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Keeping up with the digital health boom

Dealmaking is heating up in healthcare.

Case in point: Ro on Wednesday made its third acquisition in the last year, buying at-home diagnostics startup Kit.

Megan Hernbroth spoke to some of the folks involved in inking digital health deals. They’ve been working overtime amid the boom – pulling all-nighters and working seven days a week.

The boom has led to a new crop of healthcare startups.

With the help of the VC team here at Insider, we pulled together a list of 23 of the most promising healthcare startups of 2021.

Read the full list here>>

Blake Dodge meanwhile has spent the past few weeks searching out the bankers that every digital health company should know.

They shared with her predictions for the future of the industry.

Meet digital health’s go-to bankers>>

12 top bankers break down how tech is driving record deals and the next generation of giants

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The cost of inequity

Over the last few months, the Insider newsroom has been busy reporting on a series that quantifies the cost of inequity in the US.

The healthcare team contributed some articles:

Find the whole project here>>

How inequity persists in America

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What’s fueling women’s-health startups

It’s Patricia Kelly Yeo’s last week with us here on Insider’s healthcare team! In her final few weeks, she went deep on what’s happening in women’s health.

On the heels of Ro’s announced deal to buy Modern Fertility, we started wondering what the future of women’s health looks like: Is it possible to grow a startup focused on something like fertility, or contraception? Or is the fate ultimately to become an acquisition target?

Kelly spoke to experts in the field to understand how women’s-health startups could benefit from all the dealmaking.

Meanwhile, Kindbody last Friday raised $62 million, valuing the fertility clinic startup at $612 million.

That puts Kindbody as one of the top-funded women’s-health startups.

Get the full list here>>

From birth-control delivery to online pregnancy care, here are the 9 highest-funded women’s-health startups

More stories we covered this week:

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35 healthcare startups that are set to take off, according to top VCs

healthcare startups taking off in 2021 4x3

After 2020, healthcare startups will never be the same. 

Amid a pandemic, venture funding for startups hit a record, billion-dollar deals were struck, and companies braved the public markets for the first time.

With all eyes on the industry heading into 2021, Business Insider’s healthcare team interviewed 26 healthcare investors to learn which startups are poised to take off this year.

We asked the investors to name companies from their firms’ portfolios, and ones they haven’t invested in. We noted when investors have stakes in the companies they nominated. 

For some, that meant identifying startups that have seen their businesses take off amid the pandemic, like Everlywell, and others that have had to adapt as more care moved online, like Cityblock Health. Others still picked startups finding new ways to tackle conditions like ADHD, as Akili Interactive is doing with its FDA-approved video game. 

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Meet the 35 healthcare startups VCs say will take off in 2021

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Here are Business Insider’s biggest healthcare stories of 2020

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Dear readers, somehow, we’ve made it to the final day of 2020. How are you feeling? I’m awash with emotion reflecting on this roller coaster of a year. It’s a year that’s brought so much joy and sorrow – professionally and personally – for so many. 

As we head in to 2021, the healthcare team here at Business Insider is here to guide you through all of the happenings in the industry. But before we do, I wanted to reflect on some of the stories I’m most proud of from our team, which has grown so much since the first week of January when Zach Tracer and I were a team of two blogging away about healthcare.

This year, I’m grateful for smart analysis, reporting that broke news, and – most especially – a team big enough for a few five-reporter bylines. 

Here are some of the stories we’re most proud of from the year – arranged chronologically for a reminder of just how much has transpired in the past year

With that, I hope you all have a Happy New Year! See you in 2021. 

– Lydia

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