A brawl outside Shake Shack in Detroit involving up to a dozen young girls was caught on camera

Shake Shack
Shake Shack said it is investigating the incident.

  • A large group of girls were captured fighting outside a Detroit branch of burger chain Shake Shack.
  • The altercation began inside and continued outside in the parking lot, according to Fox 2.
  • Shake Shack told the outlet it was disturbed by what happened and has launched an investigation.
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A mass brawl that apparently began inside a Shake Shack branch and spilled out into the parking lot was captured on video.

The altercation, which witnesses say fizzled out after a few minutes, involved a group of 10-12 teenage girls, according to Fox 2.

A witness also suggested that the girls may have been employed there, due to the logo on their shirts, although Insider has been unable to confirm this. Shake Shack did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Witness Jason Taylor told Fox 2: “I’m looking and I see the green burger (logo) on their shirts and I said they’re the Shake Shack girls,” of seeing the group of women brawling in a parking lot outside of the burger chain. “I told my cousin, ‘No Shake Shack today, buddy.'”

Taylor also told the outlet: “A girl flew over the chain with a juice bottle and was hitting the girl in the head with it. I didn’t try to break up anything because it’s Detroit, anything can happen.”

Detroit police said no police report was filed, according to Fox 2.

The fast-food chain told FOX 2 it is “disturbed by what happened and are launching an investigation” and that could mean disciplinary action, adding “safety for customers and staff is number 1.”

There have been several reports of violence at other fast-food premises in recent weeks.

In June, Memphis police reportedly arrested two customers who started a shooting in Burger King because their chicken sandwich had too much hot sauce, as Insider’s Grace Dean reported.

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Detroit’s mayor reportedly said J&J’s vaccines aren’t as good, so he said declined the city’s first shipment

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan
Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

  • Detroit’s mayor said no to an initial shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines, CNBC reported.
  • He reportedly said Detroit had enough supply and it would introduce the single-shot vaccine later.
  • 11.3 % of Detroit’s population is currently vaccinated against COVID-19. 
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Detroit’s mayor, Mike Duggan, said in a press briefing on Thursday that he would not accept a first-time shipment of Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot coronavirus vaccine, CNBC reported on Friday

Duggan reportedly cited concerns about the vaccine’s efficacy. The vaccine, according to reporting from Insider, has been proven to be 66% effective at preventing coronavirus overall, and data from Johnson & Johnson shows a 100% prevention rate of hospitalizations from the virus.

The FDA approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for “emergency use” by Americans over 18 years of age on February 27.

“Johnson & Johnson is a very good vaccine,” Duggan told media outlets including CNBC on Thursday. “Moderna and Pfizer are the best. And I am going to do everything I can to make sure that residents of the city of Detroit get the best.”

On Friday, Andy Slavitt, a White House coronavirus advisor, told the press that Duggan’s comments had been misconstrued, according to reporting from US News and World Report.

Duggan also reportedly said that Detroit had enough supply of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to inoculate everyone eligible in the city. He told the city council in a statement reported on CNBC that “as vaccine eligibility expands, Detroit will open a second site offering Johnson & Johnson vaccines.”

According to Detroit’s coronavirus tracking dashboard, 11.3% of the city’s population is currently vaccinated.

The mayor’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider. Politico reporter Adam Cancryn tweeted a statement from Duggan’s office saying that the city is making plans to distribute the Johnson & Johnson shot down the line, but not addressing the mayor’s reported refusal directly.


Insider published an analysis on Monday saying that, with its single-shot formulation, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine may be a better alternative than the two-shot Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for young and healthy people. Given that the shot works after a single appointment, herd immunity is within closer reach. 

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Dozens of Whole Foods employees at a Detroit store have tested positive for COVID-19 and health officials are now sending a warning to customers

Whole Foods
A Whole Foods Market worker moves grocery carts in Durham, N.C., Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

  • A Whole Foods store in Detroit is being pummeled by COVID-19 after 24 employees tested positive.
  • So far, no customers have reported catching the virus as a result of the outbreak.
  • Detroit’s health department is asking shoppers who visited the store to check for potential symptoms.
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A Whole Foods Market in Detroit is being pummeled by COVID-19 after 24 employees tested positive for the virus, Detroit’s health department said in a public health notice.

So far, no customers have reported catching the virus as a result of the outbreak, but the city’s health department is asking shoppers who visited the store from February 12 to 22 to monitor themselves for potential symptoms.

Employees are not allowed to return to the store until they’ve quarantined, showed no symptoms, and tested negative, according to the health department. It’s now also working with the Amazon-owned grocer for vaccine access and safety procedure monitoring. 

“The safety of our team members and customers remains our top priority, which is why we are taking comprehensive action to address this issue and have rolled out extensive measures to keep people safe in our stores,” a Whole Foods spokesperson told Insider in an email statement. The spokesperson also noted the mandatory negative test result before workers can return to the store.

Marc Perrone, the international president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, has called the Detroit Whole Foods outbreak “another wake-up call to grocery companies and elected leaders.” 

“The fact is that this pandemic is far from over and national grocery companies are failing to do what is necessary to protect essential workers and the customers who depend on them every day,” Perrone said in the press release.

In December, a worker at the afflicted Whole Foods store sent a mass email to employees asking the grocer to update its policies to better protect its employees. In the letter, the unnamed employee asked for several changes, including the reintroduction of hazard pay and health benefits, and a face mask or shield mandate.

“If we allow this to continue, the company will remain completely disconnected from the interest of their workers, taking advantage of our fear and desperation in these trying times,” the email read. “No one would argue that the COVID outbreak is … Amazon’s fault, but the company has no excuse for such a cruel reaction to this pandemic.” 

In response to the letter, a Whole Foods spokesperson told Insider in December that safety is a high priority for employees and workers. 

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