Top 15 Best VPN Affiliate Programs To Earn Free Money Online

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There are various methods to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of them. I am sure you know what is affiliate marketing is.

In this article, I am going to list the top 10 VPN affiliate programs that you can promote to earn money online.

At the end of the article, you will find a comparison of the best VPN affiliate programs, so you can choose one according to your needs.

But before that let’s check out more about VPN affiliate programs.

What Is VPN Affiliate Program?

VPN affiliate programs are the method through which publishers can earn money by inviting users to purchase any VPN plan.

Since many and many more people want to hide their privacy VPN business is growing very rapidly. You can easily earn money by promoting them.

Most of them store cookies for around 90 days hence you can earn money anytime when any user purchase any VPN.

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Where To Promote VPN Affiliate Links?

Most of the publishers do promote their links on their YouTube Channel and Website. But in case if you don’t have your own website and channel then you can promote your links on social media too.

To promote on social media you must have huge numbers of followers because without that you can’t get approval.

How Much You Can Earn From VPN Affiliate Program?

As per reviews and all VPN websites, there is an affiliate earner who is making a six-figure income. It also depends on the traffic type and the number of traffic you have.

For example, if your article on your website gets around 2000, and you get 100 clicks and if 50 users purchased VPN plans then you can easily earn around $1000 to $1500.

10 Best VPN Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of 10 VPN affiliate programs that you must join. Each program comes with different terms and features that you must know before joining.


PureVPN is on the internet since 2006 in Hong Kong. They have more than 6500 servers from 140 countries which are used by more than 3 million users.

It supports more than 20 plus devices including Android, Mac, iPhone, Laptops, and others.

Joining PureVPN is very easy and it takes 24 to 72 hours to approve or decline your application. Click here to read the full PureVPN review.

Cookie:- 90 Days

Payment Method:- $100 is the minimum payout. Paypal and Wire have supported methods.

Commission:-100% for Monthly Plan, 40% on Annual or 6 months Plan, and 30% lifetime recurring.


ExpressVPN is one of the widely used and promoted VPN service providers on the internet. Their price for customer and commission rates for an affiliate is very attractive.

It is used by more than 15 million people from all over the world. They have 3000+ servers in 160 locations from 90+ countries.

Cookie:- 90 Days

Commission:- $13 to $36 per sale

Payment Method:- The minimum withdrawal is $100 for Paypal and $1000 for wire transfer.


NordVPN was founded in the year 2012 by four friends. Which is now used by more than 14 million users worldwide. It provides military-grade protection to its users.

NordVPN affiliate programs are very attractive because of their commission terms. You will earn money on every purchase after the first purchase for a lifetime.

There are four different plans through which you can earn up to 100% commission. On their 1 Month VPN purchase, you will get 100% first time and 30% for lifetime. For 6 Month, 1 Year, and 2 Year Plan you will get 40% for the first sign-up and 30% for renewal.


Commission:- 40% to 100% On first purchase and 30% on renewal

Payment Method:- PayPal


Surfshark VPN affiliate program is one of the very famous and high-paying affiliate programs. It was founded in 2018 and it is one of the VPN that allows unlimited simultaneous connections.

SurfShark has 3200 plus servers from 65 countries.

It also offers 24/7 customer support and unlimited downloads. Users can purchase their VPN by using Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Amazon Pay, and Credit Card.

Cookie:- 30 Days

Commission:- 40% on Each Sale including recurring

Payment Method:- PayPal, Cryptocurrency, and Wire Transfer


OVPN is the only VPN provider that operates on its own server all around the world. They prevent anyone from accessing your internet logs.

It is founded in the year 2014 and registered as a company in Sweden.

Cookie:- 17-Days

Commission:- 30% to 50%

Payment Method:- PayPal


HideMe was founded in the year 2012. They already have millions of active users across all devices like Android, iPhone, Microsoft, Router, Mac, Firefox, and chrome specifically.

Cookie:- 45-Days

Commission:- 25% on every sale

Payment Method:- PayPal


HideMyAss is one of the trusted VPN providers, if you don’t believe me then you should know that it was founded by Avast itself.

It works well in different supported devices like Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox, and Playstation as well.

And they are best for affiliates too because of their commission rates, you can earn up to 100% commission.

Cookie:- 30 – Day

Commission:- 100% on 1-month plan for the first time. 45% to 65% on 1-2-3 year plan. 30% to 40% recurring commission

Payment Method:- PayPal, Visa, and Bitcoin


If you want to join the VPN affiliate program instantly without verification then you can join VirtualShield. You don’t need to wait for the approval, just fill the form and you are in.

The affiliate dashboard is not well designed but it is simple to use.

Cookie:- 60 Days

Commission:- 13$ to 96$

Payment Method:- PayPal

Panda Security

Panda Security services are used by more than 30 million users. You can earn money up to 50% from the commission. Commission Junction is the section through which you have to sign up to join them.

You also get covered your security over wifi connection as well.

Cookie:- 30 days

Commission:-  Up to 50%

Payment Method:-Paypal


Torguard was founded in the year 2012. It has more than 3200 servers from more than 50 countries.

It also offers 24/7 customer support and also personal customer support manager.

To join them you just need to fill one simple form and wait for their approval. You can check your mail for approval or rejection notification.

Cookie:- 60 days

Commission:- 30% of each sale

Payment Method:- Bank transfer, Payoneer, and Bitcoin

Other VPN Affiliate Programs

Hola VPN – Hola was founded in the year 2000. You can earn 30 to 80% of the commission from each sale. 90-day cookie.

CyberGhost – You can earn up to 100% from each sale made by its users.

Ivacy – Instant access to affiliate links. Up to 100% commission. 90-day cookie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best affiliate program for VPN?

For me, NordVPN and PureVPN are the best affiliate program for VPN promoters.

Which are the best high-paying VPN affiliate programs?

NordVPN, Virtual Shield, and PureVPN are some of the high-paying VPN affiliate programs.

How I can become the best VPN affiliate program?

You just need to have good traffic and related to VPN or related to which users love to use VPN.

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Where To Buy Refurbished Laptops: Should I Buy Refurbished Products?

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Want to buy laptops online? But have a low budget? Then you should prefer Refurbished laptops. There are many make money online articles are published on moneyforwallet and different other articles related to “save money online”.

In this article, I am going to tell you what is refurbished laptops are and how & where you can buy refurbished laptops.

According to some reports, the total market of refurbished products is around $12 billion in 2019-20. And it is growing very rapidly as well.

If you are not sure where to buy refurbished laptops then you should read this article.

If you are planning to resell electronics products or wants to start your own IT company then you might need to purchase lots of electronics budget and at this time refurbished products are useful.

What Are Refurbished Products?

People mostly mix used products with refurbished products. There is a difference between used products and refurbished products.

Used laptops are the laptops which are used by someone and it is available for sale again.

Refurbished laptops or products are the laptops or products that are unused by customers but have defects.

The word Refurbished has no proper definition and there are multiple words that are used instead of Refurbished are Reconditioned, Refreshed, Repaired, and Recertified.

How laptops can become refurbished? Let me explain to you, for example, suppose you purchased a mobile phone but it has issues like the screen is not a clear dent on the back or any other defects. Then what you will do? Definitely, you will call for a refund, right?

You will get your money back and your mobile phone will be sent back to the manufacturer. Here manufacturer put them for sale with the tag of Refurbished.

Should I Buy Refurbished Laptops

There are many reasons why you should purchase refurbished laptops or electronics products. With refurbished laptops, you can save a huge amount of money. These products are cheaper than the original ones.

Many think that refurb laptops are not covered with warranty but it is. Yes, most of the products are covered with a warranty.

People love to use new products instead of second hand. No one can see any difference between new and refurbished products.

The working performance of Refurb is laptops area same as the new one.

Difference Between Refurbished and Used

The laptops which are defective and available on sale are refurbished laptops. Refurbishers do check each part of the components of laptops like battery screen, power supply, processors, hard drive, and connections.

If any parts are unusable then they get replaced.

The used laptops are the laptops which are used by someone and it is available on sale by any person it is either using itself or shop owners.

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10 Places To Buy Refurbished Laptops

There are various sites that sell refurbished laptops and sometimes companies do sell refurbished products. Here I am going to list the top 10 best places to buy refurbished laptops.

Manufacturers Store

These are the websites or stores where the original seller is selling it. One who manufactured and sells.

Best Buy Refurbished Laptops Apple

If you are looking for Apple’s refurbished laptops or other products then you don’t need to visit any third-party seller, instead of that you can visit Apple’s website where you can find any apple products including iPhone and iPad.

Most of their refurbished tools are covered with 90 days warranty.

Want to know what is the difference? Let me show you the difference in price, the new iPhone 11 ( 256 GB + Black) will cost you $749 and the same device at a refurbished market will cost you $639. You can save up to $200.

Click here to visit Apple’s Refurbished Store.

Dell Refurbished Laptops

Dell has a separate web page where you can purchase their laptops at a low price. Those who want to purchase any dell product at a low cost should try their refurbished page at least once.

You can get up to a $200 discount on each product.

Click here to visit Dell Refurbished Store.

Other Manufacturer Vendors Shop

Retail Sites For Refurb Products

The easiest way to find different refurbished electronics items. You can also use various payment methods on these websites including gift cards. You can also enjoy extra discounts.


Amazon doesn’t only sell new products but it also allows its users to purchase used and refurbished products. They call them Amazon Renewed.

Click here to visit Amazon’s Store.

Best Buy

Best Buy is available in only the USA, Canada, and Mexico. They do sell open-box and refurb items. All products come with a 90-days warranty.




Blackmarket is a USA-based store. It offers you free shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, 12 months minimum warranty, and supports several payment methods.

It supports hundreds of big brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft, and many more.

Want to know the difference between rates? Let me show you an example of the iPhone. The new iPhone 11 256GB – Black Unlocked will cost you $639 on the official website but it will cost you $623 plus a 5% discount if you are a student.

Already more than 8K users have published their reviews on Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 8539 users.


ShopClues is known for their clothes and electronics kinds of stuff. But at their refurbished store you will mostly find mobile phones and laptops.

It is an Indian company and available only in India. Best choice for India.


On ElectronicsBazaar you can find different electronics items at very low rates. Items like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories.

According to their website, they have authorized Microsoft refurbishers.

You can enjoy up to 60% off on each product plus they have many offers like 10% on using the specific card. It means if any new products price is $1000 then you have to pay only $300.

Click here to visit their website.


Decluttr is a United States-based store to sell and purchase any item. It also sells refurbished items after doing its quality check.

For each device, they sell items that go under their established checking process.

It offers free shipping, 12 months warranty on tech items, 14 days money-back guarantee, and it supports Klarna, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and Amazon Pay payment methods.

Click here to visit Decluttr.


Refurbished TechYuga is the WestBengal, India-based e-commerce website for refurbished products.

They have sold more than 10,00,000 devices to 65K customers. This is the best place to buy refurbished laptops in India.

Click here to visit them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy Refurb items from Walmart?

I personally not suggest purchasing any product from them as ratings are negative.

Should you buy refurbished laptops?

If you want to save some money then yes you should buy them.

Is it safe to buy refurbished laptops?

Yes, till you are purchasing them from a trusted source.

Why someone should avoid the purchase of Refurbished laptops?

There are two main reasons why you should not purchase them, first, it has only a 90-day warranty, second is, it is better to purchase a new product instead of saving $50 to $200.

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How To Forward Email From Webmail To Gmail – Step By Step Guide

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Most people are using Gmail as their primary email ID. Even if you have your own website or companies email address. It is easy to use Gmail instead of webmails.

But do you know you can get access to your webmail to Gmail? Yes, you can.

In this article, I am going to show you how to forward email from webmail to Gmail.

Forward Webmail to Gmail Through cPanel

Steps might bit different but those are similar.

1) The First login to your cPanel and click on Email accounts under Mails.


1) Click on the Email Forwarder button from the cPanel dashboard.

2) On the next page, click on Add Email Forwarder.

3) Here you have to follow things (with example),

  • Address that you want to forward, example here address is “test”
  • Domain, for example here domain is “”
  • Destination, for example here destination is “”

4) You will get a confirmation message which you have to accept.

5) Here we are forwarding “” to”.

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Set SMTP To Your Gmail

1) Log in to your Gmail account

2) Go to Gmail setting

3) Click on Accounts and Imports

4) Under Send Mail As, click on Add another email address

5) Add Name and your custom Email address, for example, “”

6) Find SMTP details from hosting

7) Open the configuration page in your cPanel

8) On the configuration page you have to submit the Server, Username, and password.

9) Click on the Save button and you will get an email confirmation.

10) You can now check that it is working fine, your webmail forwarding to Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to forward webmail to gmail?

Forwarding webmail mails to Gmail is very easy and simple. You can follow the above steps.

Does Gmail support mail forwarding?

Yes, it supports mail forwarding.

How much time does it take to forward email?

Usually, it takes 10 to 15 minutes, and in some cases, it takes up to 5 minutes.

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10 Best Affiliate Marketing Course That You Must Follow

Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Justin Su

There are different methods to make money online and Affiliate Marketing is one of them. If you are really looking for long-term online income and got tired of small incomes then Affiliate Marketing can make you rich.

You can earn money easily from different methods but most of them will help you to earn a simple and low amount of money.

If you really want to make a huge amount of money then affiliate marketing is best for that.

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing then I suggest reading the article, what is Affiliate Marketing.

There are various courses available on the internet that you can read and make fortune in the Affiliate field. But here I am listing the top 10 affiliate marketing courses that you must read.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Course?

If you are one of that person who thinks that you affiliate marketing courses are waste of time then my friend you are wrong.

There might be some courses that just scrap but it doesn’t mean that every course is worst.

The main benefit of this courses is that affiliate marketer learns new things. If anyone just started his journey as an affiliate marketer then he should go through any course for a better understanding of the market and others.

Most people start their work with testing and in that process, they sometimes lose every money they have. So instead of testing by themselves, it is a better idea to purchase courses and read what other (experts) tested for you.

Below are some effective courses.

Affiliate Marketing Course For Amazon

Amazon is no doubt the best place for affiliate marketers. There are numbers of methods and ways you can increase your earnings and these courses will help you to do.

Amazon Affiliate Plus SEO Course

In this course, you will get to know how to find keywords for your shop, choose a highly recommend niche, other things like WordPress SEO, On-page SEO, and SEO structure, and many more.

More than 25K students have purchased their course and 2.6 users published their review, 4.5 out of 5. It includes 17.5 hours of video training, 8 articles, and 65 downloadable resources.

Click here to purchase this course.

Price: Current price is $6.69 with a discount and the regular price is $117.

Author: Srinivasa Raghava is the author of this course. More than 29K students have purchased his courses.

Extra Cost: You have to spend extra time on writing content

Refund Policy: 30 Day money-back guarantee

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Affiliate Marketing Courses For ClickBank

ClickBank has a list of products that most of the affiliate platform doesn’t have. And this is what makes Clickbank look different.

It is worth trying Clickbank.

Commission Hero

Commission Hero claims that anyone who follow their course can earn $1000+ and even can touch 6 figure income.

They also shared some videos of their students and each video claims that they are making good amount of money daily with the help of this course.

The course includes, Ad Images, Access of private group, Facebook super profit training system, Landing pages, Snapchat training, Email marketing, and much more.

Price: Purchase whole course once worth $997 Or Split course in two parts and spend $597 twice.

Author: Robby Blanchard is the author of this course. He is known as #1 ClickBank Affiliate.

Extra Cost: Not mentioned but there are some hidden costs.

Refund Policy: 14 Days refund only when you have not used any training course.

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

The Clickbank Success course is available on Udemy and more than 35K students have purchased their course. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 7,555 students.

If you are one of those people who have an interest in Clickbank products then you must purchase this course. 35,000 students are not fooled, right?

The course has a video of 2.5 hours with subtitles in 6 different languages are French, Italian, Polish, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai, and Spanish.

It also includes 23 articles and 23 downloadable resources.

Price: Current price is $6 with a discount and the regular price is $115.

Author: KC Tan is the author of this course and 20 more. More than 90K students have purchased his courses.

Extra Cost: Miner cost of $1 to $5 daily

Refund Policy: 30 Day money-back guarantee

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BunnyCDN Review: How To Setup BunnyCDN On Your WordPress Site

Last Updated on March 27, 2021 by Justin Su

If you are a blogger and your website is loading slow for your users and you might try all possible ways to speed up website speed, right?

But you might forget to add one thing up, and it is a CDN.

Site speed is an issue that every old and new bloggers do faces. If you are one of them then you should go with BunnyCDN.

I recommend using this plugin if you want to increase your site speed.

In this article, I will review BunnyCDN and guide you on how to install BunnyCDN on your WordPress site.

What Is BunnyCDN?

BunnyCDN is a Content Delivery Network which is known as CDN. It is a Slovenia-based company that is founded in the year 2015.

Already thousands of websites have installed BunnyCDN on their websites. By using CDN’s you can increase the load time of your site.

BunnyCDN Data Centres

They do have more than 50 data centers from all over the world. They have the Data Centre on 6 continents and 35 countries. can be reached in less than 30 milliseconds in most areas around the world. All of their CDN servers are powered by NVMe and SSD technology to ensure millisecond latencies when serving your files.


The query speed for each continent is mentioned below but worldwide it is 36.00 MS.

  • Europe: 28.00 MS
  • North America: 42.00 MS
  • Asia: 63.00 MS
  • Oceania: 23.00 MS
  • Africa: 125.00 MS
  • South Africa: 58.00 MS

The data are provided by cdnperf.

BunnyCDN Features

There are many features that make BunnyCDN stand on top. Below are some top and best features.

  • 6 Continents and 50+ data centers
  • WordPress friendly
  • Raw logs
  • Cloud storage
  • Wildcard domains
  • Video delivery
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Custom CNAME hostnames
  • IP blacklisting
  • Block users by country
  • Origin shield
  • Realtime data
  • <38ms global latency
  • Intelligent routing
  • HTTP/2
  • Supports WebP
  • Minify CSS & Javascript
  • Resize image based on user
  • Brotli & GZip
  • Bandwidth overdraft protection
  • Instant purging files or entire zones

BunnyCDN Pricing

You can use your Paypal or Credit Card in order to purchase the BunnyCDN service. You can start using their service for as low as $1.00 per month.

If you want to test their service then you can use their 14 days trial or until 1000 GB ends. Below are different BunnyCDN plans.

volumen CDN network

Customer Support

BunnyCDN offers 24/7 customer support. At first, you don’t need to contact them but in case you have faced any issue then you can contact them by creating a Ticket.

They will reply to you within 5 to 10 minutes, in most cases.

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Top 10 Best Affiliate Plugin For WordPress For Affiliate Marketers

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by Justin Su

Are you an affiliate marketer then you should care about the plugin you are using for promoting affiliate links.

There are many active affiliate plugins for WordPress available on the Internet. If you are looking for the best WordPress affiliate plugin then you are in right place.

There are many methods to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of them. Want to know more about Affiliate marketing then read the article on what is affiliate marketing.

Here I am going to talk about the top 10 affiliate plugins that you can use on your WordPress site.

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What Are WordPress Affiliate Plugins?

If you have your own blog and using it to promote affiliate plugins then you might aware that it is hard to track activities.

Hence in this situation affiliate plugins comes handy and useful. By using affiliate plugins you can easily track referrals, link clicks, traffic coming from, sales conversion rates, and much more.

It helps you to analyze the affiliate activity on your website so you can use the data to improve your affiliate earnings.

How To Choose WordPress Affiliate Plugin

While choosing an affiliate plugin for WordPress you must check for all features and pros & cons. Price is not the only thing that matters so must check for other features as well.

If you are a newbie then you should try to use free plugins and if you have huge traffic then use the paid version.

Check for the all available features that each plugin has.

Top 10 Paid and Free WordPress Affiliate Plugin

As I said there are many plugins on Internet but here we are going to take only the top 10 best paid and free WordPress affiliate plugins that you should use.

1.) Pretty Links

PrettyLinks is most widely used by starter affiliate marketers. It comes in both ways as free and paid. If you want to use the free version then visit the plugin section of WordPress and search for PrettyLinks.

According to their website, more than 2.5 times their plugins were downloaded. Currently, more than 300K users are using the free version.

They have three plans, the lowest cost is $99 per year, $149, and $199 (currently they are running hence you will get a 50% discount on all purchases).

Click here to get the Free version.

Click here to purchase the paid version.


Newbie Friendly: It is one of those plugins which mostly loved by newbies. It is very easy and simple to use.

WordPress Friendly: Pretty links affiliate plugin get updates on a regular basis.

Reports: You will get link reports in one place and an understandable report.

Redirection: It helps you to automate redirection.

Refund Policy: You can get a refund within 14 days of purchase in case you don’t like their plugin. Simply they do not ask you questions.

AAWP – GetAawpAmazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - The #1 plugin for successful Affiliate Marketing

AAWP stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. It is the widest plugin for Amazon products.

If you are promoting Amazon products then you should try them for sure. But before buying them you should check out their demos here.

They have four plans, $50/year which you can use on 1 site, and with their Ultimate plan which will cost $400 you can use on 25 sites.


Tracking ID: The plugin automatically creates affiliate links for you, including your personal tracking id.

Mobile use: Their plugin is very mobile-friendly including tablets.

Templates: You will get the prepared template with a variety of designs.

Automated lists: It helps you to create automated bestseller lists.

Sorting: With AAWP you can sort and filter generated lists by product title, price, and more.

Translation: You can get your content translated into 5 languages that are English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Refund Policy: They have 30 days back refund guarantee.


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How To Change Facebook Page Name After Limit

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 by Justin Su

Do you have own Facebook page and want to change your facebook page username? There here is the guide for you on how you can change FB page username and even after limit existed.

Mostly people creat their first Facebook page with some random username and when their page grows they think to change their names or they do not like current name and wants to change their name. For them FB allows to change usernames but they have some limits.

In case you crossed their limits and still not got preferred username then here is tutorial for you. Follow below methods to change FB page username.

Facebook’s Policy On Name Change

They have very simple policy for facebook page name. You are not allowed to use some characters and things like mentioned below.

  • Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalisation, repeating characters or punctuation.
  • Characters from multiple languages.
  • Titles of any kind (e.g. professional, religious).
  • Words or phrases in place of a name.
  • Offensive or suggestive words of any kind.

You are also not allowed to use celebrities name and contents for your page. It might can get deleted.

How To Change Facebook Page Name

There are various methods through which you can change your Facebook page name. Below I am going to mention all active methods which you can use to change your FB username.

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Updated Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test Answers [2021]

Last Updated on March 16, 2021 by Justin Su

If you are looking for the latest and updated Fiverr adobe illustrator skills test answers then you are in right place. Here is the answer to the latest adobe illustrator test.

The test contains 40 questions and you have 40 minutes to complete it. You must answer 60% of the questions correctly. In case you failed to complete the test then you can retake the taste after 24 hours.

These questions and answers are for information and educational purpose only.

1.  In order to make a clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used?

  • Shift+Ctrl+M
  • Ctrl+7
  • Shift+M
  • Shift+Ctrl+7

Ans: B

2. Which of the following statements is/are true about creating a clipping mask?

  • You can apply a clipping mask to non-vector objects.
  • The last object in a layer or group masks everything that is in the layer/group.
  • A clipping mask changes into an object with no fill or stroke
  • All of the above.

Ans: D

3.  Which of the following options can be used to select anchor points in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

  • Click the point with the Direct Selection tool.
  • Drag a boundary around the anchor points by using the Direct Selection tool.
  • Drag around the anchor points by using the Lasso tool.
  • All of the above.

Ans: D

4.  In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), the features listed below do not work on an entire Live Paint group, except for:

  • Graphs.
  • Flares.
  • Symbols from the Symbols panel.
  • Effects.

Ans: A

5.  Which of the following options is an Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) feature that is used to convert and save vector graphics into bitmap files?

  • Pathfinder
  • Expand
  • Rasterize
  • Group

Ans: C

6.   In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to switch through drawing modes?

  • Shift+C
  • Shift+M
  • Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Shift+D

Ans: D

7.    Which of the following options is a new feature introduced in Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 that puts text inside any path/shape?

  • Area Type tool
  • Type tool
  • Place
  • There is no such tool in Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Ans: D

8.    In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following panels allows you to change the options for the blending mode?

  • Layer panel
  • Transparency panel
  • Gradient panel
  • Color panel

Ans: B

9.    The icon shown in the image represents which of the given tools?

  • Polar grid tool
  • Circular grid tool
  • Polar divider tool
  • Circular divider tool

Ans: A

10.  Which of the following tools is used to cut objects along a freehand path drawn with it, and to divide objects into component-filled faces?

  • Scissors
  • Pathfinder
  • Knife
  • trim

Ans: B

11.  In Adobe illustrator CC (2017), Envelopes are used to reshape or distort a selected object. They cannot be used on which of the following objects?

  • Preset warp shape
  • Mesh grid
  • Graph

Ans: C

12.  Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) is a/an _____ graphics application.

  • raster-based
  • animation-based
  • vector-based
  • None of the above.

Ans: C

13.  _____ artwork is connected to, but remains independent of. the document and results in a smaller document. But,
_____ artwork is copied into the document at full resolution and results into a larger document.

  • Linked. Embedded
  • Exported, Embedded
  • Embedded, Linked
  • Embedded, Saved

Ans: A

14.  Which of the following options is NOT a valid blending mode in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

  • Hard Light
  • Overlay
  • Multiply
  • Dissolve

Ans: D

15.  If you want to create a free-hand drawing of a hexagon using your drawing tablet and want to convert it into a crisp geometric vector shape, which of the following tools will you use?

  • Pen tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Shape Builder
  • Shaper tool

Ans: D

16.  In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following options is/are available while selecting a template for a new document?

  • Mobile
  • Print
  • Film & Video
  • All of the above.

Ans: D

17.  In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), all object transformations are performed around a fixed point called the:

  • center point.
  • main point.
  • reference point,
  • cross point.

Ans: A

18.  In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used for deselecting the selected objects?

  • Shift+Ctrl+A
  • Shift+Ctrl+D
  • Shift+A
  • Ctrl+D

Ans: A

19.  While working in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to open the OpenType panel?

  • Alt+Shift+Ctrl+T
  • Shift+Ctri+T
  • Alt+Ctrl+T
  • Ctrl+T

Ans: A

20.  Which of the following options is/are available in the preset details when creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

  • Number of Artboards.
  • Orientation,
  • Color Mode,
  • None of the above.

Ans: D

21.  In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following options is NOT available as a brush type?

  • Calligraphic brush
  • Scatter brush
  • Effect brush
  • Bristle brush

Ans: C

22.  In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following are the live basic file formats that are also called native formats and are supported for saving?

  • Al, EPS, PDF. FXG and SVG
  • Al, SVG, DWG, PDF and PNG.
  • Al. EPS, JPEG, TIFF and PNG.
  • Al, SVG, BMP. DXF and EPS.

Ans: A

23.  The Bezier Warp, Bulge and Corner pin can be used to change the look of your objects/graphics. They fall under which of the following options?

  • Blending options
  • Distort effects
  • Image adjustments
  • Layer modes

Ans: B

24. With respect to the Swatches panel, explain the difference between the given two image swatches.

  • 1 is a CMYK swatch and 2 is a RGB swatch.
  • In 1, color is filled in the object and in 2, color is not filled in the object.
  • 1 is a process color and 2 is a spot color.
  • 1 is a process color and 2 is a global process color

Ans: D

25. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following options are the minimum and maximum bleed values that can be set in an artwork?

  • 0 point and 100 points, respectively.
  • 1 point and 75 points, respectively.
  • 0 point and 72 points, respectively.
  • 1 point and 70 points, respectively.

Ans: C

26. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which pathfinder shape mode effect will result from image A to image B?

  • Add to Shape Area
  • Subtract from Shape Area
  • Intersect Shape Area
  • Exclude Overlapping Areas

Ans: D

27. Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) has three screen mode options that allow a user to change the view of the illustration window and menu bar. Which of the following modes is NOT included

  • Full Screen Mode
  • Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar
  • Normal Screen Mode
  • Preview Screen Mode

Ans: D

28. Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) flattens an artwork that contains transparency when you perform the following options, except for:

  • saving your file as Adobe PDF 1.4 or later.
  • printing your file that contains transparency.
  • copying and pasting transparent art from Illustrator into another application with both the AIC8 and the Preserve Appearance options checked.
  • exporting your artwork in SWF (Flash).

Ans: A

29. In order to draw a perfect circle, press and hold the________key while using ellipse tool.

  • Ctrl
  • Shift
  • Alt
  • Space

Ans: B

30. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). what is the maximum limit for creating artboards in a document?

  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250

Ans: A

31. Adobe Illustrator files cannot be exported into which of the following formats?

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PSD
  • MOV

Ans: D

32. Which of the following statements are correct about importing AutoCAD files in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

  • AutoCAD tiles saved in versions later than AutoCAD 2007 cannot be opened in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017).
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) supports only the .DWG AutoCAD file format.
  • While importing an AutoCAD file in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). you can scale the file and select the layout to import,
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) supports 2d AutoCAD objects, including paths, lines, texts but not 3D objects.

Ans: B

33. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following options is a vector format that produces high-quality and interactive web graphics?

  • EPS
  • BMP
  • FXG
  • SVG

Ans: D

34. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), if you want to erase portions of an object’s path of your artwork, then which of the following tools will you use?

  • Path Eraser tool
  • Segment Path Eraser tool
  • Eraser tool
  • Segment Eraser tool

Ans: C

35. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). you can create mesh objects from various objects, except for:

  • linked images. (Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test)
  • compound paths.
  • text objects.
  • all of the above.

Ans: D

36. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). which of the following statements is correct about the Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file format?

  • This format does not support transparency.
  • By default, linked EPS are displayed in a low-resolution preview.
  • If an EPS file contains data that Illustrator does not recognize, it will still read and substitute the content.
  • You cannot open an EPS vector file in Illustrator, using the drag-and-drop method.

Ans: A

37. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). which tool should you use to obtain the effect shown in the given image?

  • Live Color
  • Blend
  • Filter
  • Gradient

Ans: B

38. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). which of the following types of printer’s marks align different separations in a color document?

  • Trim Marks
  • Registration Marks (Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test)
  • Color Bars
  • Page Information

Ans: B

39. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), the keyboard shortcut ‘Shift+Ctri+F9’ is used to show/hide which of the following panels?

  • Transform
  • Pathfinder
  • Transparency
  • Symbols

Ans: B

40. Which Illustrator option will produce the same effect as shown in the given image?

  • Graphic Pen
  • Conte Crayon
  • Bas Relief
  • Craquelure

Ans: B

41. Which of the following shape tools is NOT available in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

  • Circle tool
  • Rectangle tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Star tool

Ans: A

42. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following SVG events triggers an action while the mouse pointer is over an element in your imported artwork for web browser viewing?

  • onmouseover
  • onmouseout
  • onmousemove
  • onmousedown

Ans: C

43. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following preview modes displays a simulated, rasterized (pixelated) appearance of the content in a document?

  • Pixel
  • Overprint
  • Default (Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test)
  • None of the above

Ans: D

44. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), what is a path’s outline called?

  • Stroke
  • Line
  • Fill
  • Outline Style

Ans: D

45. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). which of the given options is NOT a mode of the Pen tool?

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d

Ans: C

46. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following keyboard shortcuts allows you to open the file information dialog box?

  • Ctrl+I
  • Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I
  • None of the above.

Ans: D

47. Which of the following options depicts the direction of a spiral object being created in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017)?

  • Radius
  • Decay
  • Style
  • Segments

Ans: C

48. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), the following choices are Video effects, except for:

  • Texturizer. (Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test)
  • Film Grain,
  • De-Interlace,
  • NTSC Colors.

Ans: B

49. With respect to pixelate effects in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), which of the following effects converts an image to a random pattern of black-and-white areas, or of fully saturated colors in a color image?

  • Mezzotint
  • Pointillize
  • Color Halftone
  • Crystallize

Ans: C
50. If you want to convert a text into a vector art in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). then what should be the best approach?

  • Lower the opacity of the text and trace it using the pen tool.
  • Select the text, go to Type and select Create Outlines.
  • Select the text and use Live trace.
  • Create a shape and place it in front of the text. Then select both the objects and use the Shape Builder tool.

Ans: B

51. Which Illustrator panel shows the options for a currently selected object?

  • Tools panel
  • Control panel
  • Layers panel
  • Appearance Panel

Ans: C

52. Working with the Live Comers widget in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). you can apply various comer styles in your shape, except for:

  • Round corner,
  • Curved corner,
  • Inverted Round corner.
  • Chamfer corner.

Ans: B

53. While using the Live Corners feature in Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). a corner cannot be rounded beyond a point:

  • where the rounded corner reaches the end of the path.
  • where the rounded corner reaches an adjacent anchor point.
  • where the rounded corner reaches an anchor point being created while modifying an adjacent corner.
  • All of the above.

Ans: D

54. Which of the following color modes is also called additive colors?

  • CMYK color mode
  • RGB color mode
  • USB color mode (Fiverr Adobe Illustrator Skills Test)
  • Lab color mode

Ans: B

55. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), you can place objects in different places in the workspace. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used for pasting an object in place?

  • Ctrl+F
  • Ctrl+B
  • Ctrl+V
  • Shift+Ctrl+B

Ans: C

56. If you are currently working in the perspective drawing mode in artwork, then which of the following will NOT comply with the perspective grid?

  • Line group tool
  • Rectangle group tool
  • Flare tool
  • None of the above.

Ans: D

57. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017). the target icon (shown in the given image) in the Layers panel indicates which of the following options?

  • The item is targeted and has appearance attributes.
  • The item is not targeted but has appearance attributes.
  • The item is targeted but has no appearance attributes beyond a single fill and a single stroke.
  • The item is not targeted and has no appearance attributes beyond a single fill and a single stroke.

Ans: C

59. In Adobe Illustrator CC (2017), there is a tool that lets you colour each path segment and enclosed path of your artwork freely. lt also allows you to use vector drawing tools but treats all the paths drawn as though they are on the same flat surface. Which tool are we talking about?

  • Shape Builder
  • Live Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Mesh

Ans: C

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