I learned how to dance like Beyoncé from her choreographer

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Manny: That’s JaQuel Knight. He’s a dancer and choreographer. He’s also the creative mind behind many of Beyoncé’s iconic performances. I caught up with JaQuel at the Monsters Dance Convention in New Jersey. He was teaching choreography to literally hundreds of kids. I quickly got a sense of the talent and work ethic that made him successful.

Manny: The story goes that you were teaching Beyoncé choreography at age 18.

JaQuel: Yeah.

Manny: How did you get to meet Beyoncé? How did that whole thing start?

JaQuel: So I moved to LA right outta high school. And literally maybe a year into LA, I was at this audition for Michelle Williams with Frank Gatson. He enjoyed me, my freestyle, he was like, “Hey I got this Beyoncé record, can you come to New York tonight?” “When you get here if she likes you you’ll stay, if not we’ll get you back on a plane to LA.”

Manny: What was your reaction?

JaQuel: Yeah, hell yeah, get me on that goddamn flight.

Manny: JaQuel went on to choreograph stars like J. Lo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and more.

Manny: Who was your favorite to work with?

JaQuel: They’re all very special, ya know.

Manny: That’s like a parent saying all of their kids are special, though.

JaQuel: ‘Cause these are all stars. All your kids aren’t superstars.

Manny: Most recently, JaQuel collaborated with Beyoncé for her famous Beychella performance. The choreography incorporated homecoming moves made popular by historically black colleges and universities It was a smash hit.

After the convention, JaQuel agreed to give me a personal dance lesson. Um, just watch for yourself.

Manny: JaQuel, I want to know how to dance like Beyoncé. This is me right here. This is where I wanna grow from.

Manny: How was that?

JaQuel: That was good.

Manny: It was good?

JaQuel: That was really good actually.

Manny: You don’t have to lie.

JaQuel: Okay, it was okay.

Manny: Okay, it’s painfully obvious that I’m not gonna be dancing like Beyoncé any time soon, but I did have one more question for JaQuel.

Manny: Will you say “hi” to Beyoncé for me?

JaQuel: Negative! Hah!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video was originally published in February 2019.

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Watch the humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics perform an elaborate dance number in their first video since being bought by Hyundai

Boston Dynamics, Atlas

The humanaoid robots from Boston Dynamics are back with another video, but this time the focus isn’t agility or power – it’s all about how well they can dance.

In a routine that would be at home on “Dancing with the Stars,” Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot gets down to The Contours’ “Do You Love Me?”

As ever, the impressive video sparked responses far and wide – from the apocalyptic “We’re doomed,” care of sports broadcaster Rex Chapman, to the absurd, care of Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

It’s the first such video from Boston Dynamics following its acquisition by Hyundai from Softbank in mid-December that valued the robotics company at $1.1 billion.

Boston Dynamics describes the dance routine as a celebration of “the start of what we hope will be a happier year.”

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