7 pairs of washable work pants for women that’ll save you from trips to the dry cleaner

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A model leaning against a desk wearing the Everlane The Dream Pants in black

  • It’s hard enough to find the perfect work pants, let alone ones that are washable.
  • We rounded up seven top-rated options from brands like Spanx, LOFT, M.M.LaFleur, and more.
  • Each pair is office-ready, easy to care for, and lets you skip the trip to the dry cleaners.

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Finding the perfect pair of women’s work pants is an odyssey some of us seemingly spend our entire lives traveling.

Day after day, we’re confronted with a never-ending loop of misshapen chinos, leggings that claim to be pants, and the occasional red herring of a great stretch pant that morphs into a deflated parachute by midnight.

But, for all the terrible fits and fabrics out there, there are some really great options – and you don’t have to spend more than $200. All of the work pants on this list are machine-washable, stretchy without bagging out, and some even have upgrades like adjustable hems so you don’t have to change for different footwear or pay a tailor to cut off the necessary four inches for a petite frame.

Below, you’ll find our personal favorite washable work pants along with other top-rated options we’ve rooted out based on their many rave reviews.

The 7 best pairs of washable work pants for women in 2021:

M.M.LaFleur The Foster Pant

Waist down view of a model wearing the M.M.LaFleur The Foster Pant in Black

Several of us on the Insider Reviews team own the Foster from M.M.LaFleur, and they’re some of the best overall work pants we’ve come across. The silhouette is sleek, classic, and versatile enough that you can wear it casually on the weekend too. What really differentiates these pants though is the adjustable hem, a rare feature that lets you instantly change the length. We also like how the stretchy material holds up to its wrinkle-resistant claims so you look as polished at the end of the day as you did walking out the door. 

Foster Pants (small)
Eileen Fisher Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pants

Waist down side view of a model wearing the Eileen Fisher Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pants in black

When it comes to quality basics, we could easily fill up an entire wardrobe with Eileen Fisher’s minimalistic designs. The brand’s Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pants have a pull-on style and feature all the comfort of a legging, but with a straight-leg silhouette you can dress up with heels or loafers. You can choose from classic black or an elegant off-white color, but take note that the off-white is fairly transparent.

Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pants (small)
Everlane The Dream Pant

A model leaning against a desk wearing the Everlane The Dream Pants in black

If you dread the idea of returning to “hard pants,” the Everlane Dream Pant is here to bridge the gap between joggers and formal slacks. It’s made with a soft cotton/modal blend but cut into a tailored silhouette with pintucked details. They’ll feel more professional when paired with a button-down or blouse, but you can just as easily pair these pants with a T-shirt too. Like the Foster, the Dream Pant is made with a wrinkle-resistant material to keep you looking fresh from 9am to 9pm. 

The Dream Pant (small)
Spanx Perfect Pant Collection

Waist down view of a model wearing the Spanx Perfect Pant (Slim Straight) in black

Spanx took its popular shaping technology and turned it into a line of work pants that’s entirely machine-washable. Dubbed “The Perfect Pant Collection,” the four styles include two skinny fits, a straight leg, and a high-rise flare. 

You can find our full review of the collection here, but the short version is that each is made with a thick, comfortable ponte fabric that looks professional while feeling like a pair of leggings. Another plus is the inclusive size range and the option to choose petite, regular, or tall lengths. 

The Perfect Pant (Slim Straight) (small)
LOFT Slim Pants

A model sitting on a white stool, wearing the LOFT Slim Pants in black

With its plethora of affordable workwear, we’d be remiss not to include LOFT on our list. The retailer’s Slim Pants feature a slightly relaxed silhouette along with four pockets for a more tailored look. You’ll also have the choice of a regular or curvy fit and a regular, petite, or tall length to help you get the correct fit right off the rack.

Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant

Waist down view of a model wearing the Athleta Brooklyn Pant in black

Similar to Everlane’s Dream Pant, the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant is a hybrid style you can wear from work to the weekend. One reviewer notes they’ve worn these pants for a hiking trip and even out to a nice dinner. 

Though they might not be the best match for formal office settings, the Brooklyn pant has plenty of range thanks to its performance material: it’s quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, machine-washable, and has a sun-protection rating of UPF 50+. Even better, these pants are sustainably made from recycled water bottles.

ADAY Turn It Up Pant

Waist down view of a model wearing the ADAY Turn it Up Pant in black

The ADAY ethos is anchored in sustainability, versatility, and simplicity, with designs that help you “do more with less.” The brand’s Turn it Up Pant blends the silhouette of traditional trousers with modern details like an elastic waistband and a washable material.

The legs are made to be cuffed for an alternate look, but if you decide you’d rather have them hemmed, ADAY will actually give you a $15 gift card if you send in a copy of your tailoring receipt. 

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Everlane has a line of soft, washable silk shirts that never have to be dry cleaned – here’s what they’re like in real life

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  • Everlane’s washable silk tops come in three styles: The Wrap Top, The Relaxed Shirt, and The Henley.
  • The washable silk is heavier and less sheer than traditional silk, and more low-maintenance.
  • We wore and machine-washed the tops, but ultimately still prefer Everlane’s Clean Silk Shirt.

If you asked me to create a wardrobe out of only one material – and I could be as impractical as I wanted – the answer would probably be silk.

Why? It’s soft; it’s smooth; it looks like a dry martini served in a dimly-lit piano bar.

Unsurprisingly, though, you don’t get the glamour of silk without the maintenance. The queen of textiles isn’t cheap, and the care isn’t easy: You’ll probably need to hand-wash or dry clean it.

everlane washable silk shirt
Everlane’s washable silk material up-close.

Startups have made it easier to find affordable and relatively hassle-free silk. You’ve probably seen ads for Lunya‘s washable silk pajamas or bought a silk pillowcase from Slip ($89) or Brooklinen ($50). The latest washable-silk option is from Everlane, the startup that’s responsible for a disproportionate number of our team’s all-time favorite basics.

Everlane’s Washable Silk shirt collection currently comprises three styles (The Wrap Top, The Relaxed Shirt, and The Henley). These styles currently come in up to six colors and range in price from $61 to $110 (though Everlane estimates the shirts would cost closer to $215 at traditional retailers). Everlane’s washable silk is less sheer and slightly heavier than traditional silk, and you can – as the name implies – just throw it in the wash alongside your other clothes. There’s no need to hang-dry, either. But, to keep the silky feel, you may want to tumble-dry it on low.

everlane washable silk shirt 2
After machine-washing the shirt multiple times, there were virtually no wrinkles.

To see how Everlane’s washable silk stacks up in real life, I asked my coworkers to wear – and wash – the silk at home. Keep reading to find our reviews, but the gist is this: These are pretty, versatile tops that deliver on the drapery and luxe look of silk without the need for dry-cleaning. But, if you want a traditional experience and sheen, you should opt for Everlane’s $98 Clean Silk version and foot the occasional dry-cleaning bill.

Here’s what we thought after trying Everlane’s Washable Silk Tops:

Washable Silk Relaxed Shirt


When Everlane describes these blouses as heavier than traditional silk and less sheer, they’re not kidding. This makes it more versatile than traditional silk — no worrying about wearing the exactly right flesh-colored bra — but it also feels a bit like a hybrid of a suede and silk. You’ll still get the beautiful draping, but there isn’t the same lustrous sheen if that’s what you’re after. Better to stick to their other silk options.

After throwing this style in the wash and tumble-drying on low, I noticed a relatively minimal difference in the make and feel of the shirt, though it did take a little extra care to get the wrinkles out. It’s still far less hassle than a traditional silk shirt, but not a dead-ringer alternative.

If you like the sound of something that’s a little heavier and less sheer that you can throw in the wash — but that still offers beautiful draping — then you’re most likely to enjoy Everlane’s washable silk. — Mara Leighton, senior reporter

Washable Silk Wrap Top


I was intrigued when Everlane released its washable silk tops because I only had one silk article of clothing that I put through the wash even though the tag explicitly says “dry clean only”. 

I tried Everlane’s Washable Silk Wrap top in rose in a size 0. Normally I wear a size 0 and rarely I’ll wear a 00, which is the size I should have chosen since the 0 was a bit too big for me. I love tops that are cropped, which this wrap top definitely is, so if you’re taller than 5-foot-3 or just don’t like cropped pieces, this might not be the ideal top. There are hidden buttons to help keep everything in place, but I constantly fought with the ties that kept threatening to come undone. 

I ran the top through the wash in warm water along with way too much fabric softener and put it in the dryer along with the rest of my laundry on medium heat. When I took it out of the dryer, it looked no smaller than it was before but it also wasn’t as soft as it was prior to being washed and dried, especially considering the fact that I used too much fabric softener.

Regardless, I still love the color and how the top is cut. As someone who rarely sends clothes to the dry cleaner, I was satisfied, but not amazed by how this washable silk top stood up to the washing machine. — Ciannah Gin, former editorial fellow

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Everlane’s Perfom Leggings are on sale for $40- here’s how they look on 7 people of different heights and sizes

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Everlane Performance Leggings
  • Everlane launched The Perform Legging, its first-ever activewear piece, in January of 2020.
  • One year later, the brand released The Perform Pocket Legging, which shows off a new pocket design.
  • Insider Reviews team members of different heights and sizes put both leggings to the test.

Perform Legging (small)Perform Pocket Legging (small)Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Everlane, the startup that’s home to a dozen Holy Grail basics, has added to its first-ever activewear piece the design element that can take any garment to the next level – deep pockets that actually work.

The Perform Pocket Legging is a follow-up to Everlane’s first foray into performance wear, The Perform Legging, but with the addition of a long exterior pocket on each leg. You can securely store your possessions, making exercising and walking around town more convenient and even hands-free. What Everlane got right the first time and keeps for the second model is the extra-high-waisted fit and breathable, sustainable fabric with medium coverage.

Besides the variance in pockets, one of the key differences between the two versions is the new one’s leg-lengthening seams. The Perform Legging strays away from seams for a smoother look, while The Perform Pocket Legging uses them to create contours that compliment the natural shape of your body.

The differences between The Perform Legging and The Perform Pocket Legging are small, but notable enough to potentially sway your purchase decision. We’ve broken down all of the distinctions to help you decide and shared our experiences after testing both pairs below.

The Perform versus The Perform Pocket

The Perform Legging

The Perform Pocket Legging

Color options: black, ink grey, bitter chocolate, deep aegean, pine, heather charcoal, copper, lichen, brandy rose

Color options: black, cobalt, sand dune

Material: 58% recycled nylon, 42% elastane

Material: 58% recycled nylon, 42% elastane

Sizing: XXS-XXL

Sizing: XXS-XXL

Inseam: 25 inches for ankle length, 28 inches for regular length

Inseam: 25 inches

Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Made in: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Made in: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Original price: $58

Original price: $58


Everlane recommends sizing up if you’re between sizes for The Perform Legging, and a few of our testers back this piece of advice. For The Perform Pocket Legging, we didn’t run into this issue and instead stuck to our usual sizes.

Our personal reviews of Everlane’s Perform Pocket Legging

Everlane Perform Leggings
Left: The Perform Legging; Right: The Perform Pocket Legging

I’m a little over five feet tall, and I ordered The Perform Legging in a size large with an ankle-length inseam (definitely the right call if you’re short like me). I wore my pair to a few SoulCycle classes in The Before Times to test out how well the waistband stayed in place, which was my main concern since soft, silky leggings tend to roll and tug more. I know some of my coworkers had issues with the waistband rolling down, but even during what was the most intense class I’ve ever taken, my pair stayed in place. I don’t think I’d wear these if I were doing a ton of squatting or lifting because the material is relatively thin, but for a spin class or leisurely wearing, these are a new favorite for me.

The pocketed version of these leggings is also great. The material is the same, but there’s some seaming down the front to keep the pockets from pulling weirdly. The seams don’t always align when you’ve been moving around a lot so that can be annoying, but comfort-wise, the flat seams make no difference.

Update: It’s been about a year that I’ve been wearing The Perform Legging, and they’ve become my favorite for warm weather. They’re thin and breathable enough that I don’t feel suffocated or super sweaty in them, but even after tons of washes, they’re not so thin that I don’t trust the material when I bend over to pick something up. – Sally Kaplan, deputy editor

Everlane Perform Legging
Left: The Perform Pocket Legging; Right: The Perform Legging

As a full-time-freelancer-turned-full-time-editor-working-from-home, leggings have been acceptable workwear for me for years. But there’s something special about the Everlane Perform Legging. I’m 5-foot-8 and between sizes, so I ordered the large because I was afraid the opacity would be an issue if I sized down. The leggings bunched ever-so-slightly around my ankles, but I didn’t really mind it.

The leggings were made from some of the most lightweight material I’ve ever put on. The slick material ensured there was no chafing between my thighs as I walked, too, which is always a bonus. I loved the high waistband, and how it didn’t roll down. I tend to feel super constricted in the waist of leggings that don’t fit well, but The Perform Legging was snug without being suffocating.

And while I loved the original Perform leggings, the pocket version was actually much more comfortable. Instead of having a small pocket on the waist, the pockets are on the legs, which makes for an even smoother waistband. They’re my preferred “pants” for running errands because I don’t have to bring a bag. – Maria Del Russo, style and beauty guides editor

Everlane Perform Pocket Legging
The Perform Pocket Legging

I’ve never quite enjoyed wearing leggings, as their natural tightness can often feel uncomfortable. However, The Perform Pocket Legging has turned me into a believer. These leggings are so soft, flexible, and lightweight that you might forget you’re wearing them. The new deep pockets definitely pay off, with my phone staying perfectly snug while I take long walks and also during floor workouts. And though the added seams do move around a bit, I like how they shape my form and make the leggings stand out from other more basic pairs.

I’m 5-foot-5 and the XS fits me comfortably, crops a few inches above my ankles, and passes the squat test. Plus, the waistband supports my movements rather than interrupts them. For care, following Everlane’s instructions helps the material hold up after several washes. The only thing to note is that the air seems to go straight through the leggings when worn in colder weather, so I mostly enjoy sporting them around the house and during low impact workouts indoors. -Katie Decker-Jacoby, style and beauty reviews fellow

everlane leggings 2
The Perform Legging

I liked the overall feel of these leggings. The fabric was soft and felt expensive and high quality. When I first put them on, I felt they were a bit tight. Throughout the day, they were comfortable to wear but the waistband rolled down a ton. I’m not sure if it’s because I am short or they were a little too tight on me.

Overall, I like the way they feel and think they look great. I would be curious to see if an XL would fit a little better on me, but I have never worn an XL in leggings so I’m not sure the sizing is all that accurate.

Update: After wearing these leggings more over the past few months on my quarantine runs and walks, I would definitely buy them again. While they’re not necessarily my go-to for lounging, they have become my favorite pair of leggings to work out in. They feel supportive and cool, and when I’m wearing them, it almost feels easier to run. And I’ve had no issues with the waistband rolling during runs. – Elisabeth Chambry, strategic partnerships manager

everlane performance legging review
The Perform Legging

I’ve tested dozens of exercise leggings over the past six years and after trying these out, Everlane’s Perform Legging has joined my heavy rotation for moderate workouts. They’re great for someone who’s looking for a breathable legging that feels like a second skin, but they’ll be a letdown to anyone expecting them to be compressive or thick. And if you’re between sizes, you’ll want to size up.

I prefer a lean legging, so these were perfect for me. They’re silky, breathable, and so comfortable you can forget you’ve even got them on. I appreciate the extra-high waistband and that the regular inseam is nice and long on me (it bunches slightly on me at 5-foot-7). The size small was perfect for me. Some reviewers note they run small, but I didn’t find this to be the case as a 26-27. They helped cool me down in pilates and barre classes, and I didn’t experience rolling in the waistband. – Mara Leighton, senior E-learning reporter

everlane leggings review
The Perform Legging

The overall fit of Everlane’s Perform Legging was good. The ankle inseam was perfect and the waistband was over my belly button, so I felt like the leggings weren’t going to slide down or move anywhere. However, the material was just too thin for me. I didn’t feel comfortable bending over in fear of the material becoming completely see-through.

As far as comfort and performance goes, I felt cool and dry all day. I wasn’t too surprised by that given how thin the material was – there’s no way heat could get trapped inside. Overall, I think they’re great leggings for lounging around at home, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them to the gym where I’d be stretching and squatting. – MoMo Lamping, manager of culture & employee experience

everlane perform legging
The Perform Legging

One of my favorite things about The Perform Legging is the fabric. It’s silky smooth and truly feels like a second skin – I don’t even really feel like I’m wearing anything. But, the thin fabric definitely has its faults. At times, I felt like you could see the outline of my underwear, which I am not a fan of, though I think that wouldn’t be a problem had I gotten a darker color.

The regular inseam fits my 5-foot-6 frame well. I had some bunching at the ankle, but the fabric is so lightweight it didn’t bother me at all. In theory, I like the high-waist band, but it just wouldn’t stay put. When I sat, it rolled down so I had to keep pulling it up. This could be because the fabric isn’t super compressive or because I got the wrong size, but I can’t be sure. Other than the waistband issue, I think the leggings fit like a glove. If you see me running errands or lounging on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll probably have these on. – Remi Rosmarin, former reporter

Cons to consider

For the regular Perform Legging, some experienced issues with the waistband rolling down and the thinness of the fabric. It seems best to sport this pair while lounging at home or during low impact workouts, as Everlane itself notes.

For the new Perform Pocket Legging, our testers noted that the added seams don’t quite stay put. Also, because the material hasn’t changed, the fabric is still quite thin and might be better for wear indoors and during less intense exercises.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, both The Perform Legging and The Perform Pocket Legging earn spots in our legging sequence thanks to their blend of recycled nylon and elastane. We can’t stop raving about how soft, light, and comfortable the two leggings feel, though the long pockets on the newest version take rank. The deep pockets make life a little easier, whether you’re running errands or hitting the home gym.

Perform Legging (small)Perform Pocket Legging (small)

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Everlane’s $148 trench coat looks like it should cost a lot more – I’ve had it for 4 years and get asked about it all the time

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Everlane trench coat

  • There’s rarely a day you won’t find me wearing at least one article of clothing from Everlane.  
  • Everything the company makes is responsibly made, reasonably priced, and great quality. 
  • The $148 Modern Trench Coat has been my go-to for years and I get compliments on it all the time.

A few years ago, I was looking to add a classic khaki trench coat to my closet. It’s one of those staple pieces that goes with everything, and it’s the perfect weight for New York City springs … which are unpredictable at best. But I didn’t want to spent a lot of money on one. 

I’d come to rely on the direct-to-consumer brand Everlane for its affordable and modern basics, so when the company introduced a trench coat to its site, I knew I wanted to try it. It was the right price at $148.

The Everlane Modern Trench Coat has a slightly longer, more relaxed fit than traditional options, but it still has a super-classic look.

Everlane trench coat

The trench coat is made of 100% cotton twill and comes in classic khaki. The material has a water-resistant finish and the design includes a storm flap that ensures water doesn’t slip into the jacket as it runs down the shoulders – after all, it wouldn’t be a good spring jacket if it wasn’t rain-friendly.

I was worried the oversized silhouette that looked chic on Everlane’s 5-foot-10 model would drown my 5-foot-3 frame, but once I took it out of its packaging and put it on, all my concerns were gone. It’s longer on me than the model in the pictures, but I don’t look childish in it since it fits my shoulders and its waist lines up perfectly with my own. The coat falls a few inches past my knees, creating a flattering midi length that Everlane probably didn’t intend, but that I quite like. 

Everlane trench coat

In a traditional retail setting that accounts for various forms of markup, Everlane estimates that the Modern Trench Coat would cost $335. But at $148, it’s a total bargain.

Four years later, I still get compliments and “Where’s your jacket from?” questions from coworkers and total strangers. When I reply, “It’s from Everlane!” anyone who is already familiar with the company is never surprised. We’ve all come to expect only the best quality from the direct-to-consumer darling. 

Do your closet a favor and add the $105 Day Glove flats (11 colors) and a pair of $68 Authentic Stretch skinny jeans (five washes and three lengths) to your cart while you’re at it for an effortless and timeless spring look. We can be outfit twins!

If Everlane has taught me one thing, it’s that spending more money on clothes doesn’t always mean you’re getting better quality. 

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Everlane’s knit flats are getting phased out, but the remaining colors and sizes are on sale for $39 right now

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

everlane day glove reknit 3

Editor’s note: The ReKnit Day Gloves are being phased out by Everlane, so the limited sizes left are on sale for $39. Below is our review from when the shoes first came out, plus an update after months of regular wear.

A bestselling women’s item at Everlane, a simple leather flat known as the Day Glove, sits on an impossibly high pedestal. Among its accolades at Insider Reviews: the most comfortable Everlane shoe and the best women’s flat you can buy.

To reach the upper echelons of Picks fame is of course not without cause. These flats are ultra-soft and flexible, with tiny air vents for breathability and a convenient back pull tab. They now come in 13 colors, and as I write this, I’m seriously considering getting a second pair in a cool slate blue (color no longer available).  

everlane day glove reknit
The new Day Glove ReKnit (left) and the original leather Day Glove (right).

Just as we were considering penning another love letter to these fan club-worthy flats, a new generation of Day Gloves arrived in August 2019 to delight us. 

They’re called the Day Glove ReKnit, retailing at $98 (currently $39) and made from eight renewed plastic bottles, and they’re as amazing as the original Day Glove. 

Their lightweight and breathable knit uppers, which have a ribbed pattern that reminds us of our favorite summer cardigans, are combined with cushioned leather insoles that let you walk in the shoes for hours on end. Like Everlane’s other popular Day styles, including the Day Loafer and classic Day Heel, they have a back-side pull tab. 

Read more: 19 styles from Everlane that we wear in our everyday lives – for both men and women

everlane day glove reknit 4

As much as the Day Glove ReKnits belong to the Day shoe family ethos of comfort, versatility, and style, they’re also part of Everlane’s story of sustainable production practices. By 2021, the company is hoping to eliminate new plastic from its entire supply chain. Its ReNew outerwear collection was the first step towards that mission, and its first sneaker, the Tread Trainer, also takes care to use recycled plastic whenever possible. 

With their recycled plastic bottle construction, we can’t help but think of the brand that first started making knit flats from innovative materials in 2016, Rothy’s (so we compared them side by side). Another online shoe startup, Allbirds, also recently joined the intensifying competition with its own iteration, the eucalyptus-fiber Tree Breezer flats.

The coolest part of it all is that you wouldn’t suspect a thing. The ReKnits look and feel not just like a regular pair of flats, but an elevated style you’ll reach for automatically every morning, so it’s impressive they’re also made from environmentally friendly materials. Since they’re light and slim, they’ll pack easily for travels, and their classic silhouette makes them appropriate for both casual and more formal occasions. 

Read on for our individual thoughts of the Day Glove ReKnit flats, including a one-year wear update:  

everlane day glove reknit 2

Sally Kaplan, Insider Reviews senior editor: 

When we first put on these flats, pretty much all of us thought aloud, “Oh no, we’re going to have to update every article that names the leather versions of these as the best flat ever!” I think there’s a complete consensus on our team that these are some of the most comfortable flats we’ve ever worn. I have two pairs of the leather Day Gloves and they’re definitely my most-worn shoes in my closet, but I’d say the knit version is just slightly less restrictive. There’s also no break-in time like there is with leather (even though it’s buttery soft and molds easily). The knit material is just stretchy and flexible enough to form to your foot and move with you through the day, and though there’s not much arch support, the insoles are soft enough to wear all day. 

I got the white pair thinking they’d be easy to spot clean, but I’ll be honest – I think they’re going to get dirty very quickly. I’ll report back once I’ve had enough time to get them scuffed up, and in the meantime, I’ll be hawk-eyeing the website for a nude or light grey pair that won’t get dirty as easily!

May 2020 update: I’ve been wearing my knit Day Gloves just as often as my leather pair over the past year, and I have to say that these continue to be even more comfortable than I thought possible. Despite having very little padding, they’ve held up really well with consistent wear. And though the white pair does pick up a lot of dirt from city streets, I’ve been able to spot clean the tip of the toes pretty easily.

Remi Rosmarin, Insider Reviews reporter:

You know that feeling after a long day of walking when you pull off your shoes and feel a sigh of relief as you let your feet finally breathe? That’s the feeling I got when I took off my other shoes to slip this pair on. They’re so strikingly lightweight, it feels like you’re barely wearing anything. The ribbed knit strikes a good balance between being structured and soft. Little details like the leather tab on the back and a hard rubber sole make these feel a little more chic than your average knit flats. The only reason I won’t wear these every day is because I got them in white, and I don’t want to let the New York City streets ruin them that fast. 

May 2020 update: I wish I had worn these more than I have because they really are so comfortable. The round-toe ballet flat just isn’t a style I usually lean towards and thus, the ReKnit Day Glove hasn’t become a staple in my wardrobe. On top of that, as someone who lives in a big city where the streets are not known for being particularly clean, the white knit and low profile of this shoe isn’t really practical for my day-to-day. Maybe when I’m visiting my family in suburbia or spending a spring day out of the city I’ll give these another try.

everlane day glove reknit 5

Connie Chen, Insider Reviews senior reporter:

Whenever I try an amazing product, I always worry that the next version or style will fall flat. All good things must come to an end, right? In a rare twist, the new ReKnit flats lived up to my original Day Glove-ridden expectations. Part of the reason is they have the same comfortable and supportive leather insole that makes them wearable right out of the box. The ribbed knit fabric is really cute and adds some texture contrast to any outfit, and it shines in the brighter color options – the red (which I tried) and the yellow. I’m a little too excited to have a new shoe to rave about to my friends. 

Do yourself and your feet a favor by getting the new Day Glove ReKnit flats. Whether you’re already a Day Glove devotee or considering your first Everlane shoe purchase, you won’t regret getting these comfortable under-$100 flats. 

May 2020 update: Now that some time has gone by, I’ve realized I ultimately prefer the original Day Gloves because they mold better to my feet (which makes sense given that I’ve worn them for longer) and the heel is more comfortable.

Earlier this year, I brought my ReKnit flats on a trip to London, and I loved how versatile they were for traveling, style-wise. Unfortunately, once I wore them all day, I developed some heel blisters. 

That said, I still wear the ReKnit flats often, and I do think they’re more visually appealing and feel a little more durable due to their knit construction. With knit-fabric shoes, the prevailing concern is that they’ll eventually lose their shape, but my ReKnit flats continue to look neat and structured.

everlane day glove reknit 10

Ellen Hoffman, Insider Reviews executive editor: 

Everlane does it again! I hate to sound like a broken record, but the company really does make some of my favorite clothes and shoes, and the new Day Glove ReKnit has shot right to the top as my favorite shoe it has made to date (I’ve tried almost every major shoe style Everlane has launched in the last four years, for what it’s worth).

There’s absolutely no break-in time needed for the ReKnits, which surprised me since Everlane shoes typically take me a few wears to break in. I packed my work bag with back-up flats to change into in case they started irritating my feet after a few hours, but I needn’t have bothered. They’re up there with the Allbirds Tree Breezers as the most comfortable and breathable knit flats I own, though I think the ReKnits offer a more fashion-forward look. It remains to be seen how well the flexible knit upper maintains its shape over time, but as far as first impressions go, the ReKnits nailed it. 

May 2020 update: A year later, I stand by my initial recommendation 100%. I love my ReKnit flats so much I bought them in another color. They’re the most comfortable “cute” flats I own and they hold their shape well over time. 

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Everlane’s Day Glove flats are some of the most comfortable shoes we own – and the price just dropped to $105

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The Day Glove in rose.

The Day Glove, with its characteristically elongated upper and glove-like Nappa leather, was first issued as Everlane’s follow-up to the massively popular Day Heel, (a low block heel with an elastic back that once acquired a 28,000 person waitlist). Since then, the Day family has expanded to include booties and a knit version of the flats.

The Day Glove comes with the same big promises of comfort and style that customers came to associate with the Day Heel. According to the company, they’ve created a flat that gives you sophistication and ease without asking for trade-offs like discomfort and blisters. You’re supposed to be able to literally run, bike, and cartwheel around in them as well as wear them to a Monday morning meeting. In terms of style, they’re subtle, versatile, and look like a chic update to the classic you know.

In other words, Everlane’s Day Glove is the flat you never thought to ask for, until now. It’s made from soft Italian leather, has an easy pull tab on the back and perforated side vents to keep your feet from getting sweaty, and a cushioned insole that’s soft and contoured for all-day comfort. The shape and leather work together to mold to your foot like a literal glove. 

And as if it weren’t already an excellent value at $118, Everlane just lowered the price to $105 and introduced new color choices. 

To see how close the Day Glove comes to its claims in real life, four women on the Insider Reviews team tested them out. You can read our initial reviews, plus how the shoes have weathered two years of regular use, below. If you don’t need any more convincing, we’ll just share that for sizing, your best bet is to go true to size, and if you’re in between sizes, go up a half size.

Shop all the Day Gloves at Everlane here, or continue on to read our reviews of them.

From left to right: the Day Glove in black, mocha, light blue, white, cream, and rose.

Malarie Gokey, Insider Reviews deputy editor: The Day Glove in black, $105

As a general rule, I don’t wear flats. I’m 5’2″ and I like to feel tall(er) by wearing 2-3-inch heels every day. I’ve also just never found a pair of flats that were comfortable enough to wear all day long. They always seem to chafe my ankles, pinch my toes, and feel unsupportive.

Everlane’s Day Glove Flats are much more comfortable than any other flats I’ve tried. They actually fit my foot and move with me – not against me. The black leather is soft, comfortable, and stylish enough to go with anything. They’re long in the toe, so you don’t feel like your toes are running into the edges of the shoe, and the heel fits comfortably without chafing. The softness of the leather has excellent give, so I almost felt like I wasn’t wearing shoes at all. That said, they’re not terribly supportive, so if you need support from your shoes, these are not for you. But as far as flats go, I think they’re wonderful.

Two-year update:

I don’t wear flats often, but Everlane’s Day Gloves are my favorite pair. They don’t chafe or rub against my ankle or toes in any way. I actually keep my pair at work for “shoe emergencies” when I just want to switch into something more comfortable or swap out my rain boots for a nice-looking pair of shoes. Like the Day Boots, these flats have very slim soles and delicate leather, so I imagine mine would be more worn out if I wore them more often.

Everlane Day Glove Sally Kaplan original photo
These are my Day Gloves after two years of wear and only a little bit of maintenance. To keep them clean, I just wipe them with a damp paper towel and a tiny bit of hand soap every few wears.

Sally Kaplan, Insider Reviews senior editor: The Day Glove in white, $105

I like to think of myself as an Everlane super-fan, but I’ll be the first to admit that its shoes can be a bit hit-or-miss. I have two pairs of its loafer mules (the ones without backs) because most of the shoes I’ve tried from the brand that have stiff backs cause me near-instant blisters. 

I also have a pair of the Day Heels which I love – specifically because the backs are made from a buttery soft leather with elastic stretch – so I was really excited to try the somewhat similar Day Gloves. I got a white pair, despite my better judgment as a city-dweller, and they look super modern and sleek with everything from jeans to slip dresses. 

Though they don’t have any sort of stretch by the heel tab, these flats are still exceptionally comfortable. The leather is thin and flexible so there’s no extreme stiffness, and I wore mine all day with zero evidence of blistering or rubbing. Everlane recommended that we go up a half size when sending in our choices, and I’m glad I did. I think it would have been cramped otherwise. The toe area of the size 8 felt fine for me (I wear a 7.5), but I have pretty average feet when it comes to width. I will say that if you have really wide feet, these probably aren’t the shoes for you.

Overall, I have to say – I think these flats are more than worth the price, and though Everlane could definitely get away with charging more, I really appreciate that they don’t. 

Everlane Day Gloves original photo
I wear these more than any other pairs of shoes I own.

Two-year update:

There exists on this earth no better flat than the Day Gloves. The original pair I got for this review is still in constant rotation for me (yep, the white leather has held up and proved itself to be easy to clean!) but I fell so hard in love that I bought myself another pair in a cognac brown color since then. They wear beautifully, are super easy to clean (just wipe them down with a damp cloth and maybe a little hand soap if necessary), and mold to your feet like malleable leather socks. I love them so.

112a3420_ff7c 1
The Day Glove in light blue.

Mara Leighton, Insider Reviews senior reporter: The Day Glove in white, $105

I spend a lot of time in flats, and these are definitely the most comfortable (and flattering) pair that I’ve worn. I haven’t always had luck with Everlane shoes, but these are undeniably great.

They really do fit like a glove, and the soft, flexible Italian leather is only going to get better with repeated wear. The colors are all beautiful neutrals that have a luxe sheen in the sun, and the elongated upper converts them from an average pair of flats to a chicer iteration. And in terms of comfort, it elevated the experience: I never slipped out of them (or felt I would) and I ended the day without angry red lines from where the leather cut into my feet when they bent.

The real highlight, though, is the ventilation holes Everlane added. Flats have a habit of becoming gross, I-don’t-want-to-take-these-off-in-front-of-you shoes in the hot summer months. Adding perforation to the sides to encourage airflow is the kind of upgrade I wish I had thought to look for years ago. 

The Day Gloves are much pricier than what I would normally spend on a pair of flats and I did need to size a half size up, but given how often I wear them, how comfortable they are, and how much of my closet they go with, I’d rather have one pair of these than cycle through the run-of-the-mill pairs I typically buy.

Two-year update:

These are the best flats I’ve ever worn, and one of the first products I recommend when people inevitably ask me ‘what are the best things you’ve tested?’ when they learn what I do. I loved them so much I wrote a second review. They’re versatile, come in a whopping 11 colors now, and have aged really well. My white pair has been easy to clean (I use a damp paper towel), and I still wear them multiple times per week. Despite that, they show little signs of wear – some creasing of the leather, but nothing major. 


Ellen Hoffman, Insider Reviews executive editor: The Day Glove in light blue, $100 (color no longer available)

Like a lot of workingwomen, I simply don’t have time for uncomfortable shoes. I’ve bought enough of them to know better at this point in my life. I need shoes that are supportive and versatile, and that can handle all the walking I do in New York City every day. And gratefully, Everlane’s new Day Glove seems up to the task.

The Day Glove surprised me with its out-of-the-box comfort and all-day-long breathability. The backs and sides of ballet flats typically blister and irritate my feet, but after a super short break-in period for the Italian leather (yep, these babies are made from only premium and ethically sourced materials, but they do still require a little time to mold to your feet), I was able to traipse all around the city in my Day Glove – in complete comfort.

Get yourself a pair in your favorite color (I’m partial to the light blue) – trust me, your feet will seriously thank you. Just make sure to size up half a size for a perfect fit. I normally wear a size 8, but I got an 8.5 per Everlane’s recommendation, and an 8 definitely would have been too small.  

Two-year update:

As a product reviewer, it’s really saying something when I consistently come back to a product, and Everlane’s Day Glove is the one pair of flats I’ll always come back to for its comfort and easy style. They’re my go-to transitional fall/spring shoe. I have three pairs of the Day Glove, two leather styles (in light blue and tan) and the new ReKnit version (in yellow). I slightly prefer the ReKnit version because my feet tend to sweat a bit in the leather style.

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Everlane’s big ‘Goodbye 2020’ sale includes its ultra-comfy knit ballet flats, cashmere sweaters, and sneakers

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Everlane holds sales periodically throughout the year, like its “Goodbye 2020” event, which is currently boasting discounts of up to 60%. There’s a hefty list of both men’s and women’s styles to shop from. 

We’ve reviewed a lot of clothing and accessories from Everlane and have collected many favorites over time, so we’re constantly checking the sale section to see if our favorites have been discounted. Sometimes just a few colors will go on sale, and sometimes you’ll find a style that they produced too much of at just the right time to stock up.

Everlane’s sale section includes some fun finds right now like its Trainer sneakers, which we tried and loved, and the ReKnit flats, which we’re also big fans of

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