7 Best Paid & Free Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Justin Su

Bloggers usually do use the contact form so their users can easily contact site owners. If you are a blogger or website owner then you may be looking for the best paid or free contact form plugins.

If you go for random or any contact form plugin then you may not end up with the best plugin or maybe in some rare cases you may lose your website also, yes sometimes hackers do use to create a fake plugin to hack websites.

In this case, you should know which plugin you are using, it is trusted or not.

Most of the following plugins are free but some come with paid plus free plugins. Free plugins are best for beginners or who can’t afford plugins.

Paid plugins contain more templates and integrations hence paid plugins are best if you want to explore.

What Are Free Contact Form Plugins?

Free plugins are those plugins that you can use absolutely for free but there are rarely any absolutely free plugins available to use but there are plugins that you can use for free and can upgrade to use their all features.

Plugins at first give you a simple contact form as free and you can upgrade to use other features like extensions.

Best Paid & Free Contact Form Plugins

Following are some of the best paid and free contact form plugins that you may try to use. If you faced any issues then let us know by commenting below.

Note: Mostly free plugins have limited use cases, like just simple contact forms. To get more templates, integrations, uploading, and other features you might need to upgrade or purchase premium plugins.

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

BestWebSoft Contact form plugin is the best free contact form plugin for WordPress. It is simply a simple-looking plugin that has a simple template where you can add forms using shortcodes.

You can add a form to any post, page, or widget using the shortcode. The submitted message will be sent to your email address.

Currently, more than 80K sites have installed the plugin. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 from 288 reviews.

Key Features:

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data like IP, Time, Referer, and User-Agent are sent to the email notification
  • Responsive Layout
  • Editable field labels
  • Required fields
  • Select used/required for the following fields: Name, Address, Phone number
  • File attachments
  • Translate your form to any language with a simple language customizer
  • Protect contact form from spam with Captcha or reCaptcha
  • Save and manage messages using Contact Form to DB
  • Limit sending emails from the same user using Limit Attempts

Demo: https://bestwebsoft.com/demo-for-contact-form-pro/?ref=readme

Pricing: The plugin is available for free but you can purchase the premium version as well for a minimum of $30.

10Web Form Maker

10 Web Form Maker is the best free wordpress contact us form plugin for those who are just simply looking for the contact form.

It is a free plugin that allows you to use the drag & drop option to build form, just click away from building your form.

As of now, more than 90K websites are using this form. It has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 750 people.

Key Features:

  • Responsive & Mobile-Friendly
  • Drag & drop
  • 43 Different form fields
  • Easy Embed as Popups, top bars, pages, or scroll boxes
  • Simple templates
  • Fully customizable themes
  • Set automatic email replies
  • Spam protection
  • Multi-page form

Demo: https://demo.10web.io/form-maker/contact-form/ & Admin Demo: Demo Admin

Pricing: Free version is available as a simple form if you want to upgrade then you can do that for at least $30.


Formidable is now used by more than 300K websites stands best with 4.7 ratings from 800 users. They have almost every type of form including the contact us form, suggestion form, referral form, RSVP form, and others. Most of these forms are available for free.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-Friendly Contact Forms
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Visual Styler
  • Import & Export
  • Free Form Templates
  • WCAG Accessibility
  • Easy to Customize
  • Save Everything to the Database

Demo: https://formidableforms.com/free-online-form-builder/

Pricing: If you want to upgrade your plugin then you have to pay at least $39.50 yearly.

Fluent Form

At Moneyforwallet.com we are using Fluent Form on our Contact Us page, when I started the blog I was also got confused about which form I should use because some of the plugins don’t store entries on your site.

I found Fluent Form’s the most accessible form as it is easy to integrate and allows you to check every entry on your website’s dashboard easily.

But the free version has some limitations, you can’t access the following features.

  • No payment options
  • Limited templates
  • Limited form fields
  • Only 5 integrations
  • No file and image upload
  • Multi-page form is premium
  • Missing Range Slider and Net Promoter Score
  • and more.

Demo: https://fluentforms.com/forms/

Pricing: Free forms are an available upgrade for as low as $59/annually

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest plugins and has been installed by more than 5 million sites. But it is not simple to use and a bit complicated for beginners.

The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and so on.

It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from more than 2000 people. Currently, more than 5 million people have installed it on their website.

If you want to try it out then you should check them once as it is absolutely free and simple as well.

Pricing: Absolutely free

WPForms Lite

WPForms Lite is a lite version of WPForms. It has different types of forms like Contact form, make a suggestion form, request a quote form, free setups form, write for us form, and more.

The team behind this plugin is fully dedicated to blogging and wordpress.

The Lite version is available for free from the WordPress plugin directory whereas you can upgrade through their website for the pro or premium version.

More than 5 million active installs with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from more than 10K users.

Key Features:

  • hCaptcha, reCaptcha, anti-spam protection, custom captcha added.
  • Use extensions like Google sheet, dropbox, Zapier, or more.
  • Upload documents like files and images.
  • Responsive design
  • Different payment plugins like Paypal and Stripe
Demo: https://wpforms.com/Pricing: Lite version is available for absolutely free whereas you can get a premium version for $39.50 annually.

Ninja Forms

The Ninja Forms website claims that it is a plugin for beginners, complete beginners. If you are new to WordPress and don’t have much knowledge then you can choose them as it doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

Currently, more than 1 million websites are using this plugin for contact forms use. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 1121 users.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • 27+ field types
  • Regular updates
  • Dedicated support
  • Customizable form templates
  • Fully responsive, SEO, & mobile friendly
  • Beautifully matches your theme’s design decisions
  • Translated in to 16+ languages
  • Easy WordPress GDPR compliance
  • Unlimited forms
  • Customizable email notifications from any form
  • Spam protection including Akismet and Google reCaptcha
  • Export and import forms
  • Shareable public form links
  • Developer friendly
  • and more

Demo: No demo but has 14 days trial if you don’t like then ask for a refund.

Pricing: Free version can be downloaded from the WordPress directory. You have to pay a minimum of $50 for a premium version.

Other Contact Us Forms Plugins

If you didn’t best suitable for you from above list then you may like to try following plugins. They are also best in their own way.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is a paid plugin that will cost you around $59. It is very famous in between big brands and platforms like Unicef, Nike, Airbnb, and more.

It supports more than 120 Add-Ons. Other features like Visual Form Editor, Online Payment Collection, Workflow Automation, Conditional Logic, Conditional Logic, and more.

You can check the demo here.


WordPress security, performance, marketing, and design tools — Jetpack is made by WordPress experts to make WP sites safer and faster, and help you grow your traffic.

It is currently used by more than 5 million with a rating of 3.9 out of 5 from 1200+ members.

Download Jetpack from here.

Quform – WordPress Form Builder

Quform has been purchased by more than 29K people. You can get the plugin from Codecanyon for just $29. Click here to check the demo form.

ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms is one of the best All-In Form plugins. More than 8600 people purchased the plugin which is available for $39 on CodeCanyon.

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Promote Referral Link: Learn Where To Share Your Affiliate Links

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by Justin Su

Joining any making money site is easy and earning depends on the time you dedicated to each site. But if you don’t have enough time to work on these websites then still you can earn money by doing almost nothing.

Yes, you can earn money for doing almost nothing. Referral links or affiliate links are the best way to earn some extra free money.

There are many people who earn money through referral programs. Few of them also generate six-figure income that I will explain to you how you can also earn more.

What Is Referral Program?

Referral programs are the part of any website that allows you to earn money percentage of your referred person. It means if you invited someone who joins the platform and earned some money then you will get some % of their earning.

Referral programs are different from platform to platform. Some sites pay 10% and some pay 20% and some also pay up to 80% or it can be any number.

Each platform has its own rules that every user must follow.

Why You Should Join Referral Programs

At first, referral earnings are free money here you don’t have to spend any money. If you have shared the referral links properly then you can easily earn a six-figure income.

Platforms like exchanges, real estate, e-commerce sites, and product links are high expected referral commission paying platforms.

For example, if you have a referral of 10 people on any exchange and any of your referred friends have exchanged $10K then you can easily earn around $10 to $100 easily.

Also if you have referred more people on any trading platform then you can earn more for free.

Referral commission is long-term income, as you refer someone he will generate revenue till he is working on site.

How I Can Earn More From Referral Programs

Most people ignore sharing referral links as they think no one will join them and it looks spam. Actually, it looks spam if you share links in a spam way. You should not just share links anywhere. You have to choose a suitable place to share links.

To earn more you need to choose high commission sites. For example, there are many PTC sites, some pay 10%, 20%, 30%, and some pay 40%. So here you have to choose the site that pays the highest referral commission.

Also, while selecting high commission sites you should not forget about long-term projects. There are many sites available but not all can survive for long hence try to join only trusted platforms.

Joining New sites can help you more, as not many people are aware of those sites they will like to join at least to check how it works. If you promote the link of any old site then most people are already connected with it hence it’s useless to share.

Where To Promote Referral Link

Following are the best methods and places to share your referral link and earn money. Also do not forget to share this article.

Social Media

Social Media are free marketing platforms. Here you can promote any type of platform as you can find every type of person on Social Media.

The most popular social media platforms to promote referral links are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, and Telegram.

To promote links on Facebook you have to join the groups where people discuss things related to your niche. Once you get in those groups try to involve in those groups and share your links in that way that people don’t call you a scam or kick you out from groups.

Just don’t share try to attract towards your post and allow them to talk.

You can also find many people are asking questions related to your niche so you try to talk with them and share the referral link with them. In this way, you can easily get few referrals daily.

Also, if you become a member of the group for a long time then try to introduce new sites with your referral link and without a referral link.

Promote Links on Forum

You have to find a forum that has many active members so you can easily promote links. Forums like BeerMoneyForum are the best way to promote earning money sites links.

Forum users like more to discuss with each other more and try to explore new sites. Sharing information about the site with your referral link can bring free referrals to you.

But you must know that most of the forums don’t like users when they share referral links. So in this case you can ask users if they want to join you with your referral link or not. You will definitely get some referrals.

Add Links To Your Profile

Adding referral links to your public profile can attract more people. For example when you add links to your profile and post a comment somewhere then people may like to visit the link from your profile.

Suppose you adding a referral link to your Telegram profile and joined some groups and there you posted comments and interacted with group members then some of those group members will visit your profile and a few of them will surely visit the link.

Reward Your Referrals

This is the surprising method that I got to know. Last year I saw someone who used this method and got more than 1200 referrals within a few months.

Surprisingly most of those referrals are active members.

What he did is that, posted in a forum where he said that he will share 100% of what he has earned from referrals with referrals. He trustly shared 100% of his referral commission with his referrals.

So how he got profit from it? Actually, he puts the limit on sharing commission, he said he will share income for the next 6 months only and after that, he will share only 50% of his earned commission.

Now suppose, those 1200 members earned 5000 USD in the last 30 days, and the site gives 20% referral commission then the person has received 1000 USD in commission, he used to share his 100% commission with his referrals for the next 6 months. In this way, he didn’t make any profit but after 6 months he is earning 500 USD without doing anything.

Not only that he may have increased the number of referrals many times and earning as well.

Advertise To Promote Referral Link

If you got some money and knowledge regarding advertising then you must promote referral links through advertising networks and platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

You need to have knowledge of keywords, targeting the audience, setting the price, and all those things that are related to advertising so you can easily add your referral link and promote it on networks it will bring real traffic to your referral link.

But make sure you are getting profit from it sometimes people spend more on advertising and get less traffic or views.

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How To Find Out When A Website Was Last Published & Updated

Last Updated on September 25, 2021 by Justin Su

Knowing when the website was last published or updated is all about fun. It helps visitors and developers in both ways.

Visitors can get to know when the last website updated which tells them that the information provided on the website is up to date or not.

And the blog owner can understand when he or she updated his article last. It helps them to update their article or web page accordingly.

For example, if you visit any article on moneyforwallet.com suppose the article is “https://moneyforwallet.com/kissanime-alternatives-watch-anime-online-in-kissanime-alternative-sites/”, here you can see two dates below the title.

The first date is about when an article was published and the second date is showing when the article was last updated. I am using the plugin to show the last updated dates and published dates are used for default.

But how to find when the website was last updated? Here we are going to check using different methods.

5 Ways To Find Out Website Last Updated

There are few websites where you can check the website was last updated. But most of these date checker websites are not accurate.

Use Sitemap

A sitemap is being used by almost all websites. You can find a sitemap example here at moneyforwallet.com also (https://moneyforwallet.com/sitemap.xml).

Sitemap XML is used by bloggers to let google know about their websites. It contains links to all website pages in a structural format.

It contains the date also, which shows when the link was updates exactly. So search engines can update them in search results.

To check the last updated date visit the website XML sitemap page for example if you want to check the last updated dates of moneyforwallet then visit https://moneyforwallet.com/sitemap.xml here you can find dates and timestamps.

By Using HTTP Header Checker

If you are a blogger or want to become a blogger then you must know what is HTTP and how actually it works.

I don’t mean it is mandatory for bloggers to know about HTTP but you should have knowledge of it. HTTP is used to send and receive data, do a google for more details.

There is a tool I used is WebNots to check website details. Here is a link for direct visit https://www.webnots.com/seo-tools/http-header-checker.

Check Through Source Code

Do you know you can check the code of any page of any website (almost all)? Yes, you can and you can get to know last updates or published dates.

If you are using Google Chrome then click CTRL+U. It will show you a new tab that has source code. Now click CTRL+F and search for “update” or “modify”.

The result will show you when the website was last updated or modified.

Use Google Search

Google search can be used to check when a website was last updated. Go google and enter your domain in the following format “inurl:moneyforwallet.com/” (change domain name). Then click on URL Bar and put &as_qdr=y15 next to your domain name and click enter. For example “https://www.google.com/search?q=inurl%3Amoneyforwallet.com&as_qdr=y15&sxsrf=………..”

Scroll down on the search page and you can find the last updated dates under every URL.

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Google Cache Checker

There are some online tools that claim to be the best Google Cache checker but most of them are not working properly ATM.

If these tools are not working then nothing to worry about you can check the last update using Google Cache itself manually.

Go to Google and search for the domain you want to know about. In the search result, you can find 3 dots next to the domain names. Click on that 3 dots and a pop-up will be open where you can find an option of Cached, just click on that, and new you can find a cached version here.

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10 Best Free Logo Maker: Create Own Logo Within A Minute

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by Justin Su

Designing a logo is an important part of any business and website. If you hire any pro designer to make a logo for you then it will cost you around $50 to $500 or maybe more.

Most of the time project with a small budget doesn’t go for paid logo maker they usually go with a free logo maker.

There are many paid and free logo makers on the internet and each of them has its unique designs and features. Even, MoneyForWallet.com has used a free logo maker to create logos for the Moneyforwallet.com site.

Who Should Not Use Free Logo Makers and Why?

If you are a blogger, marketing expert, tea, businessman, or project owner then you should not use them at first.


Because you are not alone here to find free logo makers, right?

There are thousands of people using these sites daily and believe me it looks odd when you and many others are using the same logo with bit differences.

There is a problem with copyrights, if you are a small influencer then no one will sue you but if your competitor is already using the same logo such you are, and if you start growing then your competitor can sue you. In this case, you can’t do anything.

That’s why it is recommended to hire a freelancer who can create a unique logo for you.

Who Should Use Free Logo Makers

Anyone who is running a small business can use the free logo generators.

There is no problem when you are not noticeable once your website or business becomes popular you can afford to hire freelancers to create logos for you.

Competitors are always trying to pull you down so that they can sit on top.

10 Best Free Logo Maker

Logos can be considered as a first impression also of any brand or website. Hence making an awesome logo should be a priority of yours. On Google, you may find a huge list of Free Logo Makers but here I am going to show you only the top 10 best free logo makers.


Don’t get surprised. It allows you to create a free logo within 5 minutes.

Namecheap is one of the best hosting service providers but it has started allowing its users to make logos for free. Namecheap’s logo maker tool allows you to create free logos with endless templates.

It is an AI-based logo maker that works automatically and you just need to choose a variety of fonts, icons, and colors that you feel will best represent your brand.

You don’t need to register on their website in order to make free logos or to download the logos.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo maker and they are purely logo makers only. Just visit their website and enter your title & tagline.

It will bring you to a new page where you have to select your category. Next, you have to enter your industry and a small description about your website or product so AI can create a better-designed logo for you.

You can choose the type of logo you want Icon based, Text-based, or Initial based and you can skip this option as well.

It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to create a logo with Tailor Brands.  After generating logos for you it will ask you to register in order to view and download your logo.

Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesign was founded in the year 2015 and till now it is used by people from almost every country. As per the website, more than 2 million logos are created.

You can create a logo within a few minutes and it allows you to add text, logo, shape, and icon. It is not an automated tool hence you can do your creativity easily.

It has more than 2000 templates to choose from. If you don’t know where to start then you can use their logo idea tool to understand how you can create a logo for free using FreeLogoDesign.


Looka was previously known as LogoJoy, it was launched or founded by Dawson Whitfield in 2016. Till now it served in more than 180 countries to more than 5 million people and generated 5 billion logos.

The working style is very similar to Trailor Brand but you may find differences between them easily. It is always best to try more than one platform to get more outputs.

Smashing Logo

You can create a logo with SmashingLogo within a minute. Here you just need to enter your title and slogan and you can find that logos are generated.

You can either edit them, add new ones, or download them. I really like their preview feature which shows you many examples of your logo with just one click.

The logo package you will receive with print-ready files, social media kits, branding guidelines, and different logo animations.


Canva? Didn’t heard about them yet? Not possible.

Canva was founded in 2013 and has generated more than 5 billion designs till now in more than 190 countries.

Either you are a blogger, vlogger, business, marketing expert, or doing anything digital promotions you may find your needs on Canva, free or paid.

The only thing I don’t like about them is that their free bag is very small and paid bags are full & big as well.


Wix is famous for website creation but most people don’t know that Wix also has a free logo maker feature as well.

It is as simple as using Tinder, you just need to enter few details like title and see different designs which you can add to your list by doing like or dislike.

You can either create a free logo by yourself or can hire a logo maker freelancer.


Fiverr is not free but it will not cost you more too. You can find a logo maker freelancer for just $5.

To find a freelancer just type “Logo” in the Fiverr’s widget that you can find below the search option here on moneyforwallet.com.

I always suggest Fiverr for any small-level digital marketing needs.

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Design Hill

DesignHill’s free logo maker is AI-powered that you can use to generate logos from more than 100 templates. They are very easy to generate free logos with a limited number of templates.

To be honest their free logos are not much attractive in comparison to paid templates.

Giving them a try is not a bad idea as they have millions of active and happy customers worldwide.


If you are looking for simply designed logos then LogoGenie is best for you. LogoGenie has more than 1000 self-claimed premium templates.

You can customize your logo in just a few clicks with their easy-to-use logo generator and they mentioned that all the designs are made on their own.


PlaceIt is owned by Envato. It is very easy to create the logo, you just need to enter your title and tagline if you want. You can find the list of logos created already.

PlaceIt allows you to edit those logos, you can change icons, text, color, and place.


OnlineLogoMaker allows you to edit your logo as you want. You can easily move icons, change icons, change & move texts, in short, you can easily manage your logo as you want.

There is no need to register in order to download your logos.

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5 Best Textsheet Alternatives: What Happened To Textsheet?

Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Justin Su

Textsheet was the most popular website to find out answers to your questions, homework, or assignments. But it is now not available.

Is textsheet down? Yes, it is.

Students do love to use Textsheet and other similar websites. Textsheet is gone LitAnswers is also gone but why they are gone? Because of copyright issues. Chegg filed DMCA copyright notice against all those platforms that use their content including Textsheet.

The link to the official Textsheet site is textsheet com.

Sites are gone but alternatives are born now. There are many alternatives available on the internet. In this post, we are going to check out the top 5 best Textsheet Alternatives.

TextSheet Alternatives

Slader to Quizlet

Slader is now known as Quizlet. If you are a student and looking for solved solutions then Quizlet is the best place to find solutions.

The subjects that they covered are Maths Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Biology, and History (World, European, Spanish, & US).

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There are two versions, one is free and definitely, another one is paid. The free version comes with ads and a paid membership doesn’t show any ads.


StudyLib has more than 363K registered students or learners. You can find answers to almost all subjects from school or college anywhere.

You can view and create your own flashcards for simple working with your study. These flashcards are customizable as well.


Are you looking for assignments, projects, study research papers, and other answers or queries then PaperHelp is the best Textsheet alternative?

You can also make money online with PaperHelp by joining their quiz tasks. But this platform is not free.


Skooli is just another tutoring site that is the best place to find answers to your questions. With Skooli’s pricing options, choose to pay-as-you-go for a set fee (no extra commitments!), or save with a pre-purchased tutoring plan.

Skooli and other above mentioned is the websites like textsheet. Below is the price list of Skooli.
Plans Per Minute Hours Total Savings
Starter $0.82 Pay as You Go $0.00 $0.00
Genius $0.73 8 hours $352 $40
Einstein $0.65 32 hours $1,248 $326



Qanda – Doubts? Solved! Instantly. You are a mobile device user? Then Qanda is available for you. They already have more than 36 million downloads from all over the world. 2.4+ problems are solved at Qanda by more than 80K teachers.

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Lit Answers Failed: Next Top 4 Best Lit Answers Alternative

Last Updated on August 21, 2021 by Justin Su

LitAnswers was the best place to get Chegg answers but as of now, we know Lit Answers is gone. Their website is not working anymore and no hope that they will come back.

There are similar sites open on the name of LitAnswers but all of them are fake. The original domain of the LitAnswers site was Liteanswers.org and currently, there are sites with a similar name that ending with .net or .in.

Want to know what happened to Lit Answers? Here you can find the article on LitAnswers closure.

Without wasting any time let’s check out the list of best Lit Answers Alternative.

4 Best Lit Answers Alternative

On the internet, you can find many websites that claim that they are the best LitAnswers alternative but all of them can’t be, right? That’s why here we have chosen 4 of them.


SparkNotes can be the best place to find answers of all time either your questions are from history or maths or physics. The Spark has owned SparkNotes, which was started by Harvard Student Sma Yagan, Max Krohn, Chris Coyne in 1999.

They also have a mobile app that is downloaded by more than 150K people worldwide but the main drawback about them is that their app was last updated in 2018.


CrazyForStudy claims to be the search engine for academic students. You can find more than 50 million textbooks on CFS. The subjects they focus on are Finance, Marketing, Biology, Accounts, Social Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics.

Students can get access to all Q and A posted on-site and also can ask 50 homework questions directly to an expert professor each month.

They are best but not free it will cost you $7 every month.

Slader to Quizlet

Slader is now known as Quizlet. If you are a student and looking for solved solutions then Quizlet is the best place to find solutions.

The subjects that they covered are Maths Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Biology, and History (World, European, Spanish, & US).


CourseHero is one of the best Lit Answers alternatives. It has more than 60 million study-specific courses. They are more specifically available for those students who are looking for help in their homework assignments and solutions to textbook questions.

If you have a question and looking for the solution then ask your question on CourseHero and you will get the solution within 15 minutes on average.

Their apps are available on Play Store and App Store. More than 500K downloads alone on Play Store.

You can access the platform for free or can subscribe for $9.95 per month. For plans visit their website and search for plans.

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Cheap Hobbies For Men and Women That You Can Try In 2021

Last Updated on July 24, 2021 by Justin Su

For some hobbies are for just fun and for some it is a way of earning money. Here at moneyforwallet.com we have already published many articles on how to make money online but this article is going to be very interesting.

If you have free time and don’t know what you have to do then you must choose or decide the hobby that you can use to live with.

There are lots of things to do in your life and not just to make money. Hence I always suggest going on a walk, tour, or outside to enjoy your life.

Let’s check out the list of cheap hobbies that every man and woman can do at home or outside.

10 Best and Cheap Hobbies

Here are the 10 best and cheap hobbies that you can do and can enjoy yourself.  I always suggest my readers enjoy their life.

Hiking and Walking

To do hiking you don’t need to go far away from your home. You can find many good places to walk around. I believe it is better than a gym.

You can also use cycle if you don’t like to walk much. For hiking, you just need to have good shoes and a bag with proper utensils like water, food, clothes in some places, and other things that you need.


It will cost you an almost nil amount of money. You just need a book and a good mindset.

Reading books can help you in many ways. But you need a good environment for reading books. You can’t just go to the bar and read books, right?

Places like gardens, libraries, beaches, or somewhere where no one can disturb you. If you are the digital type of person then you may love audiobooks.

Become A Wikipedia Editor

Helping others is equals to helping the world.

Wikipedia is a place where people visit to read and know things online. You can find almost everything on Wikipedia to learn from.

Wikipedia becomes controversial in the last few years but still, it is the best place to gain knowledge for individuals.

Anyone can become an editor on Wikipedia but you must be good with grammar and your language. You will love to spend time editing wrong or misinformative posts on Wikipedia.


Love to write things?

On your favorite topic?

Then you should start writing an article.

There are many platforms where you can share your views like Medium or your own website. If people find your article valuable then they will share and you will make fortune from it.

Writing articles also helps you to make money online. Here is the article published on how to make money to write articles.

Do Yoga and Exercise

You can make yoga and exercise your hobby. These are the best home hobbies that everyone should follow.

You know that Yoga and exercise help you to maintain health and focus. Spending 1 to 2 hours is really worth it. It is one of my cheap hobbies to do.

You can also record your videos and upload them on Youtube and can start your own online class if you are good at Yoga or Exercise.

Treasurer Hunter

You can become a treasurer hunter and hunts things. Definitely, we are not talking about gold.

GeoCaching is one of the apps where you can find treasures to hunt. Already millions of people have already installed the app and used the app to hunt treasures.

It is available in the USA only and only in limited states only. You can find more treasures near New York.


If you love to do hiking then you will love camping as well.

But camping needs a partner to make your time more fun. You may get bored alone but with a partner, you will enjoy camping.

You just need to purchase a tent which will cost you around $30 to $50  and sleeping bags. Yes, you need food and a water bottle as well.

For safety, you may need a stick and one lighter for light.

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People Per Hour Test Answers for Ready Badge [For 2021]

Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Justin Su

People Per Hour is one of the best platforms to become a freelancer and get freelancing jobs. There are already more than 100K active freelancers who are making money online through PPH.

If you want more attention from the hirer then you need to make your profile more strong. This can be get done by getting Badges on PPH.

Earning badges is not easy, for that you have to pass the test. Once you complete the test for a specific badge you will get that badge on your profile.

Click here to visit the PPH website.

This badge helps freelancers to gain popularity and profile looks more suitable.

Here I am going to share People Per Hour Test Answers for Ready Badge as mentioned in the title itself. These are updated answers for the year 2021.

Note: These answers are shared for educational purposes only, we do not intend to break any TOS, privacy, or policy of any platform. If you have any problem with content published here then let us know by contacting us.

Updated People Per Hour Test Answers

Keep in mind answers are in a BOLD mark. Do not forget to share the article if you like this.

1. When working with a buyer, what is the maximum amount of time they should wait for a response?

  1. a day
  2. 2 days
  3. a week
  4.  an hour

2. If a buyer is not giving clear instructions you should…

  1. seek clarification
  2. request more deposit
  3. do what you think is right
  4. request invoice payment

3. You should request full payment of an invoice…

  1. before you begin the work
  2. before you finish the work
  3. if you don’t understand the job
  4. on delivery of the work

4. When you deliver the work to your buyer, who owns that work?

  1. you
  2. the buyer even if they don’t pay
  3. the buyer once they pay
  4. someone else

5. If a buyer requests a refund, and you have not begun work you should…

  1. start work and invoice them later
  2. offer to do something else for them
  3. offer a refund
  4. ignore the buyer

6. If a buyer asks to take the project and payment off platform you should…

  1. report the buyer
  2. do what the customer requests
  3. ignore the buyer
  4. refuse but not report the buyer

7. If a buyer was difficult to work with should you…

  1. give them a good review anyway
  2. give them no review
  3.  give them a bad review
  4. give them a fair review

8. If a buyer asks you to infringe another companies T&Cs, e.g. Buying Social Media likes you should…

  1. decline the job
  2. report the buyer
  3. accept the job
  4. ask for more money

9. What is 640 multiplied by an eighth?

  1. 40
  2. 60
  3. 80
  4. 100

10. What is 27 minus 54?

  1. 27
  2. 0
  3. 27
  4. – 54

11. What is a negative number multiplied by a negative number?

  1. zero
  2. positive
  3. negative
  4. infinitive

12. What is a sixteenth multiplied by a quarter?

  1. 0.64
  2. 0.016
  3. 0.04
  4. 0.125

13. If VAT is 20%, and an invoice inclusive of VAT is £100, what is the price of the invoice before adding VAT?

  1. 81
  2. 83
  3. 85
  4. 88

14. What is the volume of a shape (expressed in m3) that is 2m x 3m x 2.5m?

  1. 15
  2. 14
  3. 16.5
  4. 18

15. What is the cube root of 64?

  1. 2
  2.  3
  3.  4
  4. 5

16. What is the formula for the area of a circle with radius 1m (expressed in m2)?

  1.  Pi x 2
  2. Pi x 1 x 1
  3. Pi x 0.5
  4. Pi squared

17. If you complete 5 projects on PeoplePerHour and charge the following amounts: £110, £80, £250, £98 and £105 – what is your average (mean) job value?

  1.  £134.40
  2.  £116.20
  3.  £140.80
  4. £128.60

18. What is ‘x’ if 2x – 5 = 99?

  1.  5
  2. 29
  3. 47
  4. 52

19. Some media reports say the crisis ________________ the company £1m a day.

  1. is be costing
  2. could be costing
  3. has been costed
  4. could have costing

20. Susie was tired, she didn’t want to ____________ school.

  1. went to
  2. go at
  3. went at
  4. go to

21. I learned the value of hard work _________________ hard

  1. by always worked
  2. working very of
  3. by working very
  4. by very working

22. ______________________________________ ? There are one hundred!

  1. How much years are there in a century?
  2. How many years are they in a century?
  3. How many years are there in a century?
  4. How many are there years in a century?

23. The best comfort food __________________ greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.

  1. is being of
  2. is always be
  3. be always
  4. will always be

24. Whose shoes are they?

  1. They hers shoes
  2. There her shoes
  3. They’re her shoes
  4. Those hers shoes


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How To Start A Video Blog: Know How To Become A Video Blogger

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by Justin Su

Want to know how to start a video blog site? Or how to become a video blogger? Then you are at the right place.

Today in this article I will teach you how you can start a video blog site. Some of you might aware of video blog sites but some of you may not.

I am sure you will get to learn some new things.

First, start with some basics.

What Does Mean By Video Blogs?

We have heard of bloggers and bloggers, right? But what is a video blogger or video blog?

A video blog is nothing more than a mixup of blog site plus video.

The site where the author adds his video instead of content. The author just enters the title and meta of the article and the embedded video links.

This helps bloggers to get views on blog sites plus videos as well. If the video is on Youtube and the channel is monetized then it can generate revenue as well.

How To Start A Video Blog

It is as simple as starting a WordPress blog website, if you don’t know how to start a blog then read this article.

You need to start a blog site for which you need a domain and hosting, you can choose one from the best hosting provider list.

After that you have to install WordPress, if you don’t know how to do that then do Google for this.

Once you have installed WordPress you have to install the theme for your blog, there are many themes available on the internet which are easy and free to install.

After installing the theme you have to set up your blog site by installing plugins, customizing spaces, add buttons or anything else that you want to do.

Now you can publish your article, but while publishing an article you have to remember that you are working on a blog that is based on videos, not on an article blog.

So here you have to add proper title tag that can catch visitor’s eyes all you have to add a proper description for adding description you can use plugins like Yoast SEO.

Now you can create a video on youtube or any other platform, for now, youtube is the best platform, and then add the embedded link to your site.

This is called the video blog site.

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How To Use YouTube For Blogging and Start A Blog on YouTube

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by Justin Su

If you are a blogger or want to start a blog on YouTube, you are at the right place. In this article, I will guide you on how you can use Youtube to improve your blogging journey.

Youtube is one of the most famous videos serving platforms, where anyone can upload their videos and can earn money from views or clicks on their video.

More than 5 billion videos are watched daily on YT and there are 2 billion active users each month.

Many Bloggers are using Youtube to get views on their blog or they are using both to increase engagement plus views on Youtube and blog as well.

I know everyone knows about it already if you don’t then you should use Google first to know about YT. And most of you know that you can make money from Youtube if you don’t then read this article on how to make money from YouTube.

How To Use Youtube for Blogging?

Bloggers are using YouTube to gain traffic to their website and YouTubers are using blog sites to gain subscribers and viewers.

Do you know how?

You may have seen this but didn’t catch that. Let me explain to you.

From the Bloggers side,

Bloggers with huge traffic, assume 100,000 views each month, those bloggers who are getting organic traffic start creating videos for their article so visitors can read the article or watch the video.

Sometimes visitors like to watch the video or listen to audio rather than reading an article.

So if the blogger has 100K views each month and if 5K visitors watched the video and 1-2K visitors subscribe each month then the blogger will slowly increase his YouTube channel as well.

In this way, bloggers will start making money from the Blog site and Youtube as well.

In the same way, Youtubers do optimize their youtube videos to get traffic to their blogs.

Let’s check out how it happens.

Suppose a Youtuber has 200K views on his video then he will create a blog site that has an article related to your Youtube channel.

After having a blog you have to publish an article that is related to your video and while uploading a video you can add the link of your article in the description box or the comment box.

In this way, viewers will click on the link and read the article as well.

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What Is The Benefit of Using YouTube and Blog Site Combine?

Definitely, the first benefit of using Youtube as a blog is that you can get free traffic to your blog. And indirectly you can earn money from it as well.

Following are the benefit;

  • Free views
  • Revenue generating
  • More exposure
  • Blog growth

Conclusion: It is a really good idea to use a youtube channel for your blog. It helps you to generate revenue plus traffic to your site and channel as well. This article on how to start a blog on youtube will help you to understand more about it.

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