Clippy the paperclip could soon return to Microsoft Office as an emoji after Twitter and Instagram users voiced their approval

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hand a white t-shirt to someone dressed in a cartoon paperclip costume.
Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at Clippy’s retirement party in 2001.

  • Microsoft’s Clippy, the cartoon paperclip helper, might come back as an emoji, the company said.
  • More than 320,000 users across Twitter and Instagram have said they want to bring Clippy back.
  • Clippy was added to Microsoft Office in 1997 as a virtual assistant.
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Clippy the paperclip could soon return to Microsoft Office.

The cartoon paperclip, which first popped up to offer assistance to Office users in 1997, was retired in the early 2000s but could return as an emoji after receiving support from fans on social media.

Microsoft posted a tweet on Wednesday saying that it would replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy if it got 20,000 likes. So far, more than 127,000 Twitter users have liked the post.

And in a similar call out on Instagram, the company has received just shy of the 200,000 likes it said that it needed to reinstate the character, with 199,301 likes and counting.

Clippy was introduced to Office 97 users to provide tips on how to use the program, and users either loved or hated his frequent interventions. Microsoft retired Clippy when it launched Office XP but still gave “diehard supporters” who missed his “soulful eyes” the option to turn him back on, the company said at the time.

Microsoft did not give any more details about Clippy’s rebirth, and told one Twitter user who asked if it was joking to “wait and find out.” But a trademark filing for the Clippy character by Microsoft in June, first spotted by The Register, suggests that the company might be serious about bringing him back.

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Clippy almost made a comeback in 2019 when some Microsoft workers created Clippy animated stickers in Teams, but the effort was quickly squashed by the company’s “brand police,” an unnamed source close to the matter told The Verge.

Microsoft also introduced Windows 365, its new “Cloud PC” product, in another Wednesday tweet. The new software will enable users to stream their Windows desktop onto any device, a solution designed for hybrid home-office working, the company said.

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How to make Telegram stickers and share your custom emojis with friends

telegram messaging app
You can create custom stickers with a third-party app and upload them onto Telegram.

  • You can make Telegram stickers with image editing apps like Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva.
  • Stickers can be used and sent in Telegram conversations like emojis.
  • Once you publish your sticker pack, anyone on Telegram can use it in their conversations.
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Many messaging apps allow you to include stickers in conversations with your friends and family. Telegram, a popular secure messaging app, is unique in that it actually lets you upload and use your own stickers in conversations.

You can create sticker packs and show them off as much as you want. Here’s how to make stickers and use them in your Telegram conversations.

How to make Telegram stickers

Before you can create Telegram stickers, you’ll need image editing software that lets you create PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Adobe Photoshop is the most popular image editing software out there, but if you’re looking for something less expensive, you can poke around the internet for a free alternative – we used GIMP in this instance, and there are plenty of other options available as well.

There are a few rules you need to keep in mind when designing Telegram stickers:

  • Telegram stickers must be PNG files with a transparent background.
  • Telegram stickers cannot be larger than 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Telegram stickers cannot contain copyrighted material (such as images or quotes from popular media).
How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _1
The completed sticker should have a transparent background, measure 512×512 pixels or smaller, and be saved as a PNG file.

The process of creating a transparent background for your sticker varies depending on the software you’re using, but in general, you’ll need to add an “alpha channel” to the background in order to create transparency. Once you’ve added an alpha channel, anything you erase or delete in that layer will become transparent, represented by a white and gray checkerboard pattern. With this, you can edit the image to your liking and save it as a PNG file once you’re done.

Just remember that once you’ve made and published a pack of stickers (as we show how to do below), the stickers are public for everyone on Telegram. So if there’s anything in your stickers that you’re not alright with strangers seeing, leave them out.

How to add and use your sticker pack in Telegram

After you’ve created your sticker pack, you’ll need to upload them to Telegram before you can start using them in a chat. To do this, you’ll have to contact the Telegram sticker bot.

1. Open the Telegram app and log in if prompted.

2. Tap on the search bar and type “stickers,” then tap on the Telegram sticker bot once it appears. This will create a new conversation with the sticker bot; tap “Start” to begin.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _2
Start a conversation with the Telegram sticker bot.

3. Type “/newpack” (without quotation marks) into the message bar and tap the blue arrow to send the message.

4. Type a name for your sticker pack in the message bar and tap the blue arrow.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _3
After you name your sticker pack, Telegram will direct you to upload the file.

5. Now it’s time to upload your first sticker. Tap on the paperclip icon in the message bar, then tap “File,” and then select the sticker you want to upload.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _4
Make sure you upload your sticker as a file, not a photo; if you try to upload it as a photo, Telegram will reject the sticker.

6. Use the emoji keyboard to type and send an emoji that applies to the sticker you just uploaded. This helps the sticker bot categorize the stickers.

7. Repeat steps five and six for each sticker you want to include in the sticker pack. Once you’ve finished adding stickers, type “/publish” (without quotation marks) into the message bar and tap the blue arrow.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _5
Once you finish adding stickers to your pack, use the /publish message command to indicate that you’re done.

8. Telegram will give you the option to upload an icon for your sticker pack. If you choose to do so, the icon must be 100 x 100 pixels. This isn’t required, though, so if you want to skip this step, just type “/skip” (without quotation marks) into the message bar and tap the blue arrow.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _6
The short name you choose will be incorporated in Telegram’s unique link for your sticker pack, so you might have to try a few before finding one that isn’t taken.

9. Type a short name for your sticker pack and tap the blue arrow. This will be included in the URL that Telegram creates so that you can share the sticker pack. If a short name has already been taken or isn’t usable, Telegram will ask you to choose a different one.

10. Telegram will send you a link for your sticker pack. Tap on the link, then tap “Add Stickers” to download the sticker pack. You can also share the link with your friends so that they can use your stickers as well.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _8
Telegram creates a unique link that you can share with others, allowing them to use your stickers, too.

11. Now that you’ve created and downloaded your sticker pack, you’ll be able to include them in messages like any other sticker. Start a conversation with a friend and give it a try.

How_to_make_Telegram_stickers_ _9
Once you’ve added them, your stickers will appear in your sticker keyboard and you can use them like any other sticker.

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