The 13 coziest pairs of slippers we’ve tested

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Best slippers for women 4x3
  • If you’re working from home, your go-to pair of shoes are now most likely your slippers.
  • While slippers come in all shapes and sizes, yours should make your feet feel cozy and cushioned.
  • We’ve put together a list of 13 pairs of slippers that we’ve found to be most reliable.
  • If you’re looking for men’s sizing, check out our guide to the best men’s slippers.

The ongoing pandemic has changed many of our work uniforms in a big way. Many have traded in their loafers, flats, and heels for a pair of slippers that fit much better with this new lifestyle. But choosing the right pair is important. They’re meant to be comfortable, after all.

Of course material is essential to maximum comfort for your feet, but so is the design. Do your feet feel supported as you sit at your desk, move around the kitchen, and go about your other daily tasks? We’re here to help you choose by spotlighting 13 pairs of slippers that tick off all of our boxes.

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The best moccasin slippers

Best slippers for women Best moccasin slippers 4x3

L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins

Best slippers for women L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins 4x3

Product Card (small)

For many people, “slipper” is synonymous with shearling-lined, suede moccasins like the Wicked Good Moccasins from L.L.Bean.

Sizing options: 5-11

I got these slippers a few Christmases ago, and they’re just the best for keeping my feet nice and toasty in the winter. They’re shearling-lined, so they’re perfectly cozy to wear with or without socks, and they’ve held their shape nicely after plenty of indoor wear. The laces often come undone, but that’s about the only flaw I can come up with for them. They’re affordable at $79 (you can get them even cheaper during sales), they’re durable, and the women’s version comes in seven great colors and two widths. I’ve got the Neutral shade and my size 8 fits true to size. Ellen Hoffman, executive editor

J.Crew Suede faux-shearling moccasin slippers

Best slippers for women J.Crew Suede faux shearling moccasin slippers 4x3

Product Card (small)

The poly faux-fur lining of the J.Crew Suede faux-shearling moccasin slippers gives them a fuzzy warmth that lasts. 

Sizing options: 5-12

After trying many different slippers, from slip-ons to fuzzy cloud-like ones, these have quickly become my favorite. They’re easy to slip on, and they have great grip so I never slip and slide when walking on tile or hardwood floors. The fuzzy lining keeps my toes warm and has stayed soft, even after wearing these slippers every day for a month. They fit very true to size and are an absolute steal for the price. Paige DiFiore, lifestyle and entertainment editor for Insider Life

UpWest Fireside Slipper

Best slippers for women UpWest Fireside Slipper 4x3

Product Card (small)

The UpWest Fireside Slipper stands out with its ability to be worn outdoors along with its thoughtful, hand-stitched details.  

Sizing options: 6-10

I got these slippers and a new puppy around the same time, and I was sure she’d eventually rip them to shreds. But they’ve held up to her fascination with the sturdy ties and shearling lining. Plus, they have a rubber sole, so I can wear them for quick trips outside during potty training. Bartie Scott, small business editor 

The best slip-on slippers

Best slippers for women Best slip on slippers 4x3

Ugg Tasman Slippers

Best slippers for women Ugg Tasman Slipper 4x3

Product Card (small)

With a plush interior and a lightweight, durable outsole, the Ugg Tasman Slippers are a comfy choice you won’t regret wearing outside.

Sizing options: 5-12

While Ugg has a lot of slipper options, I love the Tasmans for their versatility. The brand’s proprietary wool insole is seriously plush — it feels like you’re always standing on top of a luxurious rug. This pair also comes with a particularly durable yet lightweight outsole, making them a great choice for wearing outdoors. Because they’re slip-ons and keep your whole foot covered, these are ideal for just throwing on with a pair of jeans or leggings when you’re in a rush to get out of the house. The color offerings include chestnut and black, which both match pretty much everything. Remi Rosmarin, former commerce reporter

Everlane The ReNew Slippers

Best slippers for women Everlane The ReNew Slipper 4x3

Product Card (small)

Cozy without being overly warm, Everlane’s The ReNew Slipper is perfect for folks who typically don’t love a slipper.

Sizing options: 5-11

For the longest time, I was a socks-only person. But Everlane’s The ReNew Slipper has turned me into a slipper person, a feat I didn’t think possible. Unlike most indoor footwear, the ReNew Slipper isn’t impossibly fuzzy and warm. The lining is made from a low-pile, recycled polyester that feels like a shearling, so it keeps your feet cozy without causing them to sweat. 

The sturdy rubber outsole helps to support my feet and the nylon outer fabric is also clutch. It’s easy to spot-clean, so should your morning coffee splash on your feet, you won’t be left with a stain. The ReNew Slippers are the coziest slippers I’ve ever worn. And the chic, quilted pattern on the exterior makes them look chic, not hokey. The one drawback? The trim isn’t elastic, so if you have a high instep, it might be a little tight at first. It took me a day of wear to break them in, and now they’re super comfortable. Maria Del Russo, style and beauty guides editor

Ugg Coquette Slippers

Best slippers for women Ugg Coquette Slipper 4x3

Product Card (small, Preferred: Zappos)

Versatility shines through with the Ugg Coquette Slippers, which can be worn both indoors and outdoors thanks to the Treadlite by Ugg outsole. 

Sizing options: 5-12

These days, I’m living in two things: Black leggings and Ugg slippers. My fluffy Uggs are the first thing I slide on in the morning, and I wear them right up until the moment I’m climbing into bed. I love how cozy and warm and they are, but I also appreciate how functional the rubber lug sole is. I can wear these to check the mail or grab a package without thinking twice. The shearling lining will wear out eventually, but I don’t mind knowing I’ve gotten my full use out of this pair. Even at $120, the cost-per-wear comes out to basically nothing. Ashley Phillips, style and beauty editor

The best slipper shoes

Best slippers for women Best slipper shoes 4x3

Birkenstock Boston Shearling Suede Leather

Best slippers for women Birkenstock Boston Shearling Suede Leather 4x3

Product Card (small)

Birkenstock’s signature cork footbed gets even comfier with shearling lining in the brand’s Boston Shearling Suede Leather Clogs

Sizing options: 4-12.5; these also come in regular/wide and medium/narrow options 

I was a big Ugg slipper person until the pandemic. I quickly realized that with daily wear, the shearling on the inside wore out so quickly that the slippers became too big to wear comfortably. So I purchased these as a replacement. After five months of wearing them, not only are they still the right size, but they are also warm, comfortable, and not at all worn out. I almost never take them off at this point.Jana Meron, SVP programmatic & data strategy

L.LBean Wicked Good Slippers

Best slippers for women L.L.Bean Wicked Good Slippers 4x3

Product Card (small)

The L.LBean Wicked Good Slippers come up to your ankle to keep your whole foot warm and secure in cold weather.

Sizing options: 5-11

The shearling in these slippers is moisture-wicking, so even though your feet may get a bit sweaty due to the limited breathability of the suede, they will still stay relatively dry. The shearling does get matted over years of wear, losing some of its initial fluffiness, but the integrity of the overall slipper has lasted very well. You can’t slip them on — they require at least one hand to assist you in pulling them over your heel — but they’re not going to fall off your feet as you rush around the house either. The Wicked Good Slippers don’t have a rubber outsole, so they are indoor only. The leather sole isn’t textured, and though I’ve never found them to be slippery, you may want to be careful on tile surfaces. Michelle Ullman, freelance writer

Margaux The Slipper

Best slippers for women The Slipper Ballet Margaux 4x3

Product Card (small)

Margaux’s The Slipper is the cozy sister of the brand’s iconic ballet flats, and adds a touch of chic to your slipper collection. 

Sizing options: 3-13; thanks to the elastic, these can fit a little snug, so you might want to size up.

Given my aversion to slippers, I spent the early part of my time working from home still wearing shoes around the house. It helped me feel a little more put-together. So when I saw The Slipper, which is the perfect ballet flat/slipper hybrid, I was thrilled. They look like Margaux’s ballet flats, complete with the iconic bow above the toes, but are outfitted with a plush sole and Mongolian cashmere. They’re definitely one of the more luxe pairs of slippers I’ve ever worn. But considering they’re some of the only “shoes” I’m wearing these days, I’d say I deserve it. — Maria Del Russo, style and beauty guides editor

The best open-toe slippers

Best slippers for women Best open toe slippers 4x3

Acorn Spa Slide Slippers

Best slippers for women Acorn Spa Slide Slippers 4x3

Product Card (small)

The Acorn Spa Slide Slippers transport you to a spa with their soft terry material and multilayer Cloud Contour footbed. 

Sizing options: S-XL; plus, wide options for each size 

It wasn’t until the pandemic that I realized I needed new slippers that could actually last. I landed on the Acorn Women’s Spa Slide Slippers because they looked cozy — and they had the word “spa” in the name. After having owned a pair for nearly five months now, I can definitely vouch for its comfort and durability. These slippers are made of terry, a fabric you can find at many spas. And unlike other slippers that eventually flatten out and lose their support, this pair has footbeds that hold shape well. Plus, the velcro straps can easily be adjusted if you want a wider, or narrower, fit. I’ve also found the rubber outsoles to be especially sturdy and slip-free, which is handy for when I’m moving around the kitchen or rushing down the stairs. My size small slippers fit me perfectly and I’m a true size 6.Katie Decker-Jacoby, style & beauty reviews fellow

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide

Best slippers for women Ugg Fluff Yeah Slippers 4x3

Product Card (small)

The Instagram-famous Ugg Fluff Yeah Slides actually live up to the hype, thanks to their cozy interior and sturdy rubber sole.

Sizing options: 5-12

Like all Uggs, these are made with soft sheepskin. In fact, the sheepskin covers the entire shoe, save for the elastic back and sturdy rubber platform sole. That elastic back is actually pretty handy for folks who like an open-back slipper but find they slip off. And the open toe and backless silhouette ensure your feet don’t overheat — even with all that sheepskin. My favorite part, though, has to be how supportive they are for my feet. The platform is lightweight but solid, and it makes for slippers that don’t make my feet ache after extended wear. Plus, since the Fluff Yeah are technically slides, they’re more than strong enough to be worn out — even around the corner to the market. Maria Del Russo, style and beauty guides editor

Parlovable Faux Fur Slippers

Best slippers for women Parlovable Faux Fur Slippers 4x3

Product Card (small)

The Parlovable Faux Fur Slippers make your feet feel – and look – like clouds thanks to the faux fur upper, velvet lining, and memory foam cushion.   

Sizing options: 7-10

I struggle with splurging on slippers because I know they won’t last me too long with how often I wear them. This pair from Amazon is the perfect compromise. And thanks to quarantine, they get a lot of usage. It’s a reasonably priced and comfortable buy. They fit me true to size and never slip off my feet. I’ve thrown them in the wash a few times, and it restores the slipper’s fluff. The memory foam lasted me for about five to seven months until I decided to replace them with a new pair, which wasn’t a hard sell considering the price. Jacqueline Saguin, style & beauty reviews fellow

Coface Plush Flip Flop Slippers

Best slippers for women Coface Plush Flip Flop Slippers 4x3

Product Card (small)

Pamper your feet as they sink into the warm and wide toe Coface Plush Flip Flop Slippers.

Sizing options: 5-10

Because there’s a bin in my closet specifically devoted to fuzzy socks of all kinds, I’ve never been much of a slipper person. When I received these for Christmas, however, the game changed — and I’ve been practically living in them. They are my go-to footwear when I hop out of the shower or if I’m lounging around the house. The plush material provides a fluffy mat for your feet with a wide toe for both stability and comfort. I have the hot pink ones (to channel Elle Woods, of course), but they come in a variety of colors and make great gifts for a spa lover or anyone who gravitates toward fleece and fluff (a.k.a. me). And, for less than $20, they are a steal. Victoria Giardina, Buying Guides Fellow

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The 18 best flip flops for men and women in 2021

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Woman wearing Archies Arch-Support Flip-Flops
  • Summer wouldn’t be the same without that magical sound of flip-flops at the beach and pool.
  • These simple sandals come in a variety of styles, including day-to-night options.
  • Some brands offer styles with arch support or massaging footbeds.

The sound of flip-flops flipping and flopping at the beach or pool is one of the quintessential sounds of summer. These simple sandals have a history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The modern version first became popular in the 1950s when they received their onomatopoeic name for the distinctive sound they make, although they also go by a variety of other names including thongs (Australia), slippers (Hawaii), and clam diggers (Texas).

At their simplest, this sandal style features a post that goes in between the first and second toes and often has Y-shaped straps that go around the sides of the feet. With that being said, there are many variations on the basic theme, as you’ll see below.

We’ve included men’s, women’s, and unisex choices, and although anyone can wear any of these, the women’s and men’s selections have limited sizing compared to the unisex options.

Here are the best flip-flops for 2021

OluKai ‘Ohana

OluKai ‘Ohana flip-flops

These are easy wearing sandals good for all-day wear that look great whether running errands, hanging out at the beach, or having a casual dinner out.

When You slide into a pair of OluKai ‘Ohana flip-flops, the footbed feels smooth and pillowy yet with a firmness below the surface. These are easy-wearing sandals that look great whether running errands, hanging out at the beach, or having a casual dinner out. The upper is made from a soft, but sturdy synthetic material that’s lined with a quick-drying jersey, and doesn’t chafe the space between your toes where they touch the nylon post. Over time they conform to the shape of your feet.

OluKai is also a certified B Corporation that meets high ethical and environmental standards and has been giving back to Hawaii, where the company was born in 2006, through its Ama OluKai Foundation, which helps preserve the state’s heritage, culture, and the environment through grants to various non-profits.

Ohana (small)
Vionic Tide II Post Sandal

Vionic Tide II Post Sandal

The Vionic Tide II Post Sandals are good for your feet and look good on them too.

If you’re used to thin, flat flip-flops, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Vionic Tide II Post Sandal. They’re made with a footbed that supports your feet and cradles the arch in a design that’s been proven to alleviate heel pain. It even has a Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. My wife, who owns these sandals, tells me she doesn’t experience any chaffing between her toes even after wearing them all day. The footbed is firm but cushiony and there’s a medium-density EVA midsole that’s good at minimizing shock when you walk, which helps reduce stress on your knees and ankles.

Vionic recommends slowly breaking these sandals if you’re not used to flip-flops with arch support. The outsoles are durable and provide good traction. The Tide IIs come in six colorways and are cute enough to dress up for a casual night out. These are the brand’s most popular styles and with good reason. 

Tide II Post Sandal (small)
Crocs Crocband Flip-Flop

Blue Crocs Crocband Flip-Flop

The Crocband has all the advantages of Crocs’ clogs—shock absorbing, comfortable, water and odor resistant—in a sleek flip-flop with a massaging footbed.

Crocs are known for its clogs, but the Colorado-based company also makes a lot of other footwear — including the Crocband Flip-Flops. They combine the brand’s signature comfort (chefs and school kids love them for a reason) and the breathability, lightness, and sleek look of a sandal.

The Crocband has a massaging footbed, a sporty look with a signature midsole racing stripe. It is made of a proprietary resin called Croslite (the same thing they use for the clogs) that has maximum cushioning, is odor and water-resistant, buoyant, quick-drying, and easy to clean. With a whopping 34 colorways, you should be able to find one that suits you. These only come in full sizes, and we recommend sizing up if you usually wear a half-size. 

Crocband Flip-Flop (small)
Reef Voyage Lux Sandals

Reef Voyage Lux Sandals

Reef’s Voyage Lux flip-flops are beautifully crafted leather flip-flops that are tough enough for whatever outdoor activity you throw at them. 

Reef, the California sandal and surf lifestyle company, always does a fantastic job of combining comfortable footwear that doesn’t require breaking them in with quality craftsmanship. The Voyage Lux men’s sandal is a good example. Unlike some flip-flops I’ve owned, these didn’t give me a blister between my toes and were comfortable from day one. After four years of hard seasonal use, mine are still going strong.

The leather footbed has gotten even softer and developed a nice patina (like an old baseball glove) while the foam midsole is still responsive and cushiony. These flip-flops have a leather upper with a soft molded footbed, an EVA midsole, and a rubber outsole with a thickly ridged sawtooth tread that keeps you steady in slippery conditions. Plus, Reef offers free shipping and returns. 

Voyage Lux Sandals (small)
Everlane ReNew Strappy Sandal

Everlane ReNew Strappy Sandal

Everlane’s ReNew sandal combines the best of a flip-flop with a strappy sandal for an elevated look and a bit of extra support while walking. 

Everlane is a go-to favorite for many reasons, including timeless style over fast fashion trends, relatively transparent sourcing, and a drive to be as sustainable as possible. Their ReNew Strappy Sandal gives you the best of a flip-flop and a strappy sandal. Unlike typical flip-flops, the thong strap extends fully around the ankle with a stretchy back strap that provides a bit of extra support when walking. The footbed is made of recycled polyester and has a cushioned insole, and the recycled rubber outsole will keep you from slipping poolside. These sandals are made in Vietnam. They don’t come in half-sizes so size up if you fall in between sizes. 

ReNew Strappy Sandal (small)
Havaianas Unisex Top Flip-Flops

Orange Havaianas Unisex Top Flip-Flops

Havaianas has been making exceptional flip-flops since 1962 and still makes them out of natural rubber in Brazil.

Havaianas flip-flops have been a part of summer since 1962 when the Brazilian brand first launched the first mass-produced rubber flip-flop. The Top Flip-Flop is an iconic style still produced in Brazil. Because they’re made of natural rubber, they may feel a bit stiffer than foam versions when you first wear them but they’ll quickly become more pliable. The rubber should also keep from compressing over time, unlike foam. These sandals feature wide straps and a cushioned footbed with the brand’s signature textured rice pattern that harks back to these flip-flops origins as they were based on traditional Japanese zori sandals. They come in nine colors, including a bright orange that’s perfect for a summer holiday. 

Unisex Top Flip-Flops (small)
Hari Mari HM x Peter Millar Flip-Flops

Hari Mari HM x Peter Millar Flip-Flops

The Hari Mari HM x Peter Millar Flip-Flops are made from water-resistant full-grain leather and feature firm arch support, memory foam in all the right places, and rubber bottoms with good gripping power on wet areas.

The Hari Mari HM x Peter Millar Flip-Flops are a limited-edition collaboration with North Carolina-based premium sportswear brand Peter Millar, which is known for its craftsmanship and casual elegance. These flip-flops are made from water-resistant, full-grain leather and feature firm arch support, memory foam in all the right places, and rubber bottoms with good gripping power on wet areas. You could consider these “dressy” flip-flops, as in they’d look great with a pair of chinos and a linen button-up shirt or a more casual camp shirt and Bermuda shorts.

They come in three colorways, but the chambray and cognac pair is especially good-looking with its woven linen chambray straps. Hari Mari flip-flops don’t come in half sizes, so size up if you’re between, per the company’s recommendation. You can also feel good about buying from this brand. Hari Mari donates one percent of its profits from every flip-flop sale to its “Flops Fighting Cancer” initiative that assists pediatric cancer patients.

HM x Peter Millar Flip-Flops (small)
Birkenstock Gizeh Patent

Red Birkenstock Gizeh Patent

Think of the Birkenstock Gizeh Patent as minimalist upscale flip-flops that are good for your feet. 

The German brand Birkenstock that’s been around since the 1700s has a well-deserved reputation for being super comfortable, thanks to the sandals’ contoured cork footbeds that conform to the wearer’s feet. While best known for its iconic two-strap sandal, the brand also makes a thong style. The footbeds are lined in soft suede with a springy EVA midsole sandwiched between the suede and the brand’s signature cork layer that offers arch support, a deep heel cup, and a wide toe box. The outsole is also made of EVA and is light but provides good cushioning.

Besides being able to slip into them on like traditional flip-flops, these sandals have buckle closures so you can adjust them for an individualized fit. The backside of the Birko-Flor is lined with soft, breathable fleece that’s gentle on the skin. Zappos offers three color choices, including a shiny bright red. Think of these as minimalist upscale flip-flops that are good for your feet. 

Gizeh Patent (small)
Archies Arch-Support Flip-Flops

Woman wearing Archies Arch-Support Flip-Flops

Archie’s one-piece design prevents the dreaded flip-flop blowout while the design promotes proper foot posture. All this and a decent price tag, too.

Australian footwear brand Archies, which was started by a physiotherapist, has a hugely loyal following thanks to its super comfy flip-flops that come at a reasonable price point of $35. These podiatrist-recommended sandals are made from special closed-cell foam that’s springy, soft, and molds to the feet. The high arch may take a little getting used to, but you’ll soon appreciate it. Unlike many flip-flops, Archies has a one-piece construction that prevents the dreaded blowout when the post pops out of the sole. They don’t come in half-sizes so the company recommends that if you have narrow feet to size down and wide feet to size up. 

Arch-Support Flip-Flops (small)
Freewater Treeline Sport

Freewater Treeline Sport

The Freewater Treeline Sport is a multifunctional sandal that can be worn like a flip-flop or a walking sandal. 

The Treeline Sport takes the flip-flop in an outdoor direction with a multifunctional design that allows you to wear them as flip-flops or as hiking sandals, thanks to a removable ankle strap. There’s also a strap that goes across the top of the foot for added support. These sandals feature a ridged Therm-a-Rest material as the footbed. In the Treeline Sport, these ridges massage your feet and promote airflow and water drainage. The Vibram Eco Tread outsoles are made of 30% recycled content and are good at gripping the ground in wet conditions. Another benefit of buying these sandals is that one percent of Freewater’s net sales go to grassroots projects that provide clean drinking water in developing nations. Size up if you wear a half-size, according to Freewater. 

Treeline Sport (small)
J. Crew Easy Summer Flip-Flops

Gold J. Crew Easy Summer Flip-Flops

WIth a rainbow of colorways and a nice price, the J. Crew Easy Summer Flip-Flops will quickly become your sunny day staple.

Cute, simple but elegant, and priced right, J. Crew’s Easy Summer Flip-Flops pair with whatever you’re wearing, and can easily go from the beach to a casual night out. With eight colors, from metallic gold to brilliant cobalt (a bright blue) you may have trouble deciding which to get. The sole has good traction and the footbed is lightly padded and looks great with shorts, jeans, or a maxi dress. If you wear a half-size, get the next whole size up.

Easy Summer Flip-Flops (small)
Oofos Ooriginal Sandal

Blue Oofos Ooriginal Sandal

Oofos Ooriginal Sandals are like walking on marshmallows and are made to aid your recovery after a brutal workout or a hard day at work. 

The experience of wearing the Oofos Ooriginal Sandal has often been described as “like walking on marshmallows.” They’re soft and ultra-cushiony, thanks to a proprietary foam technology that absorbs 37% more impact than regular foam footwear material. These are billed as recovery sandals, meaning their main function is to relieve tired feet after strenuous activity like running or hiking. This is achieved through the patented footbed design that takes the pressure off the feet, knees, and lower back. They’re also machine washable, have a six-month warranty, and don’t require any break-in period. Oofos don’t come in half sizes so the company recommends sizing up for women and down for men. 

OOriginal Unisex Thong Sandals (small, Preferred: Zappos)
Astral Filipe

Astral Filipe

The Astral Filipe takes you from poolside to mountainside with a removal ankle strap and super-grippy outsoles.

Astral, the North Carolina-based outdoor equipment company, offers a flip-flop that’s built for the outdoors, whether at the beach, on a hike, or cruising around the city. The uppers are made from cushioned synthetic leather and feature a soft, water-wicking knit liner and a cushy nylon webbing toe post. Below, there’s a springy EVA midsole and outstanding outsoles made from G Rubber, the company’s proprietary material, which is super grippy, non-marking, and abrasion-resistant The Filipe comes with removable ankle straps to take you from poolside to mountainside in a jiffy. If you wear a half-size, size up. 

Filipe (small)
Hoka One One Ora Recovery Flip

Hoka One One Ora Recovery Flip

Hoka One One is best known for its “maximalist” super-cushioned running shoes so it makes sense its Ora Recovery Flip also features tons of plush cushioning and design that encourages a smoother gait.

Hoka One One, the French athletic shoe company, is best known for its super-cushioned “maximal” running shoes that have excellent cushioning-to-weight ratios and promote stability. It should come as no surprise that the company’s Ora Recovery Flips also feature an extra thick cushioned midsole, a plush, textured EVA footbed, and a design that encourages a smoother gait. These also have a textile upper that helps wick moisture and an outsole that has great traction. The Ora Flips are extremely light at 4.5 oz per sandal. Like the Oofos, these are designed for post-workout or a hard day at work and help relieve tired feet while promoting recovery. Besides that, they offer them in basic black or two brighter hues: Luminary Green/Blue Tint or Cantaloupe/Fiesta, a pretty pinkish-orange.

Ora Recovery Flip (small)
Revs Lights Massage Flip Flops

Yellow and Blue Revs Lights Massage Flip Flops

Give yourself a massage while you walk with the Revs Lights Massage Flip Flops. 

With its hundreds of massaging rubber nodules on the footbeds, the Revs Light flip-flops aren’t just for chilling poolside, these are meant to stimulate your pressure points for better circulation and to reduce fatigue, among other alleged health benefits. Designed by a Scottish reflexologist, these sandals are also designed to improve your posture and stance. 

The footbed and straps are made of rubber and the outsole of shock-absorbing EVA. Many customers suggest easing into wearing them over time as they can feel unusual when you first put them on. They come in a bunch of fun colorways from metallic to two-tone blue and bright yellow. Since there are no half sizes, it’s recommended you size up.

Lights Massage Flip Flops (small)
Sole Catalina Sport Flip

Sole Catalina Sport Flip

The Sole Catalina Sport Flipis good for your feet and the environment that mold to the shape of your feet and includes a new type of sustainable foam made from algae rather than petroleum.

Sole made its name with its orthotic insoles but the Canadian company also makes a popular line of footwear, including the Catalina Sport Flip, a sandal with the same eco-friendly technology that goes into its insoles. The Catalina sandals mold to your feet after about a week of use for a customized wearing experience. They feature a sustainable Bloom Algae Foam footbed made from algae instead of petroleum, an EVA midsole, and arch support. The upper is made from a nicely padded, soft synthetic nubuck-like material. Plus, they’re water-friendly and have a grippy outsole. Size up if you typically wear a half size.

Catalina Sport Flip (small)
Flojos Olivia Vintage Sandal

Flojos Olivia Vintage Sandal

Flojos Olivia Vintage Sandal is a versatile wedge flip-flop with a 70s feel but modern materials for a comfortable fit. 

Flojos, which started life in Mexico in 1972, is a California sandal brand with a throwback beach vibe and decently priced footwear ranging from $20 to $60. The Olivia Vintage Sandal is a wedge flip-flop with a 70s feel that’s the brand’s most popular style. The 2 ½ inch heel is not too tall, not too short, but definitely gives you a bit of a lift while still being comfortable thanks to the cupped footbed design that cradles the feet and a springy EVA midsole, and a light sponge rubber outsole.

The burnished faux leather straps also give these wedges a vintage feel but they haven’t forgotten the comfort here either as the straps are lined with a soft fabric and the toe post is also softly reinforced. Dress them up with wide-leg pants and a poet’s blouse or down with denim shorts and a T. Per the brand, if you typically wear a half size and have narrow feet, go down to the next whole size. If you wear a half-size and have wide feet, size up.

Olivia Vintage Sandal (small)
Indosole Flip-Flops

Men's Indosole Flip-Flops

Indosole Flip-Flops are eco-conscious with soles made from recycled tires. Beyond that, they come in a range of beautiful colorways, are well made, and very comfortable. 

While not billed as unisex, Indosole’s flip-flops are gender-neutral except for the sizing. Let’s start with one of the major differences between this brand and others on the market. The company uses recycled tires in its products. Tire waste is a huge international environmental problem as they don’t easily decompose and are often burned in developing countries polluting the air, ground, and water.

Indosole, a certified B corporation, came up with a way to break the tires down and reconstitute them for use as sturdy outsoles. The rubber the company uses for the footbed is ethically sourced and the strap is from a custom-made material called ENVRO Fiber that comes from sustainably grown plants and recycled sources. Besides the environmental aspects of these flip-flops, these are well-made, waterproof, non-slip, come in a ton of beautiful colorways, and are very comfortable. 

Men’s Flip-Flops (small)Women’s Flip-Flops (small)

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I tested 10 pairs of men’s rain boots by wading into the Hudson River and walking in the rain – here’s how they stacked up

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Best rain boots - someone wearing rainboots in

  • When getting from point A to point B means sloshing through mud, there’s a rain boot for the job.
  • We’ve gathered together fashionable, utilitarian boots to keep your feet dry in wet weather.
  • Look good and stay dry with these waterproof boots.

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Wet weather may be inevitable, but suffering through it with wet feet in squishy footwear doesn’t have to be. A superior rain boot or a waterproof boot (along with a good raincoat) can turn a dismal day trudging through the rain into, if not a fun experience, at least one that won’t ruin your mood and leave you with damp socks. Beyond that, you don’t have to look like Paddington Bear when you go out in the rain, since there are many fashionable options to suit your personal style while still staying dry.

How I tested rain boots for this guide:

Besides wearing the boots while walking in the rain (the things I do for my job!) I also tested them by wading into the nearby Hudson River until the boots were submerged to the boot’s collar or until water seeped inside (again, the things I do for this job!). For more details on testing, see our explainer slide below.

Here are the best rain boots for men in 2021:

XTRATUF Rubber Deck Boot

Best Rain boots - XTRATUF Rubber Deck Boot

XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boots are completely waterproof, slip resistant, and have a moisture-wicking liner. Trusted by folks in the Alaskan fishing industry, these boots will keep your feet dry in the heaviest rains. 

XTRATUF has been around for more than 60 years and made its reputation among Alaska’s fisheries and docks, earning their Legacy ankle boots the nickname “Alaskan sneakers.” 

The XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boot is made from hand-layered neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber, for a completely waterproof boot (note: these aren’t meant for commercial applications). The only way you’re going to get your feet wet is if the water is deeper than the top of the boot. While testing them during a rainstorm, the water beaded off the surface and my feet stayed completely dry. The outsoles, made from slip-resistant chevron rubber, worked well on muddy surfaces and when scrambling over wet boulders. Because they’re made of neoprene, the boots aren’t as breathable as leather, but they’re lined with a moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial lining called Xpresscool that helps keep your feet cooler on warm days.

The biggest surprise was how comfortable they were. I walked more than five miles in these straight out of the box with no issues. They’re light, around one pound, and feature a front and back pull-on tabs to help get your feet in and out of them. They don’t come in half sizes. I normally wear a 9.5 so sized up to a 10 as recommended by the brand, and they fit well. 

Ankle Deck Boots (small)
REEF Voyage Boot LE

The best rain boots - REEF Voyage LE

The REEF Voyage LE is a waterproof and extremely lightweight boot that has you covered if you’re caught in a rainstorm in the city or traversing a stream on a day hike. 

REEF, the beach brand started by two Argentinian brothers in the 1980s, is best known for its sandals, but the company also makes great boots. 

The REEF Voyage Boot is a chukka style ankle boot that is both stylish and great for wet weather, or the beach when it’s not raining. Made from waterproof full-grain leather, it also has a rubber cupsole—a type of outsole made from a single piece of rubber that’s very flexible—and has good gripping ability in wet conditions. Unlike many of the boots I tested, water doesn’t noticeably bead on the leather’s surface, but it doesn’t penetrate the material deeply, nor does it affect the leather’s color or texture once dried. I found these boots to be fully waterproof both while testing them in a rainstorm and at the river’s edge. Water seeped into the boots where the tongue meets the shaft once I went deeper into the water. If that happens, no worries, these boots dry really fast—about an hour with the cork insoles removed. 

The Voyage boots are very comfortable straight out of the box—I’ve worn them on several 5+ mile excursions with no foot trouble. They’re incredibly lightweight at just 15.4 ounces, but still provide decent ankle and arch support thanks to what the brand calls ‘Swellular Technology,” comprised of three layers: a soft foam deck, a slightly firmer midsole, and the aforementioned rubber outsole. They also have a soft corduroy lining.  

These boots fit true to size. No additional or special care is required to help maintain the boot’s waterproofing, according to a company rep I spoke with, and the brand offers a one-year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. 

Voyage LE (small)
Sperry Saltwater Nylon Duck Boot

Best Rain boots - Men's Saltwater Nylon Duck Boot

Sperry has been making footwear for wet conditions for 90 years and the brand’s Saltwater Nylon Duck Boot marries classic looks with functionality so you can look good and also keep your feet dry.

These are sophisticated enough for running around the city on a rainy day, but are hardcore enough for fishing or other outdoor activities. 

The shaft is made from a waterproof quilted nylon with a tongue that’s attached for its entire length to prevent water from seeping in (known as a bellows tongue or gusseted tongue in footwear terminology). Below, a waterproof rubber shell keeps your feet dry. No water made it into the boots when I walked into the river with them. When I tested them on a very rainy walk, water beaded off the surface and kept my feet completely dry. The lugged rubber outsoles kept me from slipping in muddy conditions. 

I found the Sperry Nylon Duck Boot to be comfortable for long walks, five or more miles. The lining is soft and they fit true to size. Because the boots are partially quilted and the shell is rubber, these may not be suitable for hot summer wear, but are definitely good for spring, fall, and mild winters.

Men’s Saltwater Nylon Duck Boot (small)
Danner Vertigo 917

Vertigo 917 Java

The Danner Vertigo 917 are super lightweight, feature a Gore Tex liner, and are handsome enough for a night out but rugged enough for a day hike. 

Danner, the Oregon-based heritage boot brand, has been keeping feet warm and dry since 1932. The company’s Vertigo 917 Boot goes beyond utilitarian needs (though it provides that too) with an aesthetically handsome style that still keeps your feet dry in the rain. 

The Vertigo 917 has a waterproofed leather upper and features a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex liner that’s breathable, so your feet stay dry whether from water or your own sweat. The lower portion of the tongue has a mesh liner layered over a waterproof membrane attached to the shank to help regulate your temperature and to keep water from seeping in. I found them to have very good traction on wet surfaces. They have a Vibram XS Trek outsole—Vibram is an Italian company that sets the standard for rubber soles with gripping ability—that provides stability and traction. It should be noted that these boots cannot be resoled. 

I’ve taken these on five-mile in-town walks and on longer day hikes. There was a short break-in period—they rubbed at the ankle bone on my first five-mile walk in them—but by the third wear they had become very comfortable. These are flexible and extremely light—35 ounces for the pair—making them great for longer treks. They have a removable OrthoLite Footbed with three layers for maximum cushioning and support. They fit true to size and are nicely designed for easily getting them on and off. 

 A brand rep advised me that the leather’s protective coating will eventually wear off so apply Danner’s Waterproofing Gel when you notice the leather beginning to darken.

Vertigo 917 (small)
Muck Boots Originals Pull On Mid

The best rain boots - Muck Boots Originals Pull On Mid

 The Muck Boots Originals Pull On Mid has you covered in the wettest, muddiest conditions while remaining comfortable. 

The Original Muck Boot Company is the go-to work boots for both farmers and gardeners of all stripes working in muddy, damp, slippery conditions. The company’s Originals Pull On Mid is a workhorse of a boot that will keep your feet dry and comfortable for all-day wear. 

The Originals Pull On Mid is made from hand-layered rubber over a neoprene bootie. I wore these mid-calf-length boots while working in the garden over several days and on a 2.5 mile walk in a heavy rain. When testing them out, water beaded off the surface well and when I waded out into the Hudson, the boots were completely waterproof. The only way water is getting in is if it goes over the top. They provided good traction in muddy conditions. 

The first time I wore them they rubbed against my calf, a problem solved by tucking my pants into the boots. Longer socks would also solve this problem. They were very comfortable—the boots have molded footbeds with a layer of memory foam. The boots were easy to get on and off thanks to the tab at the back. These don’t come in half-sizes, so I opted for the next size up as recommended by the brand. They felt a bit big, so I wore them with thicker socks to fix the problem and they were fine. Because they’re made from rubber, they don’t breathe as well as leather, but I didn’t find them unduly hot while working outside in 70 degree weather. My feet didn’t noticeably sweat in them. The footbeds are both antimicrobial so they don’t stink and moisture wicking to help keep your feet feeling dry. You can get away with four season wear depending on your climate.

Pull On Mid (small)
Dr. Martens Waterproof 1460

Dr. Martens Waterproof 1460s

Look cool and keep your feet dry in the Dr. Martens Waterproof 1460s, which are fully waterproof and incredibly comfortable. 

Bring a little rock-and-roll to your rainy day excursions with the Dr. Martens Waterproof 1460 boots. These boots surprised me twice. The first time was when I took them on a five-mile walk straight out of the box. These are solidly made boots that weigh in at 1.14 ounces each but are remarkably comfortable. They’re amply cushioned at the collar and on the tongue. The soles are also very cushiony. They don’t call them “Air Wair” for nothing (the company’s brand since the 1960s) since the soles are air-cushioned. 

The Waterproof 1460 has the same look as the originals (the logo tab on back, iconic yellow stitching, grooved sidewalls, DMS tread) but also feature “Drywair,” a proprietary waterproof membrane that keeps moisture out but is breathable enough to keep your feet from perspiring. They also have a twin heat-sealed welt and a gusseted tongue that keeps water from seeping in. My second big surprise with these Dr. Martens came when I waded out into the Hudson in them. No water got in. None. The outsoles provided great gripping ability in muddy, slippery conditions. 

Dr. Martens don’t come in half-sizes, so I sized down to a 9 per the company’s advice and they fit perfectly. They only come in black in a waxy, oil-finish called Republic WP. They’re easy to clean too. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth. My only quibble with these boots (a tiny one) was the length of the laces. I’m a double knotter and the shortness of these laces didn’t really allow for this.

Waterproof 1460s (small)
Le Chameau Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot

Le Chameau Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot

The Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot by Le Chameau is a classic Wellington-style rain boot that has thoughtful details for an elevated experience. 

Le Chameau, a French heritage brand, has been keeping the feet of farmers, hunters, and anglers dry and comfortable for nearly 100 years. The Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot is a classic calf-length wellington-style rubber rain boot with a ton of nice details that elevates it above the competition. These boots are handcrafted from the company’s Chamolux rubber that starts with Grade A rubber from Vietnam that’s mixed with some secret ingredients to produce the famously soft, supple and fully waterproof boot material. 

The thoughtful details include a soft polycotton, tartan patterned jersey lining, an adjustable waterproof gusset with snap-fastening buckle for a perfect fit, and shock-absorbing dual-density outsoles with a shank reinforcement board for better stability and arch support. The outsole is abrasion resistant and provides traction on uneven, slippery surfaces. 

The Vierzon is a four-season boot, depending on your climate (they are rated for temperatures down to 0°C and are comfortable for use during warmer months thanks to the quick-drying lining that helps wick away sweat. These boots, like all the company’s products, come with a two-year warranty and free shipping in the U.S.

Vierzon Jersey Lined Boot (small)
Rockport Mid Moc Waterproof Boot

ROCKPORT Men’s Waterproof Mid Moc Boot

The Rockport Mid Moc is good-looking, super comfortable, and fully waterproof, to boot. 

Rockport is known for casual, comfortable footwear that’s made for walking. The Mid Moc Waterproof Boot is true to the brand. Made from a full-grain waterproof leather, they are really comfortable, good-looking, and will keep your feet dry on a rainy-day hike. 

I’ve worn these on in-town walks and day hikes of at least five miles, and from day one I had no foot issues. They have a nicely cushioned collar and tongue, and an EVA footbed that provides good support and helps prevent foot fatigue. They also provide excellent ankle support. 

These are seam sealed, have a gusseted tongue, and a waterproof insole. They kept my feet dry, both while hiking in the rain and during river testing. It should be noted the gusseted tongue only goes up about two-thirds of the way, so water can seep in if the water is deeper than that. The boots also have anti-microbial and moisture-wicking footbeds. The thick rubber outsoles provide good gripping power in slippery conditions. These boots fit true to size.

Mid Moc Waterproof Boot (small)
Huckberry All-Weather Chore Boot

Huckberry All-Weather Chore Boot

The Huckberry All-Weather Chore Boot wears like a sneaker, looks like a cross between a Chelsea boot and a duck boot, and is made from premium materials to keep your feet dry no matter the conditions. 

Huckberry has made its reputation with products that are equal parts cool, innovative, and well-made, so it’s no surprise their All-Weather Chore Boot ticks off all these boxes and more. This is a hybrid between a Chelsea boot and a duck boot with a waterproof full-grain leather upper, rubberized leather rand at the heel, and Vibram outsole that provides traction in slippery conditions. 

The interior has a waterproof lycra membrane that’s breathable so water won’t get in, but sweat will evaporate to help keep feet dry and comfortable. The uppers have sealed seams and are joined using waterproof cement and glue. The rand at the back and toe cap help protect against tears and abrasions.

These fit like a sneaker, with a cushioned insole and EVA midsole that provide great shock absorption. Pull tabs at the back and elastic at the sides (like traditional Chelsea boots) make for easy on and off. These fit true to size.

All-Weather Chore Boot (small)
Brunt Perkins Waterproof Work Boot

Brunt Perkins Waterproof Work Boot

The Brunt Perkins Waterproof Work Boot has a reinforced composite nano toe, will keep you comfortable during long shifts, and dry if caught in the rain. 

Brunt is a new direct-to-consumer brand that’s quickly becoming a goto workwear staple. The Perkins is a tough full-grain leather work boot. Designed for the worksite, it’s got a reinforced composite nano toe and shank (the long thin piece of material in a boot that sits between the insole and outsole and provides support). These are fairly light for reinforced-toe work boots, weighing in at around two pounds each. Traditional steel-toe work boots can be as heavy as 4.5 pounds. The boots have double stitching at key areas that tend to wear faster and durable toe caps and heel guards. The Perkins meet the ASTM International standards for safety toe work boots. This international standards organization provides technical standards for a variety of products and materials. 

The Perkins is also very comfortable. I wore these working in the yard and around the house and walked 2.5 miles in them with no foot issues. There was no break-in time required. The Perkins features a rubber foam midsole, a three-layer removable insole, and extra padding at the collar. 

These boots performed well in normal rain conditions thanks to triple-layer waterproofing. Water beaded off the surface and my feet stayed dry. In the river, no water seeped in via the seams. The boots don’t have a gusseted tongue so water can seep in through there, but these aren’t meant to be used to slog through the Hudson and will definitely keep your feet dry in most situations. They took about 10 hours to dry out inside. The Perkins also have heavy-duty outsoles that prevented me from slipping in muddy (even oily) conditions. They fit true to size and have a cool feature that lets you adjust the boot width from regular (D) to a wider fit (EE).

Perkins Waterproof Work Boot (small)
How I tested rain boots for this guide

I tested these rain boots for comfort, breathability, ease of getting in and out of them, how well they grip in slippery conditions, and, of course, how they stood up against water. I walked and/or hiked in each of them at least twice, sometimes more, for at least 2.5 miles (in most cases twice that distance) at a time during rainstorms. I submerged them in puddles as well as wading out into the Hudson River in them. In the case of the Muck Boots and Brunt Work Boots, I used them while working in my yard and doing chores around the house. 

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The 7 best flip flops for men and women

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Best flip flops 4x3
  • Flip flops are the perfect summer shoe, but they have a reputation for being flimsy and plasticky.
  • The following options are comfortable and stylish enough to wear with casual outfits.
  • Whether you’re shopping for men’s or women’s sizing, these are the best flip flop styles out there.

As far as shoes go, flip flops tend to get a bad wrap. While other shoes can be dressed up and down, flip flops tend to be relegated to casual wear – or to the beach. But that doesn’t mean you should discount these summertime favorites. The right flip flops can elevate your day-to-day wear and keep your feet comfortable in cool in warmer temps.

On the Insider Reviews team, we’ve tested dozens of flip flops, from the most casual options to ones that are slightly more elevated. And these are the best flip flops brands for men and women that we’ve worn. Whether you’re looking for your new beach shoes or in need of some more polished shoes to slip into after dancing all night, there’s a pair for you here. 

Here are the best flip flops in 2021:


Best flip flops Sanuk Women's Sling Flip Flops

The cushioned sole of Sanuk‘s flip flops makes you feel like you’re walking on a yoga mat.

When you do yoga, there’s a moment when you press your hands into the mat during downward dog or sink into child’s pose, and the world melts away. That sense of relief and comfort is in large part due to the mat itself. Yoga mats, though relatively thin, make you feel cushioned and supported even on top of a hardwood floor. Sanuk makes flip flops that mimic that experience.

The footbeds are made of actual yoga mat material. It’s a cool, unique concept that translates well to real-life comfort. The brand’s most popular style for women is the Yoga Sling 2, which has a stylish wrap-around silhouette that is clearly yoga-inspired and makes these art-gallery-owner-chic. While not a true flip flop due to a piece of fabric that secures around the ankle, it still gives you that thong sandal look.

In men’s sizing, there is the cleverly named Beer Cozy Flip Flop. This is more of a traditional flip flop with thick straps, Sanuk’s signature yoga mat footbed, and a curve for additional arch support.


Best flip flops Rainbows Flip Flops

Rainbows have been a favorite flip flop for decades, thanks to their leather exterior and nonslip rubber sole. 

If you’re looking for a flip flop that’s comfortable enough to walk around in for hours, you need to get a pair of Rainbows. Rainbow has been making leather sandals for the whole family for over 40 years with the intention of creating the world’s best sandal.

While different styles have evolved over the years, all pairs are made to look and feel great on your feet and not wear out over time. Rainbows are my favorite sandals by far — they’re extremely comfortable and supportive for a pair of flip flops. There’s a nonslip rubber sole, sturdy leather top, and a sponge rubber midsole. Essentially, what this does is create a fit that molds to your feet over time.

Rainbows come in single-layer and double-layer options. This refers to the layers in the midsole, so the double-layer offers more arch support. Even so, the single-layer sandals are much more supportive than your typical rubber flip flops. 

The leather makes these sandals feel more appropriate for wearing out and about. But be careful with these around water. If you do get them wet, they take a long time to dry, and it could eventually ruin the sandals. 


Best flip flops Havaianas Slides

Colorful and comfortable, Havaianas are a perfect beach flip flop. 

Havaianas are the ideal beach sandal — durable, colorful, and able to withstand rough conditions. Even if they get a little scraped-up and windswept, they’ll still look cool after the fact.

The sandals come in a wide variety of color and style combinations. The most iconic styles — the ones you think of first when you hear the brand name — are probably the Havaianas Women’s Slim Flip Flop and the Men’s Top Flip Flop.

There are a few different iterations of the sandals for men and women. They both have a slightly curved footbed, though some have slim rubber straps while others have thicker straps, and some are stamped with the Havaianas logo.

Havaianas have been my go-to flip flops for years. They’re simple, but comfortable enough to walk in for hours and look good with pretty much everything.


Best flip flops TKEEs

Tkees flip flops are sleek enough to go from the beach to dinner. 

Flip flops are usually reserved for walking along the beach or even wearing in the shower at the gym, but Tkees takes the shoe style to the next level. Tkees makes simple, elegant sandals and flip flops for both adults and kids. 

Tkees are made with leather (some with vegan leather) which gives them a more sophisticated feel than plastic options. The sandals are thin, but have a rubber sole for extra support. Each pair has a soft, cushioned footbed for added comfort. They’re the perfect shoe for when you need something to throw on, but want something that looks better than a rubber flip flop. One of the best parts about Tkees is the inclusive range of nude shades. The Foundation flip flops come in a range of neutrals to match a variety of skin types. 

Generally, they’re very comfortable, but because they’re so thin, they’re best for the beach, pool, or anywhere else where you don’t mind if your feet get a little dirty. Additionally, the thin leather straps can get a little uncomfortable if you’re walking for a long period of time. But, by the same token, they’re very durable because of this construction.

The style and durability of these shoes make them feel worth the price. If you’re looking for an elevated pair, they’re a great option. 

Hari Mari

Best flip flops Hari Mari Flip Flops

Hari Mari makes “boat safe” flip flops that keep you steady-footed when you walk. 

You don’t need to own a boat to enjoy Hari Mari flip flops. “Boat safe” in this case essentially means nonslip, so they’re suitable for just about any slick terrain. These are flip flops for everyone, even people who don’t normally wear flip flops. They’re cute and sporty, but more attractive than your average pair.

What really makes Hari Mari flip flops unique is the memory foam toe, designed to minimize the awful chafing you get from other thong sandals. It’s described by the brand as “a formidable cylinder of memory foam encased in soft nylon to help grip toes, reduce abrasion and do away with painful break-in periods.”

Insider Reviews reporter Amir Ismael recommends the Fields Flip Flop for its “day-long comfort” and arch support. 

Old Navy

Best flip flops Old Navy Classic Flip Flops

Old Navy flip flops are great for people who don’t want to pay a ton for their beach shoes. 

The signature thing about Old Navy flip flops is that they are cheap — not affordable or inexpensive, but cheap. Most pairs are normally $3.99 when not on sale, but they are seemingly always discounted. If you like the look of Havaianas but don’t want to spend a lot of money (especially if they may become sand-logged), check out the Old Navy Classic Flip Flops.

They come in men’s and women’s sizes that look the same aside from minor adjustments to accommodate different foot shapes. Old Navy offers the Classic style in tons of colors, including some fun pastels

Of course, being so cheap, you sacrifice some quality and comfort. Don’t be surprised if you have to replace one each year. But, Insider Reviews Guides Editor Les Shu wears the Old Navy Classic Flips Flops to the gym showers regularly, and finds that they hold up nicely. He does recommend replacing them often if you use them for the gym, to prevent bacteria buildup.


Best flip flops Oofos Sandals

Oofos reinvented the flip flop to make the most comfortable sandals we’ve tried. 

Oofos specifically markets these sandals as recovery shoes for people who need more arch support and impact absorption than others. Many athletes and people with feet problems swear by them.

The special foam is built to absorb even more shock than your average sports shoe. They are formed to fit the curve of your arch, so Oofos’ sandals offer much more support than your average pair of flip flops. They absorb impact and they don’t move up and down as you walk, either.

Even though the sandals are a bit pricey, they are worth it because they will last and last. You can even machine wash or hose them down after a day on the beach to get rid of all the sand they pick up. They may not be the most beautiful sandals you’ll own, but they sure will be the most comfortable.

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