GameStop CEO George Sherman lost out on nearly $100 million in stock awards after underperforming

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GameStop CEO George Sherman has forfeited around $100 million worth of stock.

  • GameStop CEO George Sherman forfeited $98 million of stock after underperforming.
  • Merchandising chief Chris Homeister also gave up $20 million of stock.
  • Activist investor Ryan Cohen is overhauling the company’s board and strategy.
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GameStop CEO George Sherman lost out on nearly $100 million of stock this week after failing to meet his performance targets, a SEC filing revealed on Wednesday.

Sherman forfeited roughly 587,000 shares, worth $98 million at GameStop’s closing stock price of $167 on Wednesday. He was granted the restricted shares as an incentive in April 2019, shortly after he was appointed CEO.

The shares were worth as little as $10 million at the start of this year, but would have fetched $284 million during the Reddit-fueled short squeeze in January. That wide range of value underscores how much GameStop’s stock price has whipsawed this year.

Sherman still boasts 1.8 million shares in total, worth $295 million as of Wednesday’s close.

GameStop’s chief merchandising officer, Chris Homeister, also forfeited 119,000 shares this week after underperforming, another SEC filing shows. Those shares were worth almost $20 million as of Wednesday’s close. Homeister still lays claim to 388,000 shares, worth $84 million at the last count.

Sherman, who only joined the company two years ago, could be out of a job soon. GameStop is hunting for a new CEO as it prepares to revamp its business and focus more on e-commerce, Reuters reported this week. Chewy cofounder Ryan Cohen, an activist investor who took a stake in the video-games retailer last fall, has overhauled its board of directors and looks set to become its chairman this summer.

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