Tech-Related Mistakes That Every Business Should Avoid

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As technology is becoming more integral and complicated, there are many companies struggling to cope with it. Often companies makes several mistakes on their way to success, but some mistakes are so damaging that they slow down the pace of growth. The situation gets even worse if the company is small – small companies struggle hard to survive in the initial years of their launch. According to recent stats, 20% of businesses fail to survive the first year, and 50% fail in the fifth year.

Tech-related problems are found in almost all businesses, but not all businesses respond to them in an efficient way. What if there is a data breach related to customer private data that has gone public? Or could a company survive a computer server crash that has resulted in the loss of all data?

This article will help you get an overview of issues and mistakes that a business should avoid in order to survive in the market. There are businesses with inadequate knowledge about technological advancement, and this leads to loss. In order to avoid such losses, a business should deal with tech-related concerns efficiently.


Email messages are unencrypted 

Many businesses do not give enough attention to the security risk associated with the encryption of emails. The main reason behind this negligence is cost saving, and it is a complicated process too. There are businesses that do not even consider it an important threat.

However, it is often recommended by experts in the field to get updated with email encryption systems in order to secure all emails and attachments. A business can also purchase an encryption system and install it.


Obsolete or inadequate use of computers

Many SMEs do not realize they need to change the old computer systems. The problem is older devices often do not provide the upgraded and new features, and can lead to patchy internet, as well as operating slowly in performing simple tasks.

Old systems are less resistant to cyber-attacks and easily hackable when compared to upgraded versions. This could cost employee productivity, and even lead lead to a data breach!

The systems should usually be replaced every three years to benefit from the latest features and facilities. When a manager of a business realises it’s time to change the systems, it should be done without delay.


Employees are not trained enough

This is the most important aspect that many businesses fail to deal with in an appropriate manner. The employees are not trained enough to handle the new technology due to a lack of training. Some employees do not have even the basic required skills in Word, Excel, Windows, and outlook.

If employees in your company are also in the same situation, then ideally you need to train them or bring in new employees who are capable of dealing with basic tech-related activities. The employees must be provided with updated training sessions on all software applications in order to increase workforce productivity.


Cloud computing is not used

Cloud computing has made things easier than ever. It’s widely used in many successful businesses as it enables employees, customers, and other users to access data with ease. Cloud-based applications are a much more efficient way of securing and accessing data compared to on-premise counterparts.

Businesses should work on cloud strategy and try to shift some of the data and applications to the cloud. This would include hiring a specialist, to make sure that the transition is successfully installed and configured.


Rushing into purchases

Some businesses rush into buying and installing tech-related stuff like software, laptops, ERP, or other technological needs. It’s important to compare prices and other factors before investing in technology. As a result, businesses should be able to find better options that meet their specific requirements.

Another example is if a business invests in stocks through trading platforms, it would be better to find some of the cheapest trading platforms instead of choosing an expensive platform in a rush that charges high commission and fees.


Ignorance of upcoming trend

Every upcoming day, month, or week brings a change. It’s very important for businesses to follow new technological trends in order to survive in an increasingly competitive environment.

For example, did you know that mobile devices are responsible for more than half of web traffic?

This means that customers prefer the use of mobile for daily searches and updates, so if a business has an outdated desktop version of their website, the business needs to design a site that runs on Android and IOS apps as well. Many businesses ignore the latest trends and stay in a comfort zone which impacts the business negatively in a long run.

*This is not financial or investment advice. Remember to do your own research and speak to a professional advisor before parting with any money.

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Why your freelance business needs content marketing

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Guest article from Fusion Accountants

Content marketing is the most powerful method of marketing on the web. It is consistent, cost-effective, and simple to do and it works well for any size or type of business, and is particularly suited to freelancers.

In this post we are going to briefly set out the benefits and show how you can start content marketing for your business. It can also be a relatively low-cost method of putting yourself on a level playing field to compete with your nearest and bigger competitors.

Here are some great reasons why content marketing is the right thing to do for a freelancer.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of providing something for free to potential customers, to build up trust, credibility and to develop your brand.

The aim is not to explicitly promote your services, but to develop awareness and to make sure that your site is the first place that people go to when they have a question in your realm of expertise.

A good example is a graphic designer who puts out ‘how to’ videos that focus on some of the popular design packages, or a project manager who demonstrates their knowledge of scheduling.


What are the benefits of content marketing?

Using the example above, the first benefit is fairly obvious; if our freelancer helps people understand how to carry out simple tasks then when it comes to more complex projects, the client is instantly going to think of them.

Good shareable content does two things for your website; it increases the number of clicks, and it increases the shareability of your assets. Both of these are helpful in terms of enhanced visibility as search engines promote sites that have content that visitors find useful.

As people read your site they will dwell longer and will often consume more than one piece of information. People who enjoy your content will also return more often and all of these are seen as markers of a useful site and consequently help your content rise to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Having good quality content also helps with credibility and this is exceptionally important for services companies that want to demonstrate their expertise.


Types of content marketing

Content marketing can take many forms from a simple blog post to a full-scale campaign.

If you just want to hit single keywords or phrases, then blog posts work well as you can target these for the areas you are looking to develop.

Video works if you want to explain complex concepts or show how to carry out practical tasks and with 88% of marketing professionals saying that it has a positive Return On Investment (ROI), it has to be worth considering.

For services companies, longer pieces such as white papers and reports work really well and if you want to develop content that shares brilliantly then you cannot beat a good original survey.

Developing engagement is the whole aim of a content marketing strategy and webinars and podcasts are exceptionally useful in this respect. A live webinar that allows attendees to ask questions of the presenter helps the company to develop a following that could eventually turn into evangelists.

Infographics are helpful if you want to get your readers to share your content and do not forget to develop suitable content for socials like LinkedIn, Facebook and TikTok.


How to develop your content marketing

The first place to start is to decide what outcomes you want from your marketing strategy.

Do you want to sell more of a particular service? Do you want to build a mailing list? Do you want to increase your Instagram following? The type of outcome will determine what you produce and how you utilise it.

You may want to enlist the help of a content marketing specialist in this respect. They can let you know what would work well for you and what is less effective so that you make the best use of your marketing spend.

The marketing world is full of fellow freelancers and so it is a simple matter to find people who can help you produce individual elements of your plan. Blog writers, videographers and podcast producers are all available should you need them.

The best advice is to speak to people in your network and see who they recommend or use reputable platforms like Upwork to find freelancers with excellent reviews.

The key to a successful content marketing strategy is consistency. You are much better off producing a single, 700-word blog post every week on a Monday than a 10,000-word report that you only ever publish once, and this is because search engines value constantly updated sites.

Once you have produced your content do not think that it is enough to simply post it on your own website. Make sure that you share it on all of your social channels and if you already have a mailing list, get a newsletter out that tells people where they can find your new post.


Content marketing – perfect for the freelancer

Being a freelance often means that you have a varied workload and some really interesting projects to highlight and that’s why content marketing is ideal for you.

Readers love stories about real jobs you have worked on and challenges you have faced and so you should have a wealth of material.

Writing regularly about an interesting aspect of your work is just as valid as a long article about some technical aspects of your sector.

Try a variety of different approaches and see which one works best for your business. Often content marketing is about trial and error until you hit upon that perfect formula for your situation.


Fusion Accountants in London is here to provide support to freelancers and their businesses. We understand that your job is not the usual ‘9 to 5’ as your role demands juggling numerous clients and projects at one time. Whether you work as a Limited Company or Sole Trader, we provide comprehensive accounting & tax services for freelancers.


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Is selling gold for cash worth it?

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Thinking about selling some of your gold but unsure whether it’s worth it? The good news is that there are plenty of gold buyers out there who would be interested in taking gold jewellery, coins, platinum, diamond jewellery or even bullion bars (if you have any lying about!) off your hands, but you want to make sure you get the best deal possible.

The last thing you want is to go through the effort of selling your gold only to discover that you were dealt an unfair hand. There are a lot of considerations to make before you sell gold to ensure you get a fair price and there are also factors which contribute to gold prices you should be aware of (don’t worry, we’ll cover these later).

Keep reading for tips on how to go about selling your precious metals and the pros and cons of cashing in on your gold.


Pros of selling gold for cash

  • You can get money quickly – you have a few options when it comes to selling your gold, but if you want quick cash, you could look into selling online. Many online gold buyers such as aim to send you payment for your gold within 24 hours of them receiving it. 
  • There is always a demand for it – gold is the type of valuable commodity that is always being bought and sold (although, the demand can fluctuate depending on the supply of gold and any economical changes which can affect the gold’s value).
  • Many different types of gold can be sold – whether you’ve got gold coins, bullion bars, watches or other gold jewellery, all sorts of scrap gold can be sold for a decent profit. 


Cons of selling gold for cash

  • You may not always receive a fair offer – at the end of the day, companies want to make a profit and there are buyers out there who may take advantage of those who don’t know the real worth of their gold or are desperate for quick cash; this means that doing your research into gold buyers first is important. We’ll share some tips for selling gold for the best price later. 
  • Gold can be a great investment – as gold has historically been seen as a valuable asset, it could be worth hanging onto your scrap gold in case it increases in value over time.
  • Gold jewellery may have sentimental value – sometimes gold items will have more value to us in terms of sentiment rather than something more tangible; unfortunately, scrap gold buyers won’t pay extra for any special background stories surrounding your gold. If you have an item of gold jewellery that means something to you, it may not be a good idea to sell it.


How to sell gold for the best price

Here’s our top tips on how to sell gold for the best price:


1. Understand the worth of your gold

Check the hallmarks of your gold and weigh it to get an idea of how much your gold items could be worth based on what the current price of gold is. Gold is weighed using the Troy measurement system. 

Alternatively, you could go to some of your local jewellers and ask if they could value your gold items (it is likely that they will have more accurate weighing scales and can give you a clearer idea of what it’s worth with their expert eye). That said, remember that they may not give you the full value if they’re interested in buying your gold themselves! It’s therefore a good idea to get your gold valued by more than one jeweller. 

Remember, the price of your gold can be affected by a number of factors, including the current price of gold (based on supply and demand), the weight and purity of the gold, and any changes in the economy. 


2. Sell at the right time

You may not know this, but the price of gold changes daily depending on the supply and demand. The price of gold in the UK per gram is determined by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and is changed twice each day depending on the amount of gold being traded on online auctions. Essentially, when there is a low supply but a high demand, the price of gold increases; when there is a high supply but a lower demand, the price of gold drops – so make sure you sell when gold prices are high! You can see live gold prices here


3. Compare gold buyers

When you’re looking for quick cash, it can be tempting to sell to one of the first gold buyers you come across…but you risk not getting the best deal for your gold. Try and do some research into a few different jewellers and online gold buyers, noting down any other benefits of their services. Here are a few things to ask yourself when looking at gold buyers:

  • How much experience do they have?

Everyone has to start somewhere, but if you’re anxious to sell to a relatively new company it could be worth selling to reputable gold buyers who have years of experience in valuing and buying gold.

  • Do they offer a price match guarantee?

Companies who offer a price match guarantee promise to match the price of offers you’ve received from other gold buyers.

  • Do they have positive reviews?

Definitely check the customer reviews of a company before you decide to sell gold to them. Most companies will showcase their reviews and customer testimonials on their websites but you can also check Trustpilot for a deeper insight. 

  • For online gold buyers, what is their postal service and are you obligated to sell to them once you’ve sent your gold? 

The last thing you want to do is lose valuable items or spend your own money on secure postage. Read up on how their gold selling process works and check if they will send your gold items back if you are not happy with their offer.

Alternatively, you could save some time by checking out a comparison site to see somebody else’s experience with various online gold buyers. 


4. Know who you’re selling to

Even if you do receive a rather handsome offer, make sure that you can trust the gold buyer. Take a look at their online customer reviews to see what others are saying about their services before you decide to send any of your gold jewellery or other precious metal items off. 


5. Don’t be afraid to haggle for the best price

If you receive an offer that you’re not completely happy with, why not try your luck in haggling to drive the price up? Whether you’re looking to sell gold online or through local jewellers, try and get quotes from a number of gold buyers so that you’re ready to negotiate. After all…there’s no harm in trying!

But remember, if you want to successfully haggle you should remain friendly and ask for a realistic price, pitting the company against competitor gold buyers who have sent you offers if you can – bear in mind that these should be genuine offers you have received as it is likely they’ll ask for evidence of this. 

So, there you have it – gold can be worth selling for cash if you find the right buyer and sell gold at the right time for the best price. 

Why not take a look at some of our other articles on how to make quick money and sell your stuff for more ideas?


*This is not financial or investment advice. Remember to do your own research and speak to a professional advisor before parting with any money or items. 

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New Trends in E-commerce After COVID-19

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E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, started on August 11, 1994, when a man sold a CD by the band Sting to his friend through an American retail platform i.e. NetMarket website. The Internet was already revolutionizing eCommerce and it was estimated to grow by billions. However, the pandemic has led to a rapid increase in this growth rate. During the pandemic, the unprecedented demands of online shopping and active users have taken the e-Commerce world by storm.


Types of Ecommerce Models

There are four main types of eCommerce models explaining every online transaction taking place.

  1. Business to Consumer (B2C):

When a business sells its goods or services to online buyers (for example, shopping done with online retailers.)

  1. Business to Business (B2B):

When a business sells its items to other businesses. For instance, selling software to other companies.

  1. Consumer to Consumer (C2C):

When a consumer ( can be an entrepreneur) sells a good or service to another consumer (e.g. Your friend is selling old electronics through OLXto another consumer).

  1. Consumer to Business (C2B):

When consumer sells their products or services to a business or organization (e.g. Photographer licensing his photos to businesses).


The Rise in Online Sales

During the pandemic, there was a recorded 30 percent increase in sales over 2020. This hype in online sales driven by the unusual consumer demand has evolved eCommerce to a larger extent. Lockdown extended from weeks to months, leading to more active internet users, making online shopping and selling trendy and a necessity. Moreover, the freestyle credit account system, taking over the traditional role of credit card, also made online shopping easier and more possible for all – thereby, increasing the online purchasing trends in recent times.


Rise in Entrepreneurship

The rise in online shopping trends brought with it a rise in the scope of entrepreneurship. Ecommerce niches that used to have low traction, now attract more clients. People with lots of spare time in the lockdown spent their time building innovative ideas to revolutionize the business trends. Moreover, the internet-based application system and client-friendly approach of getting a personal loan attracted young entrepreneurs, enabling them to open their businesses on easier terms. The new market for hand sanitizers and their large advertisement on the subject of maintaining human health is the latest example of new business trends.


Role of Social Media Marketing

The business pages on Facebook and sponsored ads on Instagram are also playing a substantial role in the world of e-commerce. These social media platforms are not only easy to use but are accessible for all. According to research, almost 76% of Instagram users made an impulse buy on social media mostly because of its ease of purchase. Moreover, the continuously updating social media platforms have made the in-app purchase possible. The recent trends of hand-made garments and organic product business on these platforms explain the vital role of e-commerce. Branding, by involving celebrities to recommend the product to their followers, who have become more active during the pandemic, is another innovation in marketing. Moreover, Youtubers reviewing products and advertising them in their videos is another way of attracting the target audience, while enhancing the role of social media marketing in e-commerce.


Competition in Digital Marketing

The expanded scope of e-commerce, presenting a variety of niches, also signifies high competition in the field – thereby, calling for quality marketing and advertising content, which in turn brings in more investments. Digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM) are used to make backlinks and direct more buyers directly towards the product’s website. Large retailers who didn’t pay attention to this either faced huge losses or went through a tough time. Therefore, more e-commerce scope brought with its competition and more innovation in the marketing world.


Ecommerce Trends Statistics

As soon as outdoor shopping stopped due to lockdown a threshold increase in eCommerce was seen. According to the statistics of the Salesforce Global Shopping Index, between 2019 to 2020 there was a 16 percent growth in digital traffic for retailers. Moreover, the growth in average spend per visit was also seen to increase by four percent.

Portable internet devices had already increased online shopping trends but in 2020, as the internet users started spending more time online, mobile e-commerce also jumped by 25 percent. In the United States, this mobile lead eCommerce growth chart showed an increase of 28 percent.

Analyzing the goods that drive most digital traffic it was found that the percentage spike in home goods sales was the highest i.e. 51 percent. Moreover, the growth of games and toys increased by 31 and 34 percent respectively. Additionally, the phenomenal growth of 20 percent was seen in personal care products and food.



Indeed, while COVID-19 had devastating effects on the economy, it has also introduced new ways of earning. It has revolutionized the world of eCommerce, allowing more people to invest and start their home-based businesses. Therefore, one can say that as 2021 advances, the role of eCommerce becomes increasingly influential, bringing with it new trends and cultures.


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8 exciting ways to make money as a dog lover

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Meet Bodhi, the dog who makes $2,000+ per post for his owner!

Yena Kim loves pooches just like you and me. But instead of feeding and keeping Bodhi indoors, she thought of ways to make her furry friend a means of livelihood. And she found one.

Dress him in menswear, take some cute-looking photos, post on Instagram, and get the whole world talking. Not long after, brands started flocking in with deals.

The income from Bodhi’s endorsements and product campaigns got so huge that Kim decided to quit her job as a designer at Ralph Lauren to dress her dog in men’s clothing full time.

Can you imagine!

Bodhi legit transformed his owner’s life.

We bet you’re already thinking of ways to make that cute-looking Goldendoodle doodles sitting in your apartment bring in some income for you, too.

Don’t think too far.

Instead of just keeping that fluffy creature in the house to entertain your kids and make your home a fun place to be, use these tips below to earn some extra cash as a dog lover.


1. Become a local dog trainer

There are lots of dog owners out there looking for people to help them train their dogs. As you know, some pooches are just too stubborn to handle. As such, their owners sometimes look for help curbing and training their dogs.

If you know you have a way with dogs, and can tame a dog into doing whatever you instruct them, you may want to consider reaching out to dog owners in your immediate neighborhood to see if anyone of them needs help with their furry friend. You could work to train a Goldendoodle puppy, a German shepherd, a bull dog, a Great Dane, etc.


2. Become a service dog trainer

Beyond the average ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘fetch’ commands, some owners desire to train their dogs for special needs. This is particularly true for owners with disability problems.

Fortunately, there are lots of dogs that can serve this purpose. For example, Goldendoodles are particularly renowned for their therapeutic abilities to help disabled people live better lives.

But before they can do that they need to be trained. And this is where a service trainer comes in.

As a service dog trainer, you’ll be expected to train dogs to serve special purposes.

If this sounds like something that interests you, it may be wise to take up online courses to hone your skills as a service dog trainer, and then applying to hospitals, disaster sites, assisted living facilities, local families, or physical therapy clinics to land a gig.


3. Become a dog walker

If you have a dog, it’s a must for you to walk him almost every day. Else, he might develop some bad health conditions.

For example, overweight is one of the health issues of dogs like Goldendoodles. And this condition arises from insufficient walking and exercises.

That said, instead of walking your dog for the fun of it; why not make some money on the side?

That is, pick up a few more furries along with you, and walk them all together.

As it is, some folks are just too busy to walk their dogs, but they understand the importance of dog walks. As such, they’re willing to pay others to do it for them. If you have the time, this might be a nice gig picking up.

Additionally, you’ll even be getting more cardio as you walk multiple dogs.

That said, you may find it challenging walking multiple large dogs, as they may be too hard to handle. A better practice would be to choose small dog breeds over big ones.


4. Launch an Instagram page for your dog or start a pet blog

If none of the ideas we’ve mentioned so far interests you, how about doing something similar to what Yena Kim did with Bodhi?

Of course, you won’t be dressing your dog in menswear like here. That’s already her signature, and doing that might land you the tag ‘copycat’.

Instead, you can come up with other photography ideas for your dog. You can take him on dates and record the events. You can go to parks and capture their exploits and then post. Or you can launch an Instagram reality show based on your furry’s exceptional habits or abilities and mind-blowing exploits.

Just think of something fascinating and attention-grabbing, and start posting on Instagram. With time, people will notice you, and you’ll start getting good endorsement deals.


5. Start a dog treats business

If you look around, you’ll notice that dog treats are fast becoming a big business.

And the reason is because lots of dog owners are now embracing the idea of training dogs with treats. This increase in demand means that anyone with the ability to come up with lovely and tasty dog treats ideas now has a huge money-making opportunity on their hands.

So, if you know you can bake sweet doggy biscuits, do not hesitate to hit vet clinics, dog groomers, and pet supply stores with your tasty bags of doggy biscuits.

To boost your chances of making sales, you can give out free samples with your business card attached. Don’t worry; in little to no time, people will know you, and will start making demands.


6. Become a dog rights lawyer

Dogs cannot speak for themselves. But they have rights too.

Why not be the voice that fights for these rights?

Of course, you’ll need to get a law degree to pursue a career in this field (no small ask!). If you’re truly empathetic towards dogs and have the intelligence to pass the bar exam though, this could be a great idea.


7. Dog photographer

Are you good with cameras? Do you find it easy getting dogs into right angles, and giving them nice shots?

If so, you may want to chase gigs in dog photography.

Now more than ever, lots of owners are looking for photographers to do candid shots for their pooches. They’re looking for skilled photographers to snap their furry friends on birthday celebration nights, adoption party evenings, and other memorable dog-related events.


8. Become a dog bather or groomer

If you spot a dog grooming shop somewhere, you probably won’t walk more than three blocks before you see another. Such is the extent to which dog grooming services are now in demand.

Almost every neighborhood and corner have a dog grooming shop nearby.

As a dog lover, it might be a good idea applying as a groomer to one of the nearby shops around you.

Of course, that would mean you don’t mind getting peed or pooped on.

Alternatively, if you have the funds and notice that there aren’t many dog grooming services around you, you might want to start your own.

Most dog owners are too busy to bathe or groom their dogs. Those who even have the time aren’t skilled enough to give their dogs the best bath and cuts. As such, these folks are willing to pay to get someone to do it for them.


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5 Ways to Increase Your Income By Using Your Assets

Reading Time: 3 mins

For many, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on livelihoods and incomes. With unemployment set to rise to 6.5% of all workers by the end of 2021, people are having to get creative and find new ways to earn that extra cash.

There are many ways you can utilise your skills and assets to unlock additional income and make money from the comfort of your own home.

Here we share with you some key platforms and ideas to help increase your bank balance:


1. Earn money by offering your skills on Airtasker

The task economy has boomed during the pandemic, with Airtasker, the community marketplace that connects people who need work done with people who want to work, seeing a 30% increase in registrations across the board this year compared to 2020.

If you’re a roof tiler, mechanic or a market researcher, you may have some of the most sought-after skills in the UK; but that’s not all, Airtasker has also seen a significant rise in “tech tasks” on the platform as digital natives are turning their skills into a career lifeline and offering help with everything, from digital home fitness equipment installation advice, assisting with home tech services to even creating digital presentations and CVs.


2. Get paid for your opinion

During lockdown, people are spending more time browsing the web for an escape from reality;  why not turn your scrolling time into some extra cash by getting involved in market research and completing online surveys.

There are many free online survey sites, such as YouGov or Best Paid Surveys (to name a few), offering cash for your opinion across a variety of topics, where your input will help shape organisations across the world. Now, this may not be the answer to earning a substantial income, but it is an easy way to make more cash from the comfort of your home or on the go. Top tip: never pay to sign up to a survey site!

Find out more about online surveys here. 


3. Turn your lockdown hobby into cash!

Some of us spent our lockdown refining a hobby or even learning something new (or at least trying to). Our newfound love for the great outdoors has meant that many Brits have been rolling up their sleeves and tending to their gardens. Maybe your new gardening hobby could earn you some money from those who haven’t taken to the trowel so easily? Perhaps your needlework skills have come a long way and you could fix someone’s favourite lockdown sweater or design some custom-made cushion covers. If you have caught the creative bug and painted some works of art, or tried your hand at candle making, you could sell your creations on marketplaces such as Etsy and turn your hobby into money.

Find out more ways you can turn hobbies into cash. 


4. Unused space? Rent it out!

As we move into spring and ease out of the lockdown, the UK housing market is predicted to heat up. Why not turn your unused space into a money-making asset and rent out your garage to help those in house-move limbo. Stashbee offers easy listing and earning, not forgetting those all-important Covid-19 safety guidelines.

As people start to head back into the office and wish to avoid public transport, why not rent out your parking space to make an easy bit of cash! Sites like JustPark are a great source for renting out your driveway, where you can find out how much you could earn in seconds – just make sure to check with your home insurance provider that it doesn’t affect your policy.


5. Sell your unwanted goods – or get someone to do it for you!

Spring cleaning season is upon us and as we look forward to a summer of socialising (fingers crossed), you could make some money from those unwanted items that have been gathering dust. Why not revamp your wardrobe with some new styles bought with the cash made from selling your unwanted clothes on sites such as Vinted or Depop?

For those of you who don’t have the time to photograph and list all of your products, you could always call upon help from an eBay selling assistant on Airtasker, savvy on these selling platforms they know how to get the best bang for your buck. It really couldn’t be easier! Turn your unwanted items into extra cash, after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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How To Run A Successful Advertising Campaign For Your Ecommerce Site

Reading Time: 3 mins

You can’t really have a successful ecommerce site if you don’t do advertising, or if your advertising campaigns are not very good. Unfortunately, an ecommerce site is not like an ordinary website. You need lots of traffic to make a good ROI and it has to also be very targeted traffic.

This is why some people fail with their ecommerce site and think that the reason was something like market conditions or not having the right manufacturer among others. The reality is probably more likely that their advertising was not working properly.

So, how do you run a successful ad campaign that will bring you lots of customers and revenue? In this article, we will go over several things to keep in mind when starting your advertising.


Analyze your data

If you have been advertising for at least a few months already, then you surely have some data that has been gleaned from the conversions and the traffic coming to your site. And this data is a goldmine even if your advertising metrics are not looking good at the moment.

If you have an e-commerce expert like Bing Digital that can access this data then you can paint a very detailed picture about what is going wrong. With this data, you can then find the right strategy that will work for you on the next campaign.

You could end up seeing that your keywords are too short tail and you need to have long tail keywords that bring in the right traffic. Or, it may simply point to the weak link in your funnel and show you that your landing page is not converting and the ads are not the issue.


Target the right audience

If your click through rate is very low then this can signal that you are targeting the wrong people. Your target audience will click through to your site if they are who you are actually looking for. They may not convert once there, but that is a different story.

You need to figure out who the most likely person is that will want what you are selling. If you haven’t started advertising yet then do some market research to find out if the person you think is interested in your product actually is. Once you have some information then you can create an ideal customer avatar and then market to them more effectively.

Once you have the right target then you will see your CTR go up and hopefully your conversions too.


Make sure your landing page is on point

It could be the case that your ads are working fine and doing a great job. Yet, your conversions are low and causing a low ROI on those ads. If your landing page is not optimized for conversions then it doesn’t matter how good your ads are. People will click and then leave your site.

Make sure that your landing page is easy to navigate, has a clear call to action and people know exactly what they will get by buying or signing up for an email. On the same token, your sales page should be easy to figure out as well. This way people can understand exactly what is on offer and why they should buy. Use succinct and clear language for your copy and your conversions will rise.

If you have multiple PPC campaigns running for different keywords then it helps to have a separate landing page for each. This will bring you much higher conversion rates and people will stay subscribed longer. Every keyword has a different user intent and they have different motivations for clicking. Having a landing page tailored to their expectations will ensure that they enter your funnel since they will feel that they are getting something helpful to their specific search query and not something generic.


Find an influencer

There is a reason that influencers are making so much money these days. It’s because their followers on social media and Youtube trust them and will follow their recommendations. In fact, these types of product endorsements are more effective than when using celebrities.

Celebrities are not seen as somebody who understands the needs of the regular person for who these products are for. Search for an influencer that would be a good fit for your product.

Luckily, there is somebody that commands a following in just about every topic imaginable now from beauty products to automotive tools. It’s simply a matter of finding the right person that you think would best represent your product.

You can set up a sponsored post in which you pay them to highlight your product on one of their posts or videos. Or, you can barter a free product for something in return.


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Business closing due to Covid? 4 ways to make it less painful

Reading Time: 4 mins

If the worst has happened, and your business is facing closure after a year of Covid-19 shocks, it’s important to realize that you’re not alone.  Whole sectors, such as non-essential retail and hospitality faced an unprecedented loss of income in 2020. Many businesses don’t have the financial resilience needed for survival. However, that knowledge can be a small consolation when you have to face up to the reality of closing a business you’ve worked so hard to build.

No matter how hard it is to do, managing your exit efficiently is the first step to recovery and future success. You’ll have learned many lessons over this difficult period, so don’t underestimate how much you actually moved forward.

It’s never going to be easy to close a business you’ve invested so much time and money in, but there are few things you should consider to make it as painless as possible for everyone.


Manage your financial exit

The first thing to do is to consider how you’re going to manage your exit financially, especially if you’re already in debt. If you have some cash reserves, work with your accountant to prioritize how they need to be used. If you already know that you can’t cover your liabilities, there are several options open to you, but it’s best to take specialist advice to determine the most appropriate course of action. Companies such as The Insolvency Experts can help with liquidating your business, guiding you through the process, and helping you to recover in the shortest time possible.

Also, being as open and transparent as you can be with your family will protect them from the shock that a loss of financial stability and reduction in income can bring. It’s a mistake to try and shield them from the worst. When they do learn the reality of the situation, they could be further hurt that you didn’t trust them to support you. Of course, you’ll need to tailor the message in an age-appropriate way for your children, but you may be surprised at how well they adapt to whatever comes along.


Manage your employees

One of the most difficult aspects of business closure, for an owner, is the human element. You’re aware of the impact it will have on the lives of their employees and the knock-on effects for entire families. They too will have gone through a long period of uncertainty as they realized that closure was first, possible, then likely, and finally inevitable.

The key to helping everyone through this time is clear and honest communication. People who’ve been aware of the situation as it has developed will already be considering what might happen in the future. Depending on the sector you’re operating in, options could be limited for them.

As the owner of the business, you’ll have to lead from the front. Let them know as much as possible, as early as possible, so they can start to secure their future by seeking alternative employment or investigating the level of government support that’s available. Don’t make the mistake of saying nothing in the hope that somehow you’ll be able to turn the situation around.

At this stage, prioritize the well-being of your employees. Be conscious of the stress that everyone is going through.  Reports indicate that mental health issues have increased during the pandemic, so be aware of the signs, and be ready to support as necessary. Changes in behavior, withdrawal, or unexpected outbursts – these may all indicate that an individual is struggling to cope, so don’t blame them if they seem to have changed. Although you have enormous stresses to deal with, you also have a duty of care for your employees, so make it clear to them that you’ll do what you can to support them. Your goals should be to ensure that everyone emerges from this crisis as unscathed as possible and that the relationships you’ve built up, perhaps over years, remain unbroken.


Manage your customers

It’s also likely that, over time, you’ve developed strong relationships with customers and suppliers. So it’s not going to be easy to break the news your business isn’t going to be around to support them in the foreseeable future. However, your network of contacts is a valuable asset, and if you do decide to relaunch, they can be a great support in getting a new venture off the ground.

Bear in mind that most people understand the whirlwind which hit many businesses in 2020. All of them will likely have been affected in some way, and they’ll be able to empathize. One benefit of the tribulations of the past year is the increased sense of community we all feel. There’s a sense of ‘there but for the grace of God go I ‘.

So while it’s not clear what the future holds, if you’ve established a positive relationship with your stakeholders, your openness and concern for the impact your closure may have on them will be respected. It can also help to ensure they’ll be ready to do business with you again in the future.


Plan for the future

Everything changes. This difficult period won’t last forever. Be realistic about your options in the short term – how are you and your family going to survive financially?  What is the outlook for your sector in the short to medium term? How could you use your skills and experience to generate a sustainable level of income?

Equally important, though, is your emotional recovery from the experience of a business closure. It’s natural to go through a period of grieving for what you’ve lost. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to let your emotions surface. It may take time to get yourself back on an even keel, but that’s essential before you can move forward.

Finally, don’t lose sight of the energy and drive that originally created your business.  That was your greatest asset, and it’s still yours to make the most of, so when you’re ready, plan how you can thrive and grow again over the coming months and years.


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3 Ways to Prime Your Small Business for Growth Copy

Reading Time: 2 mins

The key to progress is preparation. If you want to run a marathon, you have to train for it. In the same way, if you want to build a successful business, you have to plan for growth right from the start. Otherwise, you could miss out on big opportunities to advance your company and establish yourself in an industry. The good news is that it’s possible to chart a course for your small company that accounts for growth potential right now. Here are three ways you can prime your small business for growth that you’ll want to keep in mind at all times:


Prioritize Education

Not only should business leaders seek to expand their own skill set and knowledge base, but they should also make it a priority to educate their staff as well. Training your employees will help them take on new tasks, grow into larger roles, and allow your company to transition into new markets seamlessly. On the other hand, the cost of not training employees is quite steep, and not doing so could prevent you from growing your company as you envision.


Create a Strong Digital Foundation

Digital marketing and advertising efforts can take a long time to produce meaningful returns. As such, forward-thinking business leaders would do well to develop a strong digital foundation for their small business ASAP. Improving your site’s SEO, launching features like an online shop, and reaching out to new leads on social media are all tactics that can produce serious results down the line –– even if you don’t see big changes at first. By doing this work now, though, you’ll position your business to expand in the long run.


Retain a Customer Base

Yes, customer acquisition is obviously necessary to grow a business. However, without a strong ability to retain a current customer base, no business will be able to scale up in a sustainable fashion. It simply costs too much to replace reliable consumers on a consistent basis. So small businesses must go above and beyond to deliver positive outcomes for their most loyal customers. (Which is why customer service and product implementation are so vital.) These consumers won’t just keep your business going, they can also actively bolster it by writing positive reviews and sharing your message with others.



Business growth requires hard work, patience, and –– of course –– a little bit of luck. Thankfully, if you focus on the areas outlined above, you’ll have everything in place when it’s time to scale up your business.

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How to get the best price for an old iPhone 7

Reading Time: 3 mins

The mobile phone market is consistently a bustling one. There are new models from different brands getting delivered. If you currently have an old iPhone 7 and fancy a new phone for yourself, you can sell your old handset first. It will help you with getting cash that you can use to meet expenses for the new handset. Here’s what you need to know about getting the best price for iPhone 7.


Resale value of an old iPhone 7

The value is dependent on the current market rate and demand for the old iPhone 7. The rates for a used iPhone 7 in various conditions are accessible online. The resale value will be highest for generally new handsets. Good condition sets with a box, receipt, and accessories get the best resale value from buyers. The latest models will reliably have a better resale price when compared with older models with wear and tear.


What about a broken iPhone 7

Indeed, you can sell a messed-up iPhone 7 (many of us have been there!). Whether or not they have broken screens, display issues, or other damages, you can still sell them. Damages can likewise be a faulty camera, speaker, or defective display. In any case, a broken iPhone 7 will get you a lesser amount than a working one, as you’d expect. Rather than throwing it away, which may hurt the environment, it’s wise to sell it and bring in some cash. You can likewise sell an old iPhone 7 with water damage if it works appropriately. Obviously, it won’t get you the best price but you can still sell it instead of keeping it inactive or throwing it.


What about a network-locked iPhone 7

It’s possible to sell network-tied phones, but you will get paid less for them. It moreover relies upon the network it’s related to. When you get the bundling for your old iPhone, attest that your handset is network-attached to a particular transporter. Unlocking your gadget will usually get you a better price, and it isn’t hard to sort it out. You need to request your transporter, and it may take a couple of days for the work to get finished. You can use another SIM card until then. On the off chance that you don’t have one, you could back up the information on your handset, delete the settings, and restore it later.


Useful tips for selling an old iPhone 7

Here are some tips that you should recall when selling old mobile phones.

  • Sell it at the earliest!

The more you hold back, the less you’ll get for your old handset. Prices can drop when another model is launched. Everyone wants to sell their old handsets so they can opt for the most recent one. Prices will regularly drop for any mobile phone, independent of the model and brand.

  • Research for the best price

Look at all your options to sort out the best offer on hand. You may discover a trade-in price works for you, or maybe you’re willing to take less cash so you can sell it immediately. Regardless, if you don’t research all the options, you’ll not know whether you’re getting a sensible resale value.

  • Factory reset

Keep yourself safe with the assistance of the factory reset option, which will erase all your data. Backup all the data first – you don’t want to lose any of your personal information.


Where to sell your old iPhone 7

You can consider mobile purchasing and recycling companies, there are a lot of them about these days. They deal in several models of old mobile phones and will offer you a price for them. You can browse through their websites to get a free quote for your old gadget. Ensure you fill in all details to get an accurate offer. When you are happy with the price, many will send you packaging to put the phone in. Upon receiving your old handset, they make the payment. The better sites will usually pay you within a few days of receiving your device.

Remember, it’s a good idea to take a picture of your phone before sending so you can prove its original condition, and send the phone via tracked delivery so you know it has been received. 

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