Arizona businesses will be allowed to opt-out and ignore mask orders under law signed by GOP Gov. Doug Ducey

Arizona face mask
Usher Kathy Stock wears a face shield and mask as she waits for fans to enter the MLB spring training game in February in Arizona.

  • Arizona businesses can soon opt out of local orders requiring masks under a new law.
  • The bill was signed into law by GOP Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday.
  • Ducey never instituted a statewide mandate and in March signed an executive order that said localities couldn’t do so, either.
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Businesses in Arizona can soon elect to opt out of any city, county, or state order requiring face masks in their establishments after Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill into law Friday.

Under the law, businesses can still elect to enforce mask mandates for their customers, but they can no longer be compelled to by any city, county, or even state order to do so.

“I am signing this bill, ensuring that our small businesses will no longer be required to enforce mandates imposed on them by their cities who are choosing not to enforce it themselves,” Ducey, a Republican, said Friday, according to a report from Arizona Central.

While Ducey signed the bill Friday, it won’t go into effect until 90 days after the Arizona legislature concludes its session. According to AZ Central, that date is different each year, meaning whether businesses will be at present be required to follow local orders isn’t clear.

While Ducey’s office says a March 26 executive order by the governor made it illegal for localities to enact their own mask mandates, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said later in March counties were still able to enforce mask mandates under a provision of the state’s Emergency Management Code.

Brnovich, also a Republican, said the code’s provision allowing counties to “investigate all nuisances, source of filth and causes of sickness and make regulations necessary for the public health and safety of the inhabitants” supersedes executive orders by the state governor.

According to KAWC, a spokesperson for Ducey said the attorney general’s informal legal opinion on the local public health measures was “inconsequential” because local governments were unable to effectively enforce their mask mandates even when they were “most necessary” earlier during the pandemic.

Ducey never issued a statewide mask order during the pandemic, even though public health experts stressed – and continue to stress – their effectiveness in stemming the spread of COVID-19.

“Our largest cities opted not to enforce their mandates, leaving the responsibility up to local businesses,” Ducey said Friday. “I understand the concern and heartache this caused for many of these businesses.”

According to AZ Central, Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Pima County in the state continue to require face masks in public areas.

Ducey signed the bill into law even though he acknowledged the bill’s language could inadvertently pose challenges for the enforcement of laws that require the wearing of masks in situations unrelated to COVID-19, like when workers handle harmful materials, according to the report.

“Some rational mask requirements that are not related to the spread of COVID-19 may not be enforceable,” the governor said. “The state needs to be able to enforce long-standing workplace safety and infection control standards unrelated to COVID-19.”

The state representative who authored the bill said he would amend the legislation’s language before the end of the current session to fix that portion, the AZ Central reported.

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A private pilot has offered a free round trip to Austin to a family who were booted off a Southwest Airlines flight, after their toddler couldn’t keep his mask on

harvey family
The Harveys were offered a private flight to Austin.

  • A Facebook video shows a family being kicked off a Southwest flight over a mask incident.
  • The family was told to leave when their toddler refused to keep his mask on.
  • A private pilot and old friend learned of the incident and offered them a free flight.
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Earlier this month, a family was ordered to leave a Southwest Airlines flight after their two-year-old could not keep his face mask on.

Now, a Good Samaritan has stepped in to help them reach their intended destination at no extra cost, The New York Post reported.

Erik Harvey, his wife Michelle, and their toddler Jackson were all ready to fly from Denver to Austin on April 1 through Southwest Airlines, Fox News reported.

Aware of the federal regulations for all flight passengers over the age of two, the parents knew their son was required to cover his face for the duration of the flight.

“I practiced with him at least two or three times at the house and every time he threw it off, but I figured that [Southwest] would work with us on the plane because he’s 2,” Michelle Harvey told Fox 7.

When the family boarded the flight, Jackson was wearing his mask. “Everything was going swimmingly … until it wasn’t. That’s when Jackson threw off the mask and “was done wearing it.”

“The flight attendant comes over and she says, ‘Ma’am he’s not wearing his mask, you’re gonna have to leave the plane,'” Erik Harvey said.

James Peck, an old friend and private pilot, spotted a social media video about the family’s experience and decided to offer them a private flight to Austin at no cost, per Fox 7.

“I knew that I could use that as a great excuse to go take a flight and help them out and get them here,” Peck said. He has even offered to fly the Harveys back to Denver after their trip ends.

Acknowledging the selfless deed, Harvey told Fox News: “The miracles will come to you, things will show up, and that Good Samaritan will show up.”

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Sarah Palin says she has ‘bizarre’ COVID-19 symptoms and urges Americans to wear masks

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin speaks during her appearance at Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California on June 26, 2016.

  • Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee, announced she and two of her children contracted COVID-19.
  • Palin urged Americans to wear masks, calling it “better than doing nothing to slow the spread” of the virus.
  • A host of mostly Republican-led states have lifted their statewide pandemic restrictions, including mask mandates.
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Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee, announced on Wednesday that she had been infected with COVID-19 and urged Americans to wear masks, breaking from many of her Republican allies.

“Through it all, I view wearing that cumbersome mask indoors in a crowd as not only allowing the newfound luxury of being incognito, but trust it’s better than doing nothing to slow the spread,” Palin, 57, told People Magazine.

This comes just a few months after Palin campaigned for the Republican party in Georgia alongside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, an anti-masker and QAnon promoter, and spread the GOP lie that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.”

The former governor of Alaska said she tested positive after one of her daughters and her 12-year-old son Trig, who has Down syndrome, were both infected. She said she experienced “bizarre” symptoms, including loss of taste and smell, and warned COVID-19 can “really knock you down.” People Magazine said that these were recent diagnoses but it’s unclear when exactly they fell ill.

“I strongly encourage everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this and every other virus out there,” she said, adding that her case shows “anyone can catch this.”

After making headlines last year for her performance on Fox’s “Masked Singer,” Palin joked, “History will show we Masked Singer visitors were masked before being masked was cool.”

A host of mostly Republican-led states have lifted their statewide pandemic restrictions, including mask mandates, which experts say is helping fuel an uptick in COVID-19 cases. President Joe Biden has repeatedly called on GOP governors to reinstate their mask mandates and slow the reopening of their states.

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The 11 best sheet masks we’ve tested for every skin type


  • Sheet masks offer an easy, speedy way to treat your skin without having to leave home.
  • We’ve tested dozens of sheet masks and rounded up our favorites for every skin type.
  • You can also check out our guide to the best moisturizers.

As well as being renowned for their incredible hydrating properties, sheet masks treat different skin concerns, from soothing sensitive skin to brightening dull complexions. Some are great for a pre-night-out boost, while others work better if you wear them before you go to bed, so the serum can soak in and you can wake up with glowing skin. Many experts are now using sheet masks as part of their daily skincare routine.

With the incredible number of sheet masks on the market, working out which one is right for you can be a minefield. As well as researching thousands of reviews from beauty experts and buyers, we’ve tried and tested all sorts of sheet masks to come up with our top picks.

Here the best sheet masks in 2021:

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask Sheet

farmacy sheet mask

The Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask Sheet is loaded with ultra-moisturizing ingredients for a boost of hydration in a pinch.

Farmacy’s Coconut Gel Sheet Mask is loaded with nourishing ingredients like coconut water, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract. Hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, so it delivers some serious hydration. Paired with calming cucumber extract and moisturizing, refreshing coconut water, this mask works for any skin type. Just slap the Coconut Gel Sheet Mask on for 15 minutes — that’s all you need for the mask to work its magic. Take it off to reveal more supple, smooth, calm skin.

Coconut Gel Sheet Mask (small)
Patchology Hydrate FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask

patchology sheet mask

For smoother, hydrated skin in just five minutes, the Patchology Hydrate FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask is hard to beat.

Patchology’s mask is your secret weapon for defeating dry skin because it features ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration, and vitamin B5 and betaine to improve elasticity and smooth skin. Traditionally, sheet masks take up to 20 minutes to work, but the Patchology Hydrate Flashmasque accelerates delivery of the ingredients to the skin with its unique material, so you see results in just five minutes.

This speedy skin saver is perfect for a last-minute touch-up before you put on your makeup or before you go to bed. It is the ideal quick fix for winter when your skin needs some extra hydration or on a long flight (as long as you don’t mind scaring the flight attendants).

Hydrate FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask (small)
Erno Laszlo White Marble Bright Hydrogel Masks

Erno Laszlo sheet mask

For an easy, fast path to radiant skin, the Erno Laszlo White Marble Bright Hydrogel Masks should be your go-to sheet mask.

The White Marble Bright Hydrogel Mask from renowned skincare brand Erno Laszlo is designed to instantly brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and aging. The serum is made up of allotonin to plump up the skin, essential oils including peony and chamomile to moisturize, and sunflower seed oil to protect against wrinkles.

We’re obsessed with Erno Laszlo’s range of sheet masks, and this one is awesome. Each sheet mask comes in two pieces of gel-like material. It felt a bit slippery and strange, but it was easy to apply. I liked that it didn’t slip off my face so I could walk around while the mask did its work.

White Marble Bright Hydrogel Mask (small)
Dr. Jart+ Dermamask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask

dr jart +

When you want to give dry, sensitive skin some extra love without spending a fortune at the spa, the Dr. Jart+ Dermamask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask is ideal. 

Our favorite water-based face mask for sensitive skin comes from the legendary Korean Brand Dr Jart+. The mask is packed with hydrating ingredients like algae extract, aquaxyl, xylitol, and oligo-hyaluronic acid to moisturize sensitive skin without irritation. The mask is designed to calm redness and cool irritated skin, making it a godsend for people with sensitive skin. It works just as well for those with oily, dry, or combination skin.

Dermamask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask (small)
SK-II’s Pitera Facial Treatment Mask

SKII sheet mask

Japanese brand SK-II’s Pitera Facial Treatment Mask is a cult classic because it visibly hydrates, brightens, and firms your skin.

The SK-II Pitera Facial Treatment Mask is an all-in-one sheet mask that does everything you need for a glowing, gorgeous complexion. The sheet is soaked with SK-II’s signature serum Pitera. Discovered in a sake brewery back in the ’70s, this liquid is packed with naturally-derived vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. It is designed to refine texture and address uneven skin tone, dryness, large pores, and oiliness. SK-II suggests you use a mask once or twice a week or before a special event.

The SK-II Pitera Facial Treatment Mask lived up to the hype in our testing. It made my skin look more radiant instantly, and my skin felt tighter and softer. The mask fit well and stayed put, although it felt a bit slimy. Granted, most face masks feel a bit slimy because it’s the slime that fixes your skin.

Pitera Facial Treatment Mask (small)
Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

tatcha sheet mask

For smoother skin in just 15 minutes, the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask is our top pick.

Tatcha’s gel-like face mask is packed with powerful anti-aging products including red algae and hyaluronic acid, as well as green tea and rice to target dryness, dullness, and loss of firmness. It is derived from coconut and is more effective than paper masks.

Tatcha claims it can increase the skin’s total moisture by 200% in 15 minutes. While we can’t verify that claim, we can say that it left our skin feeling great. It’s a bit fiddly, as you have to remove one of the layers to put it on, but it fit well. 

Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask (small)
Leaders AC Clear Treatment Mask

AC Clear sheet mask

If you’re prone to breakouts and want effective instant relief, then you’ll love the Leaders AC Clear Treatment Mask.

The AC Clear Treatment Mask from Korean company Leaders Insolution balances skin and provides relief for irritated, stressed, and sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts and inflammation. This hypoallergenic 100% cotton sheet mask is packed with maple water, hyaluronic acid, and snail secretions to calm skin and reduce redness. It’s gentle enough to be used daily and the more often you use it, the better the results.

AC Clear Treatment Mask (small)
Tonymoly I’m Real Avocado Sheet Mask

tony moly sheet mask

For a fun and very affordable sheet mask with great results, the Tonymoly I’m Real Avocado Sheet Mask is a winner.

Established in Seoul more than 10 years ago, Tonymoly pioneered the Korean sheet mask beauty trend that has spread across the world. The innovative brand is now a household name in the US. There are 14 different masks in the Tonymoly I’m Real Sheet Mask collection to address every possible skin concern and we’ve tried them all. Our favorite is the I’m Real Avocado Sheet Mask.

Ideal for dull, dry, and stressed-out skin, this highly moisturizing sheet mask is soaked with nutrient-rich avocado essence. The paper sheet has a pleasant smell but feels quite delicate. After leaving it on for 20 minutes in our testing, our skin definitely felt softer and looked fresher.

I’m Real Avocado Sheet Mask (small)
St. Ives Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal Mask

St Ives sheet mask

St. Ives’ Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal Mask helps calm even the reddest of faces.

Just like the oatmeal baths of your childhood, St. Ives’ Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal Mask soothes whatever is ailing your face. Sunburn? Pop this on. Windburn? You got it. That’s all thanks to the oatmeal extract. It works to calm any type of skin issue while leaving your face feeling refreshed and clean.

And since it’s in an easy-to-use sheet, you can get all of the benefits without the mess. This is actually a great mask to pop on after you’ve applied a more detoxifying mask. It will calm things down while sealing in the good-for-you ingredients of the first.

Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal Mask (small)
Leaders Cosmetics 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti Pollution Mask

7 wonders face mask

Leaders Cosmetics 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti Pollution Mask helps fight free radical damage, leading to a bright, beautiful complexion.

If you live in a city, it’s not just the sun you have to worry about every time you step outside. Free radicals brought on by pollution can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to a dull complexion. But a skincare regimen rich in antioxidants is perfect for combating these issues. And Leaders Cosmetics 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti Pollution Mask should be a regular part of any antioxidant-rich regimen.

This little mask is chock-full of good-for-you ingredients that help fight free radicals. Vitamins C, B, and E are the powerhouses of this mask, while acai berries come in for the assist. All these ingredients work to wick away the negative effects of pollution.

7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti Pollution Mask (small)
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You can spread COVID-19 by talking in hair salons or during a massage – even while wearing a mask, research suggests

beauty salon hair stylist coronavirus A cosmetologist styles a customers hair at Parlour Salon as beauty salons, barber shops and spas begin to reopen in the wake of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Wednesday, May 20, 2020, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. (Photo by Jason Whitman/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Missouri allowed hair salons to reopen earlier this month.

  • Talking expels viral particles that gravity could carry from person to person, a new study found. 
  • Employees standing or leaning over clients could infect them. 
  • Masks reduce the risk, but infection is possible if the mask is loose and air escapes through gaps. 
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Most people know by now to wear a mask in public settings to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. We’ve even learning to avoid shouting or singing, which can spew contagious particles in the surrounding air. 

But speaking at a normal volume also expels viral particles, and these could transfer to another person even, in some cases, when you’re wearing a mask, according to a study published February 23 in Physics of Fluids.

Japanese researchers found that in scenarios where a customer is sitting or lying below an employee (or vice versa), airflow could carry viral particles from person to person.  That could be a problem for settings such as a hair salon, a spa, or a medical or care facility.

Previous research has found that talking can produce a huge amount of viral particles in a short time, so understanding how this works may be important to protecting people from infection in medical and customer service settings. 

georgia reopen lockdown lift coronavirus covid-19 nail salon
A customer gets a manicure from Sally Le and pedicure from Tom Dinh at Nail Turbo, during the phased reopening of businesses and restaurants from COVID-19 restrictions, in Roswell, Georgia, April 24, 2020.

Gravity pulls contagious particles downward if you lean or stand over another person

The researchers, from Aoyama Gakuin University and Yamano College of Aesthetics, used e-cigarettes to generate a vapor cloud with particle sizes similar to those that carry the coronavirus. They then used laser light to study the airflow pattern of the particles in different settings. Participants spoke the same word (“onegaishimasu,” a common Japanese greeting) while sitting, standing, and lying down in different positions, with and without masks. 

When a person speaks without a mask, the particles they exhale are carried downward by gravity, so someone sitting or lying below them might be infected.

With a mask, those particles are more contained in a vapor cloud by warm air surrounding the person’s body, and are less likely to travel toward other people. That significantly reduces the risk, the researchers found. 

If a person leans over, however, exhaled particles are pulled downward, the study found. If the mask is loose, and viral particles escape, this could present an infection risk. 

That could be a problem in situations such as table massage, other spa services, or medical care in which a patient is lying on a bed. 

The researchers used surgical-style, non-woven masks, and found particles weren’t likely to escape through the sides or bottom of the mask, but the top, through gaps around the nose. It’s not clear from this study how a tighter-fitting or woven mask might fare, or if double-masking might help. 

Wearing a face shield helped prevent particles from being carried by gravity, though. 

“The face shield promoted the rise of the exhaled breath,” study author Keiko Ishii, professor of mechanical engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University, said in a press release.. “Hence, it is more effective to wear both a mask and a face shield when providing services to customers.”

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