Amazon’s newest Ring Video Doorbell is 25% off for Prime Day 2021

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Amazon Ring Video Doorbell - Prime Day 2021 Deals on Ring Video Doorbell

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 ends at the end of the day today, and there are still huge deals for a huge range of products, devices, and services across almost every category you can think of. One of the big products that get tempting deals on Prime Day 2021 are Amazon’s own Ring smart home devices, like smart video doorbell and home monitoring cameras.

Just remember that, if you’re trying to get a Prime Day deal through Amazon, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber or start a free trial. Also, be sure to follow our Prime Day liveblog for all of the latest deals as they come in.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Ring Video Doorbell deals

Ring’s Video Doorbells can be easily added to almost any front door, even those that don’t have an existing doorbell or those that aren’t wired to power a doorbells, as some models come with a rechargeable battery option. With a Ring Video Doorbell, you can monitor what’s going on outside your front door at anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a data or internet connection. You also get alerts when someone rings your doorbell, and you can see and communicate with that person through the Ring mobile app.

On Prime Day, we’re only seeing one deal for a new Ring video doorbell – the newest Wired model released in 2021. It comes with everything you’d need or want in a video doorbell, but users who want higher resolution and more advanced features may feel a little left out here. Otherwise, there are some bundled options that come with Ring cameras or the Chime that extends the doorbell chime to your home, rather than just your smartphone.

Video Doorbell Wired (2021) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Video Doorbell Wired with Ring Chime (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Video Doorbell Wired bundle with Ring Indoor Cam (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

The top Amazon Prime Day Ring Camera deals

Ring’s indoor and outdoor cameras let you check in on your home from anywhere, as long as you have a data or internet connection, even when you’re away from home. For indoor use, the best option is the standard wired Ring Indoor Cam. If you’re looking for a battery-powered camera that doesn’t need wired power, inside or outside, the Ring Stick Up Cam is a great choice.

Stick Up Cam (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Spotlight Cam (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Floodlight Cam Wired Plus (2021) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

Which Ring Video Doorbell should you buy? We break down the models.

The newest Wired Ring Video Doorbell is the cheapest and simplest option you can buy, but it still comes with pretty much everything you’d want in a smart video doorbell, including streaming at a sharp 1080p resolution, night vision, two-way communication, and alerting you to motion via your phone. It uses the existing power wiring from your old doorbell if your home is already wired for that, so it’s a better value buy than the standard Ring Video Doorbell or the Ring Video Doorbell 4 that include rechargeable batteries (as well as the option for using existing doorbell power wiring). Regardless, the standard Ring Video Doorbells don’t have deals so far on Prime Day 2021.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a tough sell at its high price tag, especially since it’s not getting the Prime Day treatment. The camera has a wider field of view, but it’s tough to justify its cost when the non-Pro models are so good and inexpensive.

Remember that you’ll need to subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan to record and keep captured video for up to 60 days.

Are smart doorbell cameras worth it?

Speaking from my own experience, I personally questioned whether I really needed a smart video doorbell when I installed one a few years ago. Since then, I’ve found my smart video doorbell to be an invaluable and essential part of my house. The ability to see what’s going on outside my front door when someone rings my doorbell, or when it detects movement outside, is priceless.

It’s been especially reassuring while I’m away from my house. I’ve been able to check in to my home’s primary point of entry from anywhere at any time, even overseas, as long as I have an internet connection. If a smart video doorbell camera is within your budget, it’s a worthwhile purchase.

More Prime Day Amazon device deals

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Warren Buffett’s annual salary has been $100,000 for 40 years. Here’s a look at the billionaire investor’s unique compensation.

warren buffett
Warren Buffett.

  • Warren Buffett’s annual salary has been $100,000 for the past 40 years.
  • Berkshire Hathaway spends triple that amount on his security each year.
  • Buffett owns about $100 billion of Berkshire stock and lives modestly.
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Warren Buffett is a legendary investor, leads one of the world’s biggest companies, and has ranked among the world’s wealthiest people for decades. Yet he earns a modest annual salary of $100,000 – and hasn’t had a pay rise in 40 years, SEC filings show.

As Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO and chairman, Buffett recommends to his board of directors how much he should be paid, and decides the the rest of the executives’ compensation. The 90-year-old has received $100,000 a year since 1980 – a fraction of the $15 million average pay of S&P 500 CEOs in 2019.

Buffett doesn’t earn much from other sources either. He netted double his salary in annual directors’ fees in the 1990s and early 2000s, before he resigned as a director of The Washington Post Company and stepped down from other corporate boards.

The highest total compensation he’s ever received at Berkshire was $525,000 in 2010, comprising his $100,000 salary, $75,000 in directors’ fees, and $350,000 allocated to his security costs.

Berkshire spends far more on Buffett’s personal and home security than it pays him directly. Keeping the boss safe has cost the company an average of $339,000 a year since 2008, or $4.4 million in total.

Buffett isn’t in desperate need of a big salary. He owns roughly $100 billion of Berkshire stock – which he’s gradually giving away – and doesn’t spend much: he lives in a modest family home, drives a basic car, and eats breakfast at McDonald’s.

The investor also doesn’t use a company car, belong to any clubs where Berkshire pays his dues, or commandeer company-owned aircraft for his personal use.

Buffett shared his views on salaries at Berkshire’s annual shareholder meeting in 2017, when he was asked how much his successor would be paid. He expressed hope that the next CEO would already be rich, and wouldn’t be motivated to earn 10 or 100 times the money their family needs to live on.

“They might even wish to, perhaps, set an example by engaging for something far lower than, actually, what you can say their true market value is,” he continued, adding it would be “terrific” if that was the case.

Buffett is a firm believer that CEOs should be incentivized to deliver long-term success for their companies. He believes massive annual salaries, bonuses, and short-term stock options encourage short-term thinking.

Charlie Munger – Buffett’s right-hand-man and Berkshire’s vice-chairman – has followed Buffett’s example. He’s also received a salary of $100,000 a year for several decades now, SEC filings show.

In contrast, Ajit Jain and Greg Abel, who head up Berkshire’s insurance and non-insurance divisions respectively, are paid far more handsomely. Both men have earned a $16 million salary in each of the past of three years, plus total bonuses of $7 million each.

Finally, Berkshire’s finance chief, Marc Hamburg, has seen his salary grow from about $300,000 in 1996 to $3.3 million last year.

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