.

A nostalgic and sentimental coupon book

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A mother writing on one of the Knock Knock Vouchers for Mom

Gift the Knock Knock Vouchers for Mom, $12

If you have an all-I-want-is-a-card type of mom, the Knock Knock Vouchers for Mom is a fantastic, sentimental idea. It’s Amazon Prime-eligible and contains 20 “coupons” that you fulfill, ranging from breakfast in bed to a day without complaints (two things that mom will adore).

A wine subscription for the so-called sommelier

Last minute Mother's Day gifts  - A Winc subscription box and four bottles of wine on a doormat

Gift a Winc subscription, $39 per month

If mom is a wine fanatic, Winc is a fitting gift. The most affordable subscription starts at $39, which includes three $13 bottles of wine. You can also purchase a gift card for choosing bottles. You can read about our experience in using the Winc wine subscription service

A deluxe skincare sampler to boost hydration and self-care

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Products in the Drunk Elephant The Littles™ 4.0 lying flat on a pink background

Gift the Drunk Elephant The Littles 4.0 Set, $90

Skincare can be an expensive gift for Mother’s Day. Drunk Elephant, one of our favorite brands, offers the 4.0 Kit, a sampler of not one but eight great skincare products that include the Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer, the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, and the C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. And, these cruelty-free products are packed in a reusable case.

When ordering at Sephora, you can opt for one-day expedited shipping, or order and pick up at a local store.

A cookbook with 100 cookie recipes for the baker

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - The "100 Cookies" cookbook on a pink table surrounded by baking tools

Gift the “100 Cookies” cookbook, $23.55

If the kitchen is your mom’s most-visited spot, gifting a cookbook is thoughtful and will offer inspiration for whipping up more sweet treats. The Amazon Prime-eligible “100 Cookies” cookbook highlights — you guessed it — 100 cookies, brownies, bars, and other yummy recipes to bake over the weekend. 

If you want to splurge, you can pair it with one of our favorite KitchenAid stand mixers.

An Audible subscription for the reader

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman listening to an Audible audiobook while at the gym

Gift an Audible subscription, starting at $7.95 a month

For a really last-minute gift idea, Audible is an instantaneous subscription after ordering. The platform serves as a digital audio library of popular books — play them as you would your favorite podcasts. You can pair the subscription with some bestselling audiobooks.

A beauty and grooming subscription box to switch things up

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A Birchbox subscription box with assorted makeup and skincare items to its right

Gift a Birchbox subscription, $15 per month

Birchbox packages makeup, hair, and skincare products, which is perfect for providing mom with new products to try. It’s a perfect IOU to include in a card, so you’ll have something ordered in time for May 9.

A gel manicure kit if you can’t get to a nail salon

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

Gift the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit, $79.99

Give mom a salon-like manicure without the need for an in-person appointment. Red Carpet is the best at-home gel nail kit we tested, and it will arrive from Ulta in two to three business days with premium shipping, or available for in-store pickup after ordering.

The Dyson Airwrap mom will never purchase for herself

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman curling her hair with the Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume and Shape

Gift the Dyson Airwrap styler, $778.99

If you’re chipping in with your siblings or simply want to splurge on mom this year, the Dyson Airwrap styler is your best bet. We tested it alongside a celebrity hairstylist and found it to be a quality, versatile tool that produces gorgeous salon looks with its air-and-no-heat technology.

A sleek essential oil diffuser for a fresh-scented room

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - The URPower Essential Oil Diffuser in use on a carpeted bedroom floor

Gift the URPower Essential Oil Diffuser, $19.99

While we love our candles, a diffuser is a no-flame option that will make a room smell like eucalyptus, peppermint, or fresh linen — the latter perfect is for bathrooms. URPower is our favorite essential oil diffuser on a budget and when paired with an essential oil kit, it’s an all-in-one thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day — Amazon Prime-eligible.

An exercise bike and work desk duo that’s super practical

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman on a call while on the Bike Desk 3.0

Gift the FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0, $299.99

Does mom want to stay active while working from home? The FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0 is a laptop desk and exercise bike hybrid that will get her feet moving while in meetings. Even better: it’s Amazon Prime-eligible and something that will boost productivity.

For an add-on, pair the bike desk with a pair of our favorite spin shoes we tested.

A Nespresso machine for cafe-style brews at home

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle

Gift the Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle, $160

If your gift recipient is always running to Dunkin’ or Starbucks, the Nespresso VertuoPlus will be much appreciated. It’s Amazon Prime-eligible, and it comes with a milk frother and a coffee pod sampler to get started. 

A waffle robe for getting ready after the shower

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman wearing the Bohang Summer Waffle Bathrobe in Light Purple

Gift the Bohang Summer Waffle Bathrobe, $25.99

Fluffy robes are great for winter, but a waffle robe is perfect year-round — especially to throw on after a relaxing bath or shower. It’s Amazon Prime-eligible, comes in three colors, and feels like one you’d find at a hotel.

A meal delivery service to take some stress off cooking

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - The ingredients that come in a HelloFresh meal kit box alongside the final meal

Gift a HelloFresh meal kit subscription, from $33.97

Meal delivery is all the rage these days — you get pre-selected meal options shipped to your door, with pre-portioned ingredients included. We tested HelloFresh and deemed it as one of our favorite meal delivery kit services.

For shipping, HelloFresh offers expedited delivery, depending on the plan selected.

A gold bangle that is dainty and will match any outfit

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle

Gift the Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle, $26.60 

Designer for less than $30? The Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle is a classic, gold-plated bracelet proven to match any outfit. It’s also Amazon Prime-eligible and makes for a simple and dainty jewelry piece.

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The 10 best places to shop for men’s underwear

Tommy John best men's underwear
  • Underwear is the one thing you wear every day, but probably hardly put any thought into.
  • It may be time for an upgrade in comfort and style – and here are the best places to shop.
  • Our favorite places to buy underwear include Tommy John, Saxx, MeUndies, Bombas, and All Citizens.

If there’s one article of clothing you wear every day, it’s a pair of underwear. They’ve become such a standard wardrobe staple that most people put little to no thought into the kinds they buy. If you’re still grabbing the cheapest multi-pack on the shelf, you’re definitely missing out on comfort. The best underwear for men doesn’t bunch or ride up, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of cash for the upgrade.

So if you’re ready to swap out your old underwear, you’re in the right place. I have all of the perfect recommendations for the best men’s underwear, and where to buy it.

Here are the best places to buy men’s underwear:

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Tommy John

Tommy John

Tommy John has a great selection of fits, sizes, and materials, to appeal to most all body types and comfort preferences. 

Sizing info: S-XXL

You know that one pair of boxers you get a little bit excited to put on when it makes its way to the top of the pile in your underwear drawer? For me, it’s Tommy John. 

The brand was founded in 2008 with the goal of updating undergarments with modern comfort elements, and they’ve absolutely done that. I’ve tried just about every noteworthy underwear brand you’d find in a Google search, and Tommy John surpasses them all.

The primary reason I like Tommy John so much is the amazing fit. Boxer briefs are my go-to underwear style, and Tommy John’s has a slightly longer-than-average inseam length. This totally eliminates that awful feeling of riding up or chafing. There’s plenty of room and support in all the right places. 

If you like trunks, briefs, or relaxed fit boxers, Tommy John has all of those too. You’ll also find sport leggings, which are essentially full-length underwear.

In terms of materials, Tommy John has several types to offer. They include Cool Cotton, Air, Second Skin, and a newly-introduced Second Skin Micro Rib. Each material is designed to meet specific needs like cool comfort, softness, and breathability.

I’ve worn them all (with the exception of the Second Skin Micro Rib, which was recently released), and they’re all exceptionally comfortable. Tommy John underwear is expensive, but they outlast cheaper pairs that go bad after a few wash and dry cycles.

What to buy:

Cool Cotton Boxer Brief (small)Cotton Basics Boxer Brief (small)


Where would we all be without Hanes, really?

Sizing options: S-XXXL

Founded in 1900, Hanes, for all intents and purposes, pretty much invented modern underwear. Love or hate underwear, we’d have our work cut out for ourselves if we were to claim not to have some deep appreciation for this brand.

These days, Hanes offers every kind of boxer, brief, and boxer brief you could imagine with dozens of styles. You’ll find everything from high-tech synthetic athletic to the good old-fashioned cotton the brand was built on.

This brand is timeless and it’s not going anywhere soon. Plus, as some of the most affordable underwear you can buy, it’s a good way to fill out your drawer when a five-pack is still cheaper than single pairs from the popular direct-to-consumer startups on our list.

You’ll find pairs with FreshIQ odor-reducing technology and the new Total Support Pouch, which gives you some of the features of more moderns brands without the steep price tag.

What to buy:

Ultimate Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch Boxer Brief 4-Pack (small)FreshIQ Boxer Briefs (small)
Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon Silver Underwear

Similar to garments worn by NASA, Olympic athletes, and US Special Forces, Mack Weldon Silver Underwear adds pure silver to its Supima cotton to provide strong odor protection.

Sizing options: S-XXL

Using a combination of Pima cotton, Silver XT2, and Lycra, the Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs are made with some of the highest quality materials available.

While Supima cotton and lycra are commonly used in all types of clothes intended to be soft and comfortable, the inclusion of pure silver is rather important. Silver is naturally anti-microbial, so it helps rid garments of bacteria, including the types that cause odor. Learn about XT2 technology here

To put into perspective how useful silver can be, similar technology has been used in clothing for NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, and US Special Forces.

Although astronauts probably have to wear their gear for much longer than you have to wear your underwear, you’ll still get great use out of them in the real world. Whether you work super long days, you live a high-intensity athletic lifestyle, or you’re on a camping or hunting trip where showers are few and far between, you’ll get through it without stinking.

In addition to odor protection, the Silver Boxer Briefs are very comfortable thanks to a no-roll waistband, which is designed to prevent digging into the skin, and targeted mesh zones to keep high-heat areas nice and cool. 

I own far too many pairs of underwear to ever have to wear any pair for more than a day, but I love to grab a pair of my Silver Boxers when I know I’ll be active for a long period of time.

What to buy: 

Silver Boxer Briefs (small)


MeUndies specializes in fun, colorful, comfortable basics for everyone.

Sizing Options: S-4XL

If you’re tired of boring tighty whities (or other basics underwear options), MeUndies is the easiest way to liven up your underwear draw. While you can buy items individually, the subscription model will allow you to save money and effortlessly build your collection of fun and colorful underwear.

For $16 a month, you’ll get one pair of underwear. You get to choose your preferred underwear style, size, and design type. You can pick between Adventurous, which might include anything from dinosaurs to fun geometric patterns, Bold, which is includes bright colors, and Classic, which is a safe pick for colors like black, white, grey, and blue. And if you and your partner want to match, you can find the same patterns in colors in other styles for everyone.

Subscription holders will also get early access and discounts on other products, which is the best way to save on the MeUndies loungewear we love.

MeUndies isn’t the most advanced when it comes to different material and fit choices, but the options that are available are super comfortable.

Read our full review on MeUndies here.

What to buy:

Men’s Membership (small)

Saxx Underwear

Saxx Underwear delivers top-not support below the belt and plenty of fun colors and patterns.

Sizing options: XS-XXL

While some underwear brands primarily focus on either comfort or fun patterns, Saxx Underwear manages to do both exceptionally well. 

The highlight of the brand’s comfort technology is the BallPark Pouch, which adds support, limits chafing, reduces moisture, and prevents you from having to constantly readjust yourself. For most men, there’s not much more you can ask for in underwear.

You’ll find basic solid colors as well as cool patterns, bright colors, and themes. If you like to have fun with your underwear, you’ll find plenty of options to fill your drawer with.

At $25 or more for a single pair, they’re considerably more expensive than other brands, but the quality, comfort, and options make them well worth it.

Six guys from the Insider Reviews team tried out the brand. Read our full review on Saxx here.

What to buy:

Ultra Boxer Brief (small)Vibe Boxer Brief (small)Undercover Brief (small)


With true waist sizes, you’ll never get the wrong fit from Bonobos Underwear.

Sizing options: waist sizes 28-40

Most men’s underwear comes in alpha sizes like small, medium, and large, which can force you to guess your size by following some obscure size chart.

Bonobos is known for its amazing pants, and they’ve put the same level of skill in detail into its underwear. Bonobos Underwear comes in waist sizes, from 28-inch to 40-inch waists. By using the same methodology that goes into finding the best fit in pants, you’ll never have to worry about fitting into general underwear sizes.

Available as 5″ inseam boxer briefs and 3″ inseam trucks, each pair of Bonobos Underwear uses a stretch waistband that never restricts you and super soft anti-microbial, moisture-wicking fabric for maximum comfort. 

At $34 a pair, Bonobos Underwear is expensive, but there’s usually a discount when you buy them in bulk.

What to buy:

Underwear (small)
Organic Basics

Organic Basics

Danish brand Organic Basics is the Everlane of boxers and briefs (though they make a lot more than that).

Sizing options: S-XXL

Made with 93% recycled nylon and 7% elastane, Organic Basics estimates that compared with traditional methods using virgin materials, production of its “SilverTech” style conserves some 21 gallons of water and prevents 4.2 pounds of CO2 and one ounce of waste from entering the atmosphere and earth. We can’t quite confirm this, but take a virtual tour of the brand’s factories and learn more about its practices.

As for the product itself, the brand only uses Class A and B fibers, which means that even though this stuff is recycled, it’s every bit as soft as brand-spanking-new stuff, and a lot less weight on the world.

SilverTech, which we find to be Organic Basics‘ most interesting style, is in fact infused with silver, which is supposed to quell odor and bacteria buildup. In our experience, it helps a good bit, but maybe not quite as well as others we’ve tried. The real win here is the comfort that these skivvies offer, and since I’ve had them (over a year now), they’ve easily been my most-worn pairs. A more relaxed boxer brief, they hold everything more or less in place while sitting flush so I can wear them with just about any pair of pants.

Organic Basics offers a couple of fabrics beyond their SilverTech, and unlike that line, they’re much more on the organic side: Tencel (a wood-pulp-based cellulose that’s more breathable and less shrinkable and wrinkle-inclined than cotton), and organic cotton (spiked with 5% of elastane).

What to buy:

TENCEL™ Lite Boxers (2-Pack) (small)



Allbirds underwear

You already know Allbirds for its insanely popular wool sneakers, but did you know they make underwear too?

Allbirds, the popular wool footwear startup, recently released underwear that came as a total surprise, albeit a welcome one. The Allbirds Trino Boxer Briefs are made from a blend of eucalyptus tree material and merino wool, which delivers a lightweight, airy, and a soft-on-your-skin feel. They aren’t the least bit itchy like a typical wool material, so you shouldn’t have any discomfort unless you have a severe allergy to wool.

At $24, the Allbirds Trino Boxer Briefs are cheaper than every pair on our list except for the budget pick from Hanes. Although I really enjoyed wearing them, they weren’t notable enough to dethrone our current best overall pick or cheap enough to replace our budget pick, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them.

If you want more premium underwear than a standard budget 6-pack, but can’t quite justify or afford to pay Tommy John prices, Allbirds is a good middle ground. They’re also a great choice if sustainability plays a major part in the items you buy.

Read our full review on Allbirds underwear here.

What to buy:

Men’s Boxer Brief (small)



All Citizens

All Citizens underwear

If you’re tired of hanging all over the place, All Citizens‘ Paradise Pouch Boxer Briefs will provide total support and comfort.

Sizing options: S-XXL; available in standard, athletic, and longer fits

There’s a lot more than a person’s waist size that goes into finding comfortable underwear, and All Citizens recognizes that. 

Perhaps named after its inclusivity, All Citizens has underwear for almost every size and shape. Although I’m not very tall, I went with the longer fit because I hate when my underwear ride up and I’ve come to like longer pairs from other brands. 

My first impression holding them in my hand was that they were substantially better quality than most other brands. They’re pretty thick — but not to the point of being uncomfortable or hot. I could tell that they would be able to hold up well to countless washes and wears, and after several months, they’ve done exactly that.

All Citizens also takes support seriously with its Paradise Pocket. While all underwear brands are gradually becoming more concerned with support, All Citizens has arguably the most advanced system to keep your business in place. Most pouch designs are more or less two extra pieces of fabric, the Paradise Pocket is a comfortable compartment that keeps you from hanging all over the place.

At $18, they’re a bit more affordable than other premium underwear — and there’s no compromise in quality.

What to buy:

The Paradise Pocket™ Standard Fit Boxer Brief (small)


For every pair of Bombas underwear your buy, the brand will donate a pair to someone in need.

Sizing options: S-3XL

Bombas socks have been some of the best socks in the industry for some time now, and the newly introduced underwear live up to that same level of quality. 

Made from a blend of cotton and modal, the underwear are incredibly soft and smooth, giving them a comfortable next-to-skin feeling. The blend of materials also makes them durable for continuous wears and washes — which is super important considering how much I like wearing them.

There are very few seams on the underwear which means there are few points for discomfort like digging into your skin or bunching up. One of the most interesting features is the diagonal fly. It’s much easier to access than other designs, but still remains secure.

Bombas offers Boxer Briefs, Trunks, and Briefs to accommodate all style preferences.

What to buy:

Cotton Modal Boxer Brief (small)Cotton Modal Trunk (small)Cotton Modal Brief (small)
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Testing methodology

The best way to test underwear is to simply wear them in your everyday life. There’s a long list of brands making men’s underwear brands and for the last 3.5 years, I have been actively testing boxer briefs. My testing has become so in-depth and sample units have become so abundant that I have not had to purchase underwear myself.

I’ve taken into consideration important factors like comfort, performance, inclusivity, and accuracy of sizes and fits, and durability with wears and washes, and price. While most underwear on this list is more expensive than a basic 6-pack, you can rest assured they meet a certain level of quality and longevity in your closet.

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25 beach bags you’ll want to carry all summer long

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

best beach bags 4x3
  • A well-structured, spacious beach bag is a handy carrier for sunscreen, books, and other portables.
  • We rounded up options across different price points and styles so you can find the perfect one.

We rounded up the best beach bags to shop, from ones with vibrant patterns to others of a more traditional wicker style. Some with chunky rope straps, others with see-through material to easily locate all of your necessities.

Below, find our recommended options across different retailers and price points so you can add this summer staple to your shopping cart (and then take it to the beach or pool).

Here are the beach bags for different budgets:

Under $50

A New Day Straw Large Dome with Tassels Tote Handbag

A New Day Straw Large Dome with Tassels Tote Handbag

A New Day’s Straw Large Dome with Tassels Tote Handbag is spacious, flexibly designed, and affixed with a string of mauve, magenta, amber, and black tassels hanging from one of the handles. The open top allows you to easily locate your items when lounging outside, too, so you don’t have to dig.

Straw Large Dome with Tassels Tote Handbag (small)
Abrielle Beach Bag

Abrielle Beach Bag

For a fun summer DIY, this orange-and-white floral sewing pattern comes with the fabric of your choice, yard for the handle, an all-purpose zipper for the lining pocket, a spool of coordinating thread, and non-toxic fabric glue to make your own beach bag. There are some other required items, but the seller offers some of them for sale.

Abrielle Beach Bag (small)
A New Day Straw Circle Handle Tote

A New Day Straw Circle Handle Tote

A New Day’s Straw Circle Handle Tote is oversized, well-structured, and double-handled for easy carrying. Its open-top, simplistic design makes it the perfect tote for heading to the farmer’s market as well.

Straw Circle Handle Tote (small)
South Beach Navy-and-Cream-Striped Tote

ASOS South Beach Striped Tote in navy and cream stripe

If you’re the type to haul your whole life with you to the beach, the South Beach Navy-and-Cream-Striped Tote is perfect for you. You’ll appreciate the flexible twin handles and deep capacity to store a spare bikini, your reusable water bottle, and a few book options to choose from.

Navy-and-Cream-Striped Tote (small)
BeeGreen Reusable Drawstring Bag

BeeGreen Reusable Drawstring Bag

The BeeGreen Reusable Drawstring Bag is great to sling over your shoulders that’s suitable for beach trips, hiking trails, and flea markets alike. The straps can be adjusted to fit people of all ages and you’ll appreciate its capacity to fit sunscreen, wallet, keys, and other small items.

Reusable Drawstring Bag (small)
Bulex Extra Large Black Beach Bag

Bulex Extra Large Black Beach Bag

If you don’t like to dig around at the bottom of your bag on a hot summer’s day, Bulex’s Extra Large Black Beach Bag is a see-through option to easily locate your flip flops, beach blanket, and life vest for water activities. The zipper closure will keep everything safely stored, too.

Extra Large Black Beach Bag (small)
CB Station Medium Initial Boat Tote

CB Station Medium Initial Boat Tote

CB Station offers a boat-style tote with contrasting handles and base that can be personalized with an initial monogram or name in script. Its durable design and zipper closure even makes it an all-in-one carrier to replace your reusable grocery bag.

Medium Initial Boat Tote (small)
CGear Sand-Free Gray Stripe Tote

CGear Sand Free Gray Stripe Tote

This classic beach tote is highly durable with contoured carrying straps for comfort. It’s also uniquely functional with a magnetic closure to conveniently secure your valuables, either inside the main pocket or within one of the three sand-free pockets.

Tote IV (small)
Coral Reef Turquoise Painting Pattern Beach Tote Bag

Coral Reef Turquoise Painting Pattern Beach Tote Bag

If a long-form tote is more your style than a widely-stretched bag, the Coral Reef Turquoise Painting Pattern Beach Tote Bag is a great option. The edge-to-edge beachy design has black laminated lining for extra support and is deep enough to store a flower bouquet.

Coral Reef Turquoise Painting Pattern Beach Tote Bag (small)
Handwoven Brown Straw Tote Bag

Straw Tote Bag Summer Handwoven Bags

Let’s face it — sometimes, we just want to carry a beach towel and have a hassle-free bag to store a cell phone and mini sunscreen bottle. The Handwoven Brown Straw Tote Bag has a crossbody-like design with a bamboo circle handle, much like Chloé bags.

Handwoven Brown Straw Tote Bag (small)
Jay Aimee Designs Personalized Small Blue Canvas Beach Tote

Jay Aimee Designs Personalized Small Blue Canvas Beach Tote

Nautical can be the name of the beach bag game, and the Jay Aimee Designs Personalized Beach Tote certainly lives up to that navy-and-white emblemed style. You can personalize the center stripe with your monogram, it’s water-resistant, and the chunky rope handles elevate the beach-bound design.

Personalized Small Blue Canvas Beach Tote (small)
Shylero Clownfish Waterproof Beach Bag

Shylero Clownfish Waterproof Beach Bag

For a roomy, durable, and waterproof tote with a unique pattern, Shylero makes great carriers with wide rope handles, a side water bottle pocket, and a built-in keyholder and bottle opener. It also features a top magnet button to close off the wide-capacity bag. 

Clownfish Waterproof Beach Bag (small)
Black & Natural-Striped Straw Tote

Black & Natural Striped Straw Tote

The beautifully woven, handbag-like Black & Natural-Striped Straw Tote is great for the beach, pool, or out to dinner by the water. It has colorful pom-poms tied to the short handles and will store all of your summer must-haves.

Striped Straw Tote (small)
Vbiger Orange Mesh Beach Bag

Vbiger Orange Mesh Beach Bag

The Vbiger tote is sleek, has many storage compartments, and has a see-through middle design to conveniently locate your SPF lip balm, sunglasses, and face mist. Aside from zipper pockets, there’s also a waterproof cell phone case to ensure it sits damage-free.

Mesh Beach Bag (small)

Natural Boho Beach Tote

Natural Boho Beach Tote

If you live in your Birkenstocks and love that casual beach look, the Natural Boho Beach Tote is designed just for you. You can’t go wrong with the twisted rope handles, intricate seashell and beaded details, and bohemian fringe border.

Boho Beach Tote (small)
Hydro Flask 35L Grapefruit Insulated Tote

Hydro Flask 35L Grapefruit Insulated Tote

Style is one thing, but keeping your fresh fruit and mint-infused water cool is another. The Hydro Flask 35L Insulated Tote will hold up, keeps items cold for up to four hours (keeping the hours-long cooling feature alive like Hydro Flask’s much-loved reusable bottles), and collapses for quick storage and travel.

Insulated Tote (35 L) (small)
BohoPEACH Large Beach Bag

BohoPEACH Large Beach Bag

The BohoPEACH Large Beach Bag is made in Thailand and resembles tiki-style hard wicker handmades from Bahamian islands. It’s unique in that it’s tautly structured and has beautifully sewn seams at the bottom to last you for years of fun in the sun.

Large Beach Bag (small)
Color My World Multi-Colored Oversized Tote Bag

Color My World Multi Colored Oversized Tote Bag

The Color My World Multi-Colored Oversized Tote Bag is, quite literally, a party in a beach bag. Its rainbow-woven pattern with all-around tassels is oh-so-spacious and will give you many compliments while walking to the beach.

Large Beach Bag (small)
Steele Canvas Basket Corp Orange Waterproof Beach Tote

Steele Canvas Basket Corp Orange Waterproof Beach Tote

If you want a versatile bag to store everything in sight — including your wide-brimmed beach hatSteele Canvas Basket Corp’s tote is the one you need to have on hand in your car trunk. It’s a simple, multipurpose tote that you’ll be glad you invested in.

Waterproof Beach Tote (small)
Palm Beach Zip Up Tote

Palm Beach Zip Up Tote

Summer may mean soft serve ice cream and boating trips, but for me, it means whipping out my vibrant Lily Pulitzer prints for sunny days outside. The Palm Beach Zip Up Tote is fully decked with a blue, green, and pink design (with sailboats, lobsters, and palm trees) and will store all of your essentials.

Palm Beach Zip Up Tote (small)
Natural Large Straw Tote Bag

Natural Large Straw Tote Bag

The Large Straw Tote Bag isn’t your typical wicker handheld —its vegan leather handles add a touch of elegance to the intricately woven design. There are two interior zip pockets to store miniature portables and a magnetic snap closure to keep everything in place.

Large Straw Tote Bag (small)
Marrakech Shop Design Straw Beach Bag with Leather Strap

Marrakech Shop Design Straw Beach Bag with Leather Strap

Can I just say, this is so cute. The Moroccan-made bag is perfect to carry on your back while on the boardwalk or to hold onto on a trek through the sand. It’s well-made, unique, and a showstopper for summer.

Straw Beach Bag with Leather Strap (small)
Over $100

Camino Caryall Reef Blue Tote Bag

Camino Caryall Reef Blue Tote Bag

Yeti is known for its long-lasting, outdoor products like duffel bags, coolers, and water bottles, and its easy-to-carry tote bag is no exception. It’s the closest, cooler-like bag to a cooler we found, and its wide opening is great to store polarized sunglasses, headphones, and food storage containers.

Camino Carryall 35 (small)
Mar Y Sol Multi Tybee Bag

Mar Y Sol Multi Tybee Bag

The Mar Y Sol Multi Tybee Bag is a soft and flexible beach tote clad with a colorful stripe pattern and plush pom poms. Its interior pouch pocket is conveniently located at the center, so you can find smaller items amid the wide-capacity interior storage.

Multi Tybee Bag (small)
Vince Camuto Orla Canvas Tote

Vince Camuto Orla Canvas Tote

Yeti is known for its long-lasting, outdoor products like duffel bags, coolers, and water bottles, and its easy-to-carry tote bag is no exception. It’s the closest, cooler-like bag to a cooler we found, and its wide opening is great to store polarized sunglasses, headphones, and food storage containers.

Camino Carryall 35 (small)
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The 14 best swim trunks for every style and need

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the best men’s swim trunks - Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

  • There are swim trunks for every style and need, whether you’re surfing or just lounging poolside.
  • Many brands have introduced eco-friendly trunks that are even better than the traditional versions.
  • Swim trunks have gotten a little shorter so dare to show a little more leg this summer.

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

The days are getting warmer, and summer is nearly here. You may think your swim trunks are merely a utilitarian beach item, but with the incredible range of styles, patterns, and fits, they can help define your personal style just like your street clothes.

While many brands have trunks with inseams that are shorter, thanks to the current trend of retro styles, we’ve included boardshorts in this review. This surf-style swimwear is longer – typically ending at or below the knee – and usually has a button or velcro fly. So whether you want to show a little leg or prefer more coverage, we’ve rounded up the best swim trunks for you to enjoy this summer.

Here are the best men’s swim trunks in 2021:

Bearbottom Recycled Stretch Swim Trunks

The best men’s swim trunks - Bearbottom Stretch Swim Trunks

Bearbottom Recycled Stretch swim trunks are handsome, super comfortable, and eco-friendly.

The heart of Bearbottom Clothing is a desire to do good. The company ethically sources its materials and has donated more than 100,000 shorts and 200,000 protective masks to people in Bangladesh and India. 

The Recycled Stretch swim trunks are made from a 90% recycled polyester with 10% spandex which provides four-way stretch that’s comfortable for extended wear. The material has a soft handfeel, is water resistant, and dries quickly. The interior mesh is light and even stretchier than the outer material. I wore these the entire day and forgot there was a lining at all. They have a 5.5-inch inseam and hit about mid-thigh on my six-foot frame. 

Stretch Swim Trunks 5.5″ (small)
Birdwell 310 Skipper Gold Board Shorts

The best men’s swim trunks - Birdwell 310 Skipper Board Shorts

The 310 Skipper Gold Board Shorts are an updated classic from Birdwell Beach Britches, a California heritage brand from Southern California.  

The Skipper Gold Board Shorts, part of Birdwell Beach Britches’ 60th Anniversary collection, have an early 1960s vibe with a gold colorway, multi-hued blue stripes across the bottom of the right leg, and a classic fit that hits around mid thigh. Made from Birdwell’s SurfNyl, a nylon material made by the same U.S. mill since the 1980s, the shorts are hand-cut and have double- and triple-stitched seams for durability. The shorts feature a button fly, triple lace closures, and a back pocket with drain holes and a key loop. 

310 Skipper Gold Board Shorts (small)
Outerknown Nomadic Volley

The best men’s swim trunks - Outerknown Nomadic Volley

Outerknown’s Nomadic Volley swim trunks combine classic looks with sustainable manufacturing for all the good vibes you could ask for. 

Pro-surfer Kelly Slater creates great clothing in tandem with designer John Moore through the brand Outerknown, which uses organic, recycled, or regenerated materials for 90% of its production.

The Outerknown Nomadic Volley is less about water sports and more about pool-side relaxing in style. They have a relaxed fit and a slightly shorter hem that hits just above the knee, but no mesh liner. The company produces them in a fair-trade factory from quick-drying recycled polyester, so there are good vibes all around with these volley shorts. 

Nomadic Volley (small)
Tommy Bahama Epic Ombre Board Shorts

The best men’s swim trunks - Tommy Bahama Epic Ombre Board Shorts

Tommy Bahama’s Epic Ombre Board Shorts refines the style with a slightly shorter, 9-inch inseam, in a recycled polyester with 30 UPF. 

While many board shorts can make guys with thin legs look like they’re swimming in the shorts instead of the water, the Epic Ombre Board Shorts have a slimmer look and shorter inseam that hits just above the knee. Made from recycled polyester, they dry quickly and have a mesh netting that’s supportive without being binding. The material also offers an SPF of 30, which is a bonus. These shorts also feature two slash front pockets and a third pocket in back. The throwback colorway has a decidedly 80s abstract sunset that goes from aqua to orange. 

Baja Epic Ombré 9-Inch Board Shorts (small)
2(X)IST Ibiza Swim Short

The best men’s swim trunks - 2(X)IST Ibiza Swim Short

Beach weather is coming and that means it’s time to show a little leg with the 2(X)IST Ibiza Swim Short.

The 2(X)IST Ibiza Swim Short shows a lot of leg with a 4-inch inseam that sits high on the thigh. But hey, it’s for the beach and showing a little leg is totally okay. This style continues to be 2(X)IST’s best seller, which proves they’ve been ahead of the curve. 

These are made from a poly micro twill that’s quick drying, has a soft handfeel, but is sturdy enough for beach-related fun. They feature an interior webbing with a built in pouch that’s very comfortable for all-day wear. The Ibiza Swim Short comes in four fun colorways. 

Ibiza Swim Short (small)
Saturdays NYC Timothy Tahiti Palms Swim Short

The best men’s swim trunks - Saturdays NYC Timothy Tahiti

For a vintage-style swim trunk, check out this pair from Saturday NYC with a cool palm tree pattern. 

The Saturdays NYC Timothy Tahiti Palm Swim Short has a vintage boardshort look in a cotton-nylon blend that’s both durable and comfortable. The flat felled seams (a way of stitching seams together most often seen in jeans) makes for a longer lasting garment. This swim short has a 6-inch inseam and standard fit, and a comfortable mesh lining. It has two side pockets and a back pocket with a velcro closure, a coated metal eyelet for drainage, and a small tab and bungee cord for keys. The pattern features a multi-colored pop-art inspired palm leaf design.

Timothy Tahiti Palms Swim Short (small)
Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

the best men’s swim trunks - Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

The Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks come in three different inseams and 15 patterns to suit every style.  

Bonobos is known for its tailoring and variety of fits, and the brand’s swim trunks are no exception. They’re made from 85% recycled polyester, so they’re eco-friendly. They feature a mesh lining, two slash pockets, and a back patch pocket with a hook-and-loop fastener. 

Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks (small)
Mack Weldon Board Shorts

The best men’s swimsuits - Mack Weldon Board Shorts

Mack Weldon’s Board Shorts offer a sleeker look without sacrificing comfort thanks to the four-way-stretch material. 

A slimmer cut and slightly shorter inseam give the Mack Weldon Board Short a streamlined look that’s still comfortable, thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. A lack of slash pockets also gives these shorts a sleeker look. They do have pockets, though — one zip pocket on the front left and another on the back right. These boardshorts have a velcro fly and an interior drawstring.

Swim Board Short (small)
Happy Socks Palm Beach Swim Shorts

The best men’s swimsuits - Happy Socks Palm Beach Swim Shorts

Happy Socks will do for your day at the beach what they did for your funky sock collection with the Palm Beach Swim Shorts

The Swedish company Happy Socks helped popularize funky and fun socks, and now they’re doing the same for swimwear. They make the trunks from a fast-drying recycled polyester. They have a mesh lining and two slash pockets. The hem hits about mid-thigh. The company also offers a longer version that ends at the bottom of the thigh. Either way, the brand’s swim trunks will add a dash of mirth to your day at the beach or poolside amusements. 

Palm Beach Swim Shorts (small)
Hurley Volley Board Short

The best swim men’s swim trunks - Hurley Volley Board Short

Hurley’s Volley Board Short is tough enough for any water sports and handsome enough for poolside meetups. 

The Hurley Volley Board Short is an unlined 17-inch short made from a water-wicking polyester that dries quickly. It has two slash pockets and a back pocket with a hook-and-loop flap closure and drain hole. These trunks are tough enough for whatever watersports you’re into, but look great just hanging out by the pool, if that’s your thing.

One And Only Solid Volley Short 17″ (small)
Dandy Del Mar Cassis Square-Cut Swim Brief

The best swim trunks - Dandy Del Mar Cassis Swim Brief

Tap into 1970s-era Hollywood glamour with the Dandy Del Mar Cassis Swim Brief, an updated take on the European brief. 

The Cassis Swim Brief is an update on the classic Speedo that offers the same sleek look with more coverage (it more closely resembles a boxer brief and hits near the top of the thigh). Made from an 84% nylon/16% spandex blend, it offers a great range of motion while maintaining a snug fit. These swim briefs have a repeating floral pattern in white, burnt orange, and black, with white piping down the sides, and a drawstring waistband. 

The Cassis Square Cut Swim Brief (Gardenia) (small)
Fair Harbor Anchor Swim Short

The best men’s swim trunks - Fair Harbor Anchor Swim Shorts

Fair Harbor’s Anchor Swim Short is eco-friendly, super comfortable thanks to a smooth built-in liner, and comes in 13 different colorways. 

Fair Harbor uses recycled plastic bottles to produce their swim trunks that are both soft and durable. 

The Anchor Swim Short is naturally odor resistant, fast drying, has a scalloped hem for a wide range of motion, side pockets that drain, and a back pocket with a hidden zipper. These are comfortable for all-day wear thanks to the addition of 12% spandex in the fabric for lots of stretchiness. 

The Anchor Swim Short (small)
Tommy Bahama Naples Nassau Swim Short

The best men’s swim trunks - Tommy Bahama Naples Nassau Swim Short

Tommy Bahama’s Naples Nassau Swim Short is an upscale take on the classic floral swimsuit. 

The Naples Nassau Swim Shorts have a 6-inch inseam, an elasticized waistband with a drawstring, and three pockets. The 100% nylon material provides 30 UPF sun protection. The Naples Nassau Swim Short comes in an enormous range of sizes, and two patterns. The design is understated as far as tropical themes go, but still gives off an aura of summer fun.

Naples Nassau Swim Short (small)
J. Crew Seersucker Swim Trunk

The best men’s swim trunks - J. Crew Seersucker Swim Trunk

J.Crew’s Seersucker Swim Trunk are a classic option that always look great. 

Seersucker, that striped light cotton fabric, exudes summer so it makes total sense that J. Crew used this classic material for a modern slimmer fitting swim trunk that’s not too long or too short. 

The Seersucker Swim Trunk has a six-inch inseam that hits at the mid-thigh and is slim without being clingy. It has a mesh lining and a drawstring waist. The trunks have two slash pockets at the sides and a back pocket with button closure. It comes in the two classic seersucker colorways: turquoise with white and pink and white. These are handsome enough to wear when you’re nowhere close to a beach or pool. 

6″ Swim Trunk in Seersucker (small)

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The 7 best places to buy women’s sunglasses, and the 28 best shades to shop

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  • Sunglasses double as a fun fashion statement and protective eyewear.
  • Investing in a quality pair will be long-lasting and less prone to break, like cheaper options may.
  • Below, see advice from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) on selecting effective, protective frames.

Whether you’re someone who believes in a wardrobe of shades, or you’re a loyalist who wears the same pair every day, you can’t underestimate the importance of a solid pair of sunglasses. While eye protection is a priority, the style of your shades should match your own personal style. From classic circles to slightly-trendier squares, there’s a wide array of retailers boasting unique designs.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for sunglasses:

  • They block 100% UV rays: Though the style can make or break sunglasses, protection should take precedence. AAO says this is the most important factor when selecting a pair.
  • They are relatively big: Big frames may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but additional coverage can help to prevent sun damage inflicted on the eyes. Pay special attention to wraparound-style glasses, AAO notes, that block some UV rays from entering from the sides.
  • They are durable: Look closely at the temples on both sides, as well as the formation of the screw and hinges. You may have to get certain frames adjusted, but make sure they are of good quality.
  • They are comfortable: Comfort is key, so you want to take note of how they feel at the bridge of your nose. Some sunglasses have nose pads for extra support, though some people may find slight pressure to their nose uncomfortable. Find a pair that you can wear for hours.

Keeping shopping notes in mind, we rounded up the best places to buy sunglasses so your elegant eyewear will last you throughout the warmer months for years on end. And while this guide specifically calls out sunglasses marketed for women, we think anyone should feel free to wear any type of sunglasses, regardless of gender or how it’s labeled.

Here are the best places to buy women’s sunglasses in 2021:

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky


Ray Ban

Ray-Ban has been a favorite retailer of sunglasses for years, thanks to its classic frame shapes and great customer service. 

Ray-Ban has been a big name in the sunglass business for over 80 years, and they’re still credited with making some of the best glasses today. They come in a variety of styles, honoring timeless classics like the Aviators, as well as frames inspired by modern trends. Ray-Ban also offers most glasses in a variety of sizes, so you can get a perfect fit for your face.

All Ray-Ban lenses have UV protection, so they’re as functional as they are fashionable. You can choose from classic, mirrored, or polarized lenses. All offer different levels of UV protection and come in a variety of colors. 

Many members on the Insider Reviews team swear by their Ray-Bans for their flattering styles and high-quality, durable frames that last for years. You can bet that if you choose to spend the money on a pair of Ray-Bans, it’s an investment you’ll have for a long time. — Remi Rosmarin

Product Card (small, Preferred: Ray-Ban)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)
Under Armour


Under Armour has an athletic appeal to its sunglasses, which are specifically designed for golfing and other activewear outside.

Much like their workout tanks and leggings, performance is a key player in Under Armour‘s shades. Many of the brand’s glasses feature “multiflection” coatings on the lenses, which helps guard against scratches and smudges if they are dropped. Plus, the coating protects against intense sunlight, which is great for long outdoor workouts. 

A great option is the Getaway Mirror Sunglasses, with an adjustable nose pad to help customize the fit. Other great options are the brand’s Glimpse RL Polarized Mirror Lens and Golf Octane Sunglasses. Both are intentionally designed for outdoor wear by eliminating glare without color distortion. Under Armour offers a lifetime warranty, too, should anything go awry.

Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)


MVMT sells modern, comfortable shades that are as timeless as the brand’s popular watches.

MVMT is popularly known for its line of simple, yet sleek watches — and its wide array of sunglasses are equally stylish. 

The Rival pair, in particular, is one to consider. Featuring sleek round frames and a tortoiseshell design, it’s no surprise this 1950s-inspired model is one of the brand’s bestsellers. The pair is crafted with comfortability and durability in mind, too, with a green lens color that provides a subtle flair to typical eyewear. 

Another top pick is the Nightowl — a truly trendy pair. The stainless steel brow bar really pops, giving you a modern twist on a classic Aviator style. 

The Ace Sunglasses, a black option with gray lenses, channel the sleek style MVMT is known for, They are mid-sized and provide a sure level of comfort and durability, too. And for all of its sunglasses, MVMT offers a two-year limited warranty on any defects, which just sweetens the deal. 

Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)
Warby Parker

Warby Parker

For stylish, anti-glare sunglasses that you can try before you buy, Warby Parker is the place to shop.

Warby Parker has been making budget-friendly eyewear since 2010, and the brand’s focus on quality and affordability make them a true standout. Unlike other retailers, Warby Parker allows you to choose up to five frames to try for five days before you buy them. Find a pair you love, and the brand will send you a brand new pair — they’ll even add your prescription.

All of Warby Parker’s sunglasses feature anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings at no extra cost, which certainly will help you keep the sun at bay. An eye-catching piece is the Delaney, a unique blend of rose gold and medium brown in a chic style. 

Warby Parker‘s “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” pledge is another reason to shop this brand. With this program, Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need with every purchase of a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. That way, you can feel as good as you look. 

Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Morgan Sunglasses (small)Aubrey Sunglasses (small)


For a sweet splurge on sunglasses, Shopbop has you covered with brands like Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Prada.

Shopbop is one of my favorite places to shop because the curation of products is on point season after season. 

If you’re looking to splurge on a pair of sunglasses, Shopbop has more than enough options to excite your shopping senses. The online store has a dedicated designer sunglass boutique where you can find eyewear from brands like Prada, Gucci, and Saint Laurent. 

Whether it’s timeless styles or on-trend frames, Shopbop has them all. They also have a host of more affordable options from brands like Quay and Le Specs if that’s what you’re looking for. 

One of my favorite things about Shopbop is that you can sign in with your Amazon account and get all of the Prime benefits with your Shopbop order — that means free, speedy two-day shipping and free returns. On top of that, Shopbop offers outfit ideas with every product, including sunglasses. You can choose to “shop the look” at the bottom of the page and find some great inspiration for clothing pairings. For high-end sunglasses and a style-first experience, you can’t go wrong with Shopbop. — Remi Rosmarin, commerce reporter

Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)Product Card (small)


GlassesUSA has a slew of options, including designer frames, that allow you to customize your perfect pair of sunglasses.

GlassesUSA provides a bevy of eyewear options, yet its sunglasses really stand apart. Offering designer sunglasses, like Ray-Ban, along with prescription frames and sports options, they have a pair for every need and lifestyle imaginable.

Conveniently, GlassesUSA makes customizing sunglasses accessible. Just upload your prescription, choose your insurance provider, and have fun adding cute finds to your shopping cart. There is also a 100% money-back guarantee when ordering from GlassesUSA, so it’s not only a great hub to try out new trends, 

A sharp choice is the Tom Ford TF606, featuring full-rimmed round frames with adjustable nose pads for a customized fit. The Amelia E. Kristy and Ottoto Damiano pairs, on the other hand, offer the oversized look AAO recommends for receiving enough UV ray protection — and are also happen to be super stylish. 

TF0606 Sabine-02 (small)Kristy (small)Damiano Sunglasses (small)HC8116 Blair Sunglasses (small)
Costa Del Mar

costa womens sunglasses

Costa Del Mar has an array of options that are sustainable, don’t distort color, and are perfect for water activities.

If you’re looking for sustainable shades, Costa Del Mar is your one-stop-shop for designs made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. And, the sunglasses are of high quality — there are at least eight people who inspect each pair before it ships. We were blown away in our review of the brand.

For each pair, the hinges are corrosion-resistant and the frames are colored with bio-resin to prevent chipping. Not to mention, the brand is well known for its 580 lens technology that polarizes while eliminating glare and filtering reflective light for clarity.

For lifestyle glasses, the new Mayas feature a lightweight frame in an attention-grabbing cat-eye style. The nose pads and temple grips help keep them comfortably on your face in the warmer months, too.

For other styles, the Fernandina‘s have a minimal rose gold design, while the Anaa‘s reflect are more designer-like. Uniquely, the Cut style has a boxier look that is great for tanning outdoors.

Maya (small)Fernandina (small)Anaa (small)Cut (small)
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One sneaker takes up to 40 years to decompose in a landfill. These 10 brands are changing that by making shoes from recycled and renewable materials.

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

Adidas Parley

  • Over 300 million pairs of sneakers are thrown out annually.
  • It can take 30 to 40 years for a pair to decompose in a landfill.
  • Learn about 10 sneaker brands using eco-friendly materials and more sustainable production methods.

The sneaker industry is bigger than ever, and its growth shows no signs of slowing.

More than 23 billion pairs of sneakers are produced every year, but behind the great demand for footwear is an industry so wasteful it’s almost beyond measure. Most of these new pairs use virgin plastic, rubber, and petroleum, producing alarming amounts of carbon dioxide. According to sneaker startup Nothing New, about 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown out every year and, on average, it takes 30-40 years for a pair to fully decompose in a landfill.

In the past, most shoppers would have put little thought into exactly how the items they bought were made, but that is no longer the case all around. In addition to demanding trendsetting styles and groundbreaking innovations, the educated consumers of today expect products to be made responsibly.

Sportswear retail expert Matt Powell explained to Insider that younger people are very concerned with how their purchases are affecting the environment. “Sustainability is an important theme in retail, so much so that younger consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products,” said Powell. “Brands have long been concerned about making products sustainably, but they’re being more forward and open about it.”

If you’re looking to make better, more sustainable choices, we hear you. We are too, which is why we rounded up this list of brands that are using innovative, eco-friendly materials and more sustainable production methods to make sneakers.

From performance sneakers made by popular brands like Nike and Adidas to fashion-forward trainers from startups like Everlane and Allbirds, you’ll find plenty of brands new and old working to set new standards.

Check out 10 brands making more sustainable sneakers:



Low Black Stripe Vintage Sneaker (small)

Founded in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Cariuma is a sneaker brand that focuses on sustainability. The brand handmakes its sneakers using high-quality natural materials including organic fair-trade cotton, natural rubber from hevea brasiliensis trees, and leather from gold-rated tanneries using hides sourced from areas that weren’t deforested for cattle farming.

The brand ships its shoes directly in the shoebox, which eliminates the need for wasteful packaging. It also makes up for the carbon emissions associated with shipping products by purchasing carbon offsets, which brings its carbon footprint down to zero.

Cariuma’s sneakers have an old-school look, but with modern comfort. The insoles have a generous amount of memory foam, which make them easy to wear all day long.

Read our full review on Cariuma sneakers here.

Shop all shoes at Cariuma here, $79-$159

Adidas x Parley

Adidas Parley AlphaBounce

Ultra Boost 20 (small, Preferred: Adidas)

When it comes to mainstream sportswear brands, Adidas is easily the most vocal about its sustainability efforts — and environmental organization Parley for the Oceans has been its biggest collaborator. The two brands teamed up for the first time in 2015 with a sneaker using yarn made from recycled ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea gill nets. They officially launched products to the public in 2016.

In 2020, Adidas made more than 20 million pairs of sneakers with Parley ocean plastic — a major increase from 11 million pairs in 2019 and 5 million pairs in 2018.

Today, you’ll find Parley’s recycled materials on everything from running sneakers like the Ultra 4D 5.0 and Ultra Boost to outdoor shoes like the Terrex Two.

Shop all Adidas products made with recycled materials here.

Tread by Everlane

Tread by Everlane

The Trainer (Men’s) (small)The Trainer (Women’s) (small)

While recycled knits account for a big part of the sustainable sneakers market, Tread by Everlane is for those who still appreciate quality leather. With 94.2% non-virgin plastic soles, leather sourced from the world’s cleanest tannery, and laces and linings made from recycled plastic bottles, The Trainer is touted (by its maker, mind you) as the world’s lowest-impact sneakers.

Even if you aren’t a particularly conscious consumer (although you should be), Tread by Everlane has great appeal. Its style lends itself well to minimalists and lovers of that cut-and-sewn look found on retro running sneakers.

Read our full review on Everlane Trainer sneakers here.

Shop all Everlane sneakers here.

Reebok Cotton + Corn

Reebok NPC UK Cotton and Corn

Corn & Cotton Slip-On (small)

Reebok first launched the Cotton + Corn sneakers with the NPC UK sneaker. It originally featured leather accents on the heel tab, but after receiving kickback from Peta, the brand took the initiative to make the shoe completely vegan. The updated sneaker features a 100% cotton upper, a sole derived from corn, and insoles made from castor bean oil. Even the packaging is 100% recycled.

Now, Reebok is continuing vegan shoes with the Corn + Cotton Slip-On, a casual sneaker.

Shop all Reebok Cotton + Corn sneakers here.

Nothing New

Nothing New Sneakers

Sneakers (small)

Founded in 2019, Nothing New is a sneaker startup that aims to positively impact the planet and educate the people that live on it. Unlike most brands on this list that are simply making strides to improve their eco-friendliness, sustainability is at the very core of the brand.

As the name suggests, Nothing New sneakers are made with only recycled materials. The upper is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, while its other components are made from recycled cotton, fishing nets, rubber, and cork.

Beyond the production process, Nothing New offers $20 discounts on new pairs to those who send back their used sneakers. Depending on the condition of the sneakers, Nothing New will clean and donate them or break them down and put the materials back into its recycled supply chain.

Read our full review on Nothing New sneakers here.

Shop all Nothing New sneakers here.



Cosmic Unity (small)

Over the last five decades, Nike has continually pushed boundaries in sportswear innovation. While performance has been at the forefront of its designs, sustainability has also been a major factor in recent years. Even though sustainability isn’t heavily incorporated into the brand’s marketing (compared to Adidas Parley or Allbirds), the brand’s work has not gone unnoticed.

In 2018, Nike was recognized by Textile Exchange as using the most recycled polyester in the industry for the sixth year in a row, and from 2010-2018, the brand transformed 6.4 billion plastic water bottles into recycled footwear or apparel.

Nike’s signature Flyknit material, which can be found on footwear throughout the brand’s catalog, is made in-part with recycled plastic, but the Swoosh is doing more than sustainable knits.

In 2019, Nike also launched sneakers made from Flyleather, a new material made from at least 50% recycled leather fiber. Although there haven’t been many other sneakers to release with Flyleather yet, you can expect the material to be included more often in future designs.

In 2020, Nike furthered its impact on sustainability by using recycled rubbers on midsoles and outsoles — a feature that could be seen on everything from Nike SBs to Converse. Some of the most notable use of materials made from recycled trash is the Nike Space Hippie collection and the new Cosmic Unity basketball shoe. In total, the brand has roughly 900 items available that are made from at least 20% recycled materials.

Shop all Nike products made from recycled materials here.

Converse Renew


Renew Chuck Taylor All Star Crater Knit (small)

The Chuck Taylor All-Stars are cemented in footwear as one of, if not the most timeless sneakers on the planet, but Converse has proven that it’s able to stay in touch with modern demands. Using 100% recycled plastic bottles to make up its canvas upper, the Renew Collection is the latest example of its commitment to produce more carefully.

The process starts with plastic bottles sourced by the US-based recycling company First Mile. The plastic is then ground up into flakes, melted, rolled into bales, spun into yarn, and weaved into canvas.

The best part about the Converse Renew collection is that shoes are fully customizable and are available in sizes from toddlers to adults. 

Shop the Converse Renew collection here.



Men’s Wool Runners (small)Women’s Wool Runners (small)

As the brainchild of New Zealand native Tim Brown and San Francisco-based renewables expert Joey Zwillinger, Allbirds is the wildly popular sneaker startup you’ve seen all throughout Silicon Valley and New York City. In the first four years, the brand reached a $77.5 million valuation — all thanks to its sustainable footwear.

Love them or hate them, all of Allbirds’ designs are undeniably unique and unmatched in comfort. The brand’s shoes are made with merino wool or eucalyptus trees for the uppers and sugar cane for the SweetFoam soles. They even made the patent on their SweetFoam material public so that other brands could utilize it as a sustainable alternative. Recycled plastic and castor bean oil also make their way into the inner-workings of the shoes. Allbirds even uses 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard for packaging that serves as a shoe box, shopping bag, and mailer all in one.

We’ve reviewed everything from the signature Wool Runners to the newer Tree Toppers and found them to be incredibly comfortable. Read all of our Allbirds reviews here.

Shop Allbirds sneakers for men and women here, $95-$115



Royale Knit (small)

Founded in 2014 by Ryan Babenzien and footwear designer Jon Buscemi, Greats began as an affordable alternative to the luxury sneaker market. The brand’s signature style, The Greats Royale, features premium leather, is manufactured in Italy, and only costs $179 — which far less than comparable high-end sneakers.

In efforts to be more eco-friendly, Greats redesigned the silhouette with a recycled plastic knit upper. Seven plastic bottles go into making each pair of Royale Knit sneakers, and in the initial production run alone, Greats removed 75,000 bottles from the ocean.

In addition to the recycled plastic uppers, Greats uses recycled materials to produce the shoe boxes and packaging.

Shop all Greats sneakers here.



The Sneaker (small)

Founded in 2016, Rothy’s took over social media and the streets of New York and San Francisco with its recycled plastic flats for women. With such a heavy emphasis on sustainability, it was only right for the brand to start making other styles, including sneakers. 

Aptly named “The Sneaker,” Rothy’s recycled plastic sneaker features a Vans-inspired slip-on look with a recycled plastic upper. Other eco-friendly elements of the shoe include recycled foam insoles, vegan, outsoles made from recyclable, carbon-free rubber and TPU, and vegan and non-toxic adhesives.

To date, Rothy’s has repurposed more than 35 million plastic water bottles in its footwear. For now, the brand only makes footwear for women and kids, so if you’re looking for shoes in men’s sizing, you’ll have to check out one of the other brands on this list.

Read our Rothy’s review here.

Shop all recycled plastic shoes at Rothy’s here, $125-$165


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The 12 best wallets that keep your cash and cards well-organized

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best womens wallet
  • We tried out some of the best wallets on the market, including bifold, zippered, and travel styles.
  • Form, function, and storage were all considered in determining which wallets are worth purchasing.
  • Some wallets include special features such as RFID-blocking technology and water-resistant fabrics.

If you’re the kind of person who’s stored every credit card you have in your smartphone and can’t remember the last time you counted exact change at a bodega counter, perhaps your need for a highly functional wallet is quite low. For everyone else, keep reading.

While it may be temptingto purchase a new wallet based on aesthetics alone, those who rely on the functionality of the accessory know the best styles offer a decent amount of storage space, make its contents easily accessible, and fit well into most styles of handbags. The specifications change still when it comes to travel wallets where a sleek design should ideally house a passport (or two) as well as travel documents, so that you never have to fumble around at TSA.

Therefore, in deciding which wallets made the cut, we based our judgment on aesthetics, fit, and the convenience of its use. We inspected, primarily in person, the feel and look of the materials, while also filling up the interior and exterior storage space to determine how functional the items would be with extended use. We also took into account which wallets have the most thoughtful organization, how the product looked and felt in person, the overall value, as well as other features such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking, water-resistant finishes, and sustainably-sourced materials. With all this in mind, the below 12 options offer superior design and function across bifold, zipper, and travel styles. It doesn’t hurt that they’re nice to look at too.

Here are the best wallets for women in 2021:

Style & Beauty Banner Best bifold wallets

Mansur Gavriel Trifold Wallet

Mansur Gavriel Trifold Wallet

Trifold Wallet (small)

Pros: Soft, high-quality leather and pretty color options in a minimalist design

Cons: Limited interior storage space for those who tend to use their wallet as a workhorse

Mansur Gavriel is a fashion brand that’s known for its minimalist, chic designs and the viral success of its leather pieces. This trifold wallet is a small, simplified design that keeps you covered on the essentials: three credit card slots, interior coin pocket, and a place to keep a few dollar bills secured. It’s for those who want to keep the contents of their bag as pared back as their style.

The wallet really nails the first impression with its soft-to-the-touch leather. It feels luxe (and admittedly, the price reflects this) but is also durable and can be coaxed into holding a few extra items if need be. Also worth calling out are Mansur’s not-quiet-neutral-but-incredibly-cheerful palate of pink, blue, and yellow, as well as sweet personalization options such as hand-painted monogramming.

Coach Wyn Small Wallet

Coach Wyn Small Wallet

Wyn Small Wallet (small)

Pros: Scratch-resistant leather, convenient single-card slot under the envelope snap

Cons: None to speak of.

Iconic leather goods brand Coach makes this list with its small envelope-style wallet. The leather is not quite as buttery to the touch as other brands, instead, it’s made of cross grain leather that’s a bit stiffer but also scratch-resistant — good news for when your wallet and keys are jingling around in the same handbag. The interior pocket space fits a bunch of essentials: six credit cards and eight bills, with quite a bit of space to comfortably add more of each. There’s an exterior coin pouch, as well as a single card slot right under the envelope flap. Consider this the perfect place for storing your go-to credit card or ID card that you can conveniently grab in a rush without rummaging through the rest of your things.


Tory Burch Perry Bi-Fold Wallet

Tory Burch Perry Bi Fold Wallet

Perry Bi-Fold Wallet (small)

Pros: Soft leather, extra-large coin pouch that’s separate from bills and cards

Cons: For some, it may be a slightly bigger design for a bifold

This wallet’s leather feels similar to Mansur Gavriel: super soft and durable. One of its key features is an exterior coin purse that takes up the entire backside of the wallet and offers the most storage for whatever you may need to stow away — a loose button, safety or bobby pins, a mint, etc. Despite its chunkier size and ability to hold so much, the exterior remains quite minimal and the pockets are compact. The interior has six card slots and two separate spaces for bills or anything similarly shaped.


Maison de Sabré The Slim Bifold

Maison De Sabré The Slim Bifold

The Slim Bifold (small)

Pros: A slim design that has an inconspicuous, NFC-compatible card slot on the back

Cons: No coin pouch and the folded shape may not be the right fit for those who prefer a snap or zipper to keep the wallet closed

If you’re into a folded design that doesn’t have a closure, Maison de Sabré’s bifold is an excellent choice that’s compact enough to fit into the vast majority of  handbags, as well as some evening clutches. There’s no compartment for coins, but the interior comfortably fits six cards and seemingly quite a lot of bills. The style also houses one very inconspicuous, NFC-compatible card slot on the back that makes the wallet especially convenient for any on-the-go purchases.

Maison de Sabré’s design also comes in a soft, pebbled leather that will wear well over time. For a personalized touch, add a message or initials in silver or gold detailing.

Style & Beauty Banner Best zipper wallets

Leatherology Windsor Flat Zip Wallet

Leatherology Windsor Flat Zip Wallet

Windsor Flat Zip Wallet (small)

Pros: Ample storage space for cards, bills, and more. It has soft leather and can be converted into a wristlet bag

Cons: No coin pouch

Leatherology is a Dallas-based, vertically integrated brand that creates highly impressive leather goods, especially given its affordable price points. The wallet — tested in a truly optimistic shade of turmeric — has a super supple leather exterior and ample amount of organization for anyone who finds their wallet to be consistently packed. The inside holds six credit cards, two bill slots, andtwo other open pockets to fill as you see fit. There isn’t a designated coin purse, which could be a deterrent for some.

The zip-around wallet also might be too large for those who wear a smaller everyday bag. However, since it can carry quite a decent amount — it zipped right up with passport, keys, or phone — Leatherology sells wristlet straps if you prefer to use this piece as a bag itself.


Lo & Sons The Leather Wallet

Lo & Sons The Leather Wallet

The Leather Wallet (small)

Pros: Tons of storage space, including a spacious interior coin pouch. There are both horizontal and vertical credit card slots

Cons: The wallet may be too large for some smaller everyday handbags

There are pockets galore inside this wallet by direct-to-consumer line Lo & Sons, yet its exterior does nothing to suggest there’s a world of organizational possibilities within. An especially nice touch is the inclusion of horizontal and vertical card pockets — something no other wallet tested included — which made for easier insertion and removal. 

The style we tested was a stiffer Saffiano leather, although Nappa is also available. With the Saffiano, the leather has been treated to resist scratches and water damage. The options also include a range of leather-and-metal-zipper combinations. Overall, this is a larger wallet well suited for those who prefer a maximalist approach to packing a bag. It’s sturdy, practical, and luxe-looking sans any major branding details.

Royce New York Continental RFID Leather Zip Wallet

Royce New York Continental RFID Leather Zip Wallet

Continental RFID Leather Zip Wallet (small)

Pros: RFID-blocking fabric, 12 credit card slots, and an extra exterior pocket on the outside of the wallet

Cons: The wallet may be too large for some smaller everyday handbags

Made by long-standing family business Royce New York, this zip-around wallet is one we haven’t tried in person yet. This wallet, however, is known for its high-quality leather and RFID-blocking finish that is great for everyday protection. It also comes with a 12 credit card pockets and two bill slots. In spite of its brag-worthy storage, it has a  minimalist look. Complimentary monogramming is available too.

Cuyana Classic Zip Around Wallet

Cuyana Classic Zip Around Wallet

Classic Zip Around Wallet (small)

Pros: Ample storage space. The leather has been audited by Leather Working Group, an organization that works with brands, tanneries, suppliers, and more to create a responsible global supply chain

Cons: The wallet may be too large for some smaller everyday handbags

Cuyana is a direct-to-consumer brand committed to ethically produced products. Quality over quantity is a priority of the company, suggesting this practical, clean-lined wallet will serve the buyer well for years. The company, including the community of makers it supports and the quality of materials it uses, are on track to be 100% sustainable by 2022. While we weren’t able to test the wallet, the style is an instant classic piece with a rich, textured leather finish, simplistic gold hardware, and ample interior space. 


Style & Beauty Banner Best travel wallets

Kate Spade Spencer Passport Wallet

Kate Spade Spencer Passport Wallet

Spencer Passport Wallet (small)

Pros: Has vertical credit card holder slots which are a bit easier to insert and remove cards from than horizontal ones. Can quickly and easily remove passport from the convenient flap

Cons: Fastens with a very small snap that could be challenging to keep closed if you fill the wallet to the brim

This black-and-pink wallet, classic Kate Spade, is pretty, timeless, and able to carry all the essentials for travel. The exterior has a subtle glossy finish and a stiff leather texture. The interior storage features about the same capacity as a zipper wallet — including five credit card spaces arranged in vertical slots, easier than horizontal slots for card retrieval — in addition to a leather flap, ideal for tucking a passport. 

Should you need additional space, there’s a coin pouch — just look for the inconspicuous zipper along the top of the wallet.  That said, we caution against over-stuffing this piece out of concern over securing the petite snap closure.

Bellroy Travel Portfolio

Bellroy Travel Portfolio

Travel Portfolio (small)

Pros: Can fit multiple passports, has hidden pockets for secure storage, features RFID-blocking technology, and comes with a mini travel pen

Cons: Has three credit card slots, which is fewer than other styles. Also, it doesn’t have a zippered coin pouch

The exterior of Bellroya’s Travel Portfolio is smooth and sleek, with a zip-around closure, and RFID-blocking technology. Meanwhile, the inside houses a ton, including at least two passports. The design only includes a couple of card slots and doesn’t have a coin purse, but it makes up for these potential inadequacies with its many organization pockets. Some of these slots are even hidden, making them great for safety and ensuring your belongings never spill out in your carry-on bag. Plus, a super slim pen is included  inthe center crease, ensuring you always have one on hand to fill out a customs form. Combined, these considerate touches will speak right to the heart of the most organized travelers you know.

Dagne Dover Accordion Travel Wallet

Dagne Dover Accordion Travel Wallet Lead Image

Accordion Card Case (small)

Pros: This is a slimmer design that holds bills, cards, and a passport and can still comfortably fit in almost any everyday handbag

Cons: It doesn’t have a coin pouch

This Dagne Dover design lies somewhere between a passport holder and wallet, offering just a small bit of additional storage for frequent flyers. The direct-to-consumer, waste-conscious line is no stranger to organization and pieces for on-the-go, but the wallet stands out for its looks and function. While it’s a much slimmer travel wallet than the others we tested, it still includes six slots for credit cards and one for bills. The magnet closure is also a thoughtful choice as it eliminates fumbling often caused by zippers. 

Unlike bulkier travel designs, this wallet is also a good size for slipping into everyday handbags, not just larger travel carryalls. Plus, the leather is soft and comes in lovely shades of cream, gray, and blue. 

Fjällräven Canvas Passport Wallet

Fjällräven Canvas Passport Wallet Lead Image

Canvas Passport Wallet (small)

Pros: Made of durable and water-resistant canvas

Cons: It’s a more casual wallet style, so it may not fit all manner of occasions

Swedish brand Fjällräven’s travel wallet should not be overlooked. While so many of the other wallets we tested were mostly leather, this style comes in a more casual canvas with all the necessary storage space included. It holds everything you could possibly need — cards, bills, passport, even a phone  — and manages to zip up compactly and conveniently. The design is minimal and light, and the material is durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for confidently storing in the same pocket as your travel-size shampoo or contacts solution. 

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We tested 3 styles of Hunter boots in varying weather – here’s what you should know about sizing, fit, and performance

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Hunter rain boots review 4x3
  • A pair of fully waterproof, durable, and comfortable boots is a must during the rainy season.
  • Hunter boots, famous for its Original Tall Boot ($150) was created in 1856 and makes a variety of styles.
  • We tested three pairs of Hunter boots on the rainy streets of New York City and shared our reviews.

Hunter boots are a ubiquitous sighting on rainy days. Come gentle sprinkles or torrential downpours, you can expect to see a few pairs of these short and tall boots splashing through streets, no matter where you are.

The funny thing about Hunter’s rubber rain boots is that they have quite a simple design, yet they’re still so recognizable and iconic. An easy way to differentiate them from other brands is the Hunter label at the front opening of the boot, or by their rich color and glossy finish.

The history of Hunter boots

Hunter rain boots review_The history of Hunter boots

The classic boots have a rich history, going back to 1856. In Scotland, an American named Henry Lee Norris founded the North British Rubber Company (which later became Hunter) and made boots using a new patented process that created more durable rubber products. During both World Wars, the company was commissioned to create boots for soldiers.

In 1955, Hunter created the Original Green Wellington, otherwise known as the Original Tall Boot. The versatile, comfortable, and durable handcrafted style is still the brand’s most popular shoe.

Other than the Original Tall Boots, Hunter now makes a variety of boot styles for men, women, and children. It has also expanded into outerwear and bags.

The materials

Hunter rain boots review_The materials

Hunter Boots are made from natural latex rubber that’s flexible and waterproof – and sourced from sustainable and ethical plantations in China and Southeast Asia.

Another reason to shop with the company is that it recycles old boots in the UK and donates fully functional boots to local nonprofits, particularly those that help victims of political conflict or natural disasters.

You can find Hunter boots at Nordstrom and Amazon, as well as the Hunter website. Something you should consider when you’re deciding where to buy them is the warranty policy. If you buy directly from Hunter, your boots are covered by a two-year warranty.

Here are our reviews after trying 3 pairs of Hunter rain boots:

A pair of adjustable, fashion-forward rain boots

Hunter rain boots review_Women's Refined Slim Fit Adjustable Short Gloss Rain Boots Black

These slick black boots are the perfect look for a rainy day, and I appreciate that they have fewer rubber layers so they feel particularly lightweight. They do the simple job of keeping my feet dry, and the adjustable strap at the top can be tightened for added protection against serious downpours.

But they’re not the most comfortable to wear. I got my standard size (9), and my heel rubs up against the back of the shoes while I walk. I’d consider sizing up, especially if you plan to wear them with socks thicker than your everyday pair, but Hunter currently only offers full sizes. If you’re an 8.5 or even an 8, these may be the perfect fit for you. For me, I’ll probably stick to my Everlane rain boots – despite how much heavier they are. -Mara Leighton, Insider Reviews senior reporter

Refined Slim Fit Adjustable Short Gloss Rain Boots (small)

A pair of classic canary yellow boots

Hunter rain boots review_Original Short Waterproof Rain Boot

When all the dreary days of winter seem to blend together, sometimes all you need is a pop of color to brighten your day. At least, that was my reasoning behind choosing these yellow boots that would also help me stand out from a pack of black-clad New Yorkers.

The color, durability, and comfort of the boots make me instantly excited to trek through the rain, even though this California girl generally hates any precipitation. They feel sturdy, but they’re not too heavy, and the outsole has a secure tread.

You should be fine with your usual size. I found while wearing my normal socks that there was a good amount of wiggle room, so once weather conditions really become dire, you’ll be able to wear thick socks to stay warm. If you have thick calves, you should consider these shorter boots versus Hunter’s classic tall style. Tall boots can sometimes be difficult for me to take off, but I could put on and take off the pair above easily without worrying about being stuck in them. -Connie Chen, Insider Reviews senior reporter

Original Short Gloss Waterproof Rain Boot (small)

A pair of insulated boots to keep your legs really warm

Hunter rain boots review_Hunter Original Tall Insulated Rain Boots

As far as warmth goes, these boots are all you need for a cold, wet day – they even work well in the snow. I put a pair of shearling insoles in mine for added softness and warmth around my toes, but the faux-shearling liner keeps my legs perfectly cozy. As far as insulation goes, I’ve literally walked on the beach in a 30-something degree day while letting ocean water lap over the boots, and my feet stayed perfectly warm and dry.

One thing to note about sizing, though, is that Hunter’s tall boots have pretty narrow calves. I have this pair in a wide-leg size, which the company no longer makes, but they do have a shorter mid-calf pair that works well even for wide calves.

Another thing to note is that the rim of the boots may hit the back of your thigh a bit as you go up and down the stairs. I’m a little over 5 feet tall, and this is an issue I have with any stiff knee-high boots, but if you’re any taller than 5-foot-3-inches, you should be fine. Overall, these are a really warm upgrade to Hunter’s OG tall boots. -Sally Kaplan, Insider Reviews deputy editor

Original Tall Insulated Rain Boots (small)

Shop all Hunter boots at Nordstrom or on the Hunter website.

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Teva vs. Chaco – here’s how the 2 most popular sport sandals compare

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tevas vs chacos
The author’s Chacos (left) and Tevas (right).

  • Teva and Chaco are two wildly popular sport sandals in the outdoor community.
  • While both are practical and comfortable, they differ in design, feel, price, and color selection.
  • We compared them side by side to help you choose the right pair for your needs and preferences.

Z/1 Classic Sandal (small)Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal (Men’s) (small)

Many great debates rage on in the world of consumer products. Apple or Samsung? Coke or Pepsi? Canon or Nikon?

If you’re looking at sport sandals, we know the big question on your mind is: Tevas or Chacos?

These popular outdoor sandals were both born out of necessity. In the 1980s, two river guides, one in Arizona and the other in Colorado, needed comfortable footwear solutions that would keep their shoes on their feet and prevent their feet from wrinkling into prunes every day.

They had these basic needs in common, but from there the river splits. The sandal designs they ultimately came up with look and feel quite different. We like and have covered both Teva and Chaco sandals, delving into their history, design, and impact on the fashion and outdoor industries.

Now, here’s a direct comparison that will let you easily decide which sandals are right for you.

We compared the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Sandals and the Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandals on features like their strap system, footbed, arch design, and color selection in order to help you determine whether you’re Team Tevas or Team Chacos.

See how Teva sandals and Chaco sandals compare below:

Strap design and materials

tevas vs chacos 2

An easy way to tell Tevas and Chacos apart is their strap designs. Teva straps line the sides of your feet while Chaco straps wrap across the tops of your feet. 

Teva straps support the tops, sides, and ankles of your feet and have Velcro to allow for fit adjustments. They’re made from water-friendly, quick-drying webbing that’s made from polyester, nylon, and recycled PET. 

Chaco straps include a buckle, criss-cross each other, and are actually one long, continuous strap. This gives your feet the feeling of being wrapped. You adjust the fit at each part of the foot by pulling that area of the strap. They’re made from water-friendly, quick-drying polyester jacquard webbing.

Footbed materials and feel

tevas vs chacos 6

The footbed is what your feet are in contact with all day as you wear these sandals. Here’s how the footbeds differ:

Tevas feel soft, smooth, and cushioned.

Chacos have a slightly textured footbed that feels more dry. 

Midsole and arch design

tevas vs chacos 4

Depending on the shape of your feet and the level of support you want, you’ll like one brand more than the other.  

Tevas have a lower arch and make you feel like you’re walking closer to the ground. I have fairly flat feet and found Tevas to be more comfortable than Chacos. The midsole is made from lightweight and flexible EVA foam, which feels cushioned and bouncy. 

Chacos have a high arch, with a thicker midsole at the heel than Tevas. If your feet have high arches, they’ll be more comfortable in Chacos. The midsole is made from PU foam, which is a little heavier than EVA foam, but has a longer-lasting bounce. 


tevas vs chacos 7

While the outsoles have different designs, both Tevas and Chacos provide strong traction, allowing you to walk across all types of terrain — smooth tile, rocky trails, slippery rocks, and more. 


tevas vs chacos 9

Both shoes are excellent lightweight footwear options that won’t weigh you down as you trek miles and miles on your travels or hikes. 

Tevas are lighter. One pair weighs 1 pound, 4 ounces. 

Chacos are heavier. One pair weighs 1 pound, 5.2 ounces. 

Color and pattern options

tevas vs chacos 10

Sport sandals, like all shoes, can be a reflection of your personal style. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of colors and patterns from each brand. 

Tevas come in many neutral and bright colors, as well as prints. Some styles are part of limited-edition collections, but if you aren’t able to find the one you want on Teva’s website, you might have better luck checking another online retailer such as REI. 

Chacos also come in many neutral and bright colors, as well as prints. The brand also features limited-edition collections. To ensure your pair never gets mixed up with another person’s, you can create a custom pair. This process lets you customize everything from the main strap to the logo badge. You can even upload your own image as a print or add embroidery. 

The bottom line

tevas vs chacos 8

After trying the sandals from Teva and Chaco, we’ve learned they’re both very comfortable and supportive. But you should use the following points to figure out which pair you should buy. 

Buy Tevas if: You have flat or less arched feet, you don’t mind Velcro straps, and you want a softer footbed. 

Tevas retail for $70, but you may be able to find them at lower prices at retailers such as Amazon and REI. 

Shop the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandals (Men’s) here:

Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal (Men’s) (button)

Shop the Teva Hurricane XLT 2 sandals (Women’s) here: 

Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal (Women’s) (button)

Buy Chacos if: You have high arches, like the look of the single-wrapped strap, and want a more “dry” feel. There are also more color and pattern options thanks to the customization feature. 

Chacos are more expensive and retail for $105, but you may be able to find them at lower prices at retailers such as Amazon and REI. 

Shop the Chaco Z/1 Classic sandals (Men’s) here: 

Z/1 Classic Sandal (Men’s) (button)

Shop the Chaco Z/1 Classic sandals (Women’s) here: 

Z/1 Classic Sandal (Women’s) (button)

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The 10 best pairs of men’s shorts for the warm weather ahead

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Best men's shorts from Capital Short
  • Everyone needs shorts in their wardrobe, including denim, chino, and performance pairs.
  • The best men’s shorts come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors.
  • Our favorite shorts come from menswear brands including Olivers, Bonobos, and Banks Journal.

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Having a good pair of shorts isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. With summer temperatures regularly reaching into the low 100s, it’s only practical to wear shorts instead of pants. And so, it’s no surprise that the variety of men’s shorts has grown to encompass a huge range of styles – from solid denim options to performance fabrics and classic twill – worn for a range of reasons.

The best men’s shorts often sport a variety of features that complement their styles and silhouettes as part of an outfit. Some offer slim fits and sleek lines and these work great with more refined and traditional tops such as sweaters and button ups, while others offer more texture fabrics in louder colors, lending themselves to being paired with t-shirts or hoodies. Whichever style of short you’re searching for, whether jeans, chinos, or cargo, there’s a good chance in our list of best men’s shorts.

These are the best men’s shorts in 2021:

Banks Journal Big Bear Walkshorts

The best men’s shorts - Banks Journal

Bold color and a textured stretch corduroy fabric on these Banks Journal Big Bear Walkshorts will help you stand out from the chino-clad crowd. 

More than anything else, these shorts make a bold statement with their red-earth, desert dusk color crafted from mid-weight stretch corduroy. In addition to their standout color, these shorts win for comfort, thanks to an elastic waistband that offers flexibility and ease of movement. The above-the-knee length is also flattering on most heights. The fit is average to slightly-roomy when the large front-slant pockets and back patch pocket are empty, leaving plenty of space for your phone, wallet, keys, and more. 

Big Bear Walkshorts (small)
Levi’s 505™ Regular Fit

The best men's shorts - Levi's

A huge range of sizes and the long inseam of the Levi’s 505 Denim Short offer a classic and enduring take on one of summer’s favorite styles

You can’t get more classic than a pair of denim shorts in summer. Paired with a white t-shirt and low tops, these shorts can carry you just about anywhere. This particular pair serves up a huge range of sizes, a lengthy inseam for guys who like a more modest look, and the long-lasting durability that comes with Levi’s heavyweight denim. These shorts sit at your natural waist, meaning you can tuck in your polo or tee easily.

505 Denim Short (small)
Club Monaco Baxter Shorts

The best men's shorts - Club Monaco

Classy and casual, the Club Monaco Baxter Shorts can be dressed up or down, making them a deserving summer style staple.

With an inseam on the shorter side, a slim fit, and a straight silhouette, these shorts present as traditional with a hint of youthful energy. As such, they work just as well with a nice sweater for a casual cafe lunch as they do with a bold t-shirt and a chunky sneaker. The stretch twill fabric is light and sporty enough to keep you cool in the heat, while a button closure and zip fly maintain the shorts’ traditional styling.

Baxter Shorts (small)
Everlane The 7″ Slim Fit Performance Chino Short

The best men’s shorts - Everlane Slim Fit Chino Short

You can’t go wrong with a pair of light shorts that can easily be dressed up or down like Everlane’s The 7″ Slim Fit performance Chino Short. 

Every guy needs a classic tan or light-colored chino short in his closet, and he can do no better than this pair from Everlane. Pair with a polo, a button-down, a wool t-shirt, or a bohemian top and any type of loafer and you’ll look at home everywhere. A four-way stretch material differentiates these chinos from many others by allowing more freedom of movement, whether that be in a game of croquet or a round of enthusiastic karaoke. 

The 7″ Slim Fit (small)
Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts

The best men's shorts - Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts

Tiny lobsters pattern these ultra comfortable Stretch washed Chino Shorts from Bonobos, one of our favorite men’s pants brands. 

Two inseam options make Bonobos’ chinos a rarity, but add in a playful lobster pattern and these shorts are downright unique. Grab a pair to stand out from everyone else in your friend circle and let them know what a carefree guy you are. A cinched waist and a side-snap fly add a hefty dose of structure, creating an imposing silhouette that adds a dash of seriousness to these otherwise jolly shorts. 

Stretch Washed Chino Shorts (small, Preferred: Bonobos)
Cos Tailored Swim Shorts

The best men's shorts - Cos

There’s nothing better than being able to go from beach to the bar – and you can do just that with the Cos Tailored Swim Shorts

While swim trunks wouldn’t normally be found on a list of best shorts, this pair from Cos straddles the line between swimwear and casual everyday wear. Simple and slim, these shorts feature a timeless and flattering cut made from a fast-drying fabric. A mesh interior lining holds everything in place, while a single back pocket and two side pockets make sure you’ve got room for all your necessary accessories. A zip-fly and a snap button front fastener combine with the suit’s cool cut to almost completely disguise the fact that this also belongs in the pool.

Tailored Swim Shorts (small)
Lululemon Commission Short Classic Oxford

The best men’s shorts - Lululemon

High-performance fabric and a classic chino look make Lululemon’s Commission Short Classic Oxford your next summer favorite. 

Sporting the traditional look of a classic chino short with slant front pockets and a button fly closure, this pair diverges from that traditional set-up in its construction. Built from sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabric, and featuring the brand’s unique ergonomic gusset to remove tension on the crotch fabric, you can be confident that any major movement you do won’t result in a ripped-pants scenario. Another bonus? The fabric is imbued with No-Stink Zinc™ tech to keep it smelling fresh between washes. 

Commission Short Classic Oxford (small)
Olivers Capital Short

The best men’s shorts - Olivers Capital Short

Loose-fitting but not baggy, the Olivers Capital Short comes in twelve colors to highlight it’s classic shape — great for any guy who wants to step away from tan, black, and gray.

No matter your leg shape, these classic shorts look great on just about any guy. Boasting a casual fit and slick silhouette, the Capital Short is as good looking as it is functional with its all-over stretch weave and water repellent fabric. Wear it on your daily commute or on a sunny weekend running errands to put its comfort, coolness, and fit to the test.

Capital Short (small)
Ripton & Co. V3 Performance Stretch Jean Short

The best men's shorts - Ripton & Co Performance Short

Fashion forward and performance-oriented, the Ripton & Co. V3 Performance Stretch Jean Short is a multi-talented masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a pair of stretch performance jeans with the ability to go for a swim and dry quickly afterwards, look no further than this pair from Ripton & Co.. Ultra soft and extremely stretchy, the denim these shorts are made from is guaranteed to hold its shape — even with repeated rough wears. Throw these on before you bike across town or wear them on a quick hike or city stroll.

V3 Performance Stretch Jean Short (small)
Kuhl Ambush Cargo Short

The best men's shorts - Kuhl Ambush Cargo Short

With more pockets than you’ll know what to do with, the Kuhl Ambush Cargo Short is the perfect companion to a hard day of work. 

Sometimes you just need a pair of shorts with a ridiculous amount of pockets. With this pair by Kuhl, you’ll have nine in total to choose from. But that only begins to scratch the surface of all the features these heavy-duty cargo shorts have to offer. Other bonuses include sun protection, a ventilation system to keep you cool, a gusseted crotch to prevent blow-outs, and a chamois-lined waistband ensuring all-day comfort. Great for everything from hiking to construction, any guy can find good use for a pair of shorts this solid.

Ambush Cargo Short (small)

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