Fox News airs promo for Dan Bongino’s streaming show with Gilbert Gottfried saying he’s ‘sentimental about old time lynch mobs’

Actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried is interviewed on Fox News.
Actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

  • Actor Gilbert Gottfried said he misses “old time lynch mobs” in a promo aired on Fox News.
  • Gottfried was a guest on Dan Bongino’s new Fox Nation streaming show “Canceled.”
  • Thousands of Black people were tortured and killed in lynchings from 1877 to 1950.
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In trying to make a point about “cancel culture,” actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried evoked “old time lynch mobs” in a promo that aired on Fox News Monday morning.

Gottfried, who lost his role as the Aflac duck after making tasteless jokes about Japanese people following the nation’s deadly 2011 earthquake, was being interviewed by Dan Bongino, a Fox News contributor and host of the new show “Canceled” on the Fox Nation streaming platform.

The promo chosen for Bongino’s show airing on “Fox & Friends” involved Gottfried comparing how he was “canceled” to Black people being hunted down and killed by mobs in the post-Civil War South.

“When I hear about another person getting in trouble now, I always think ‘Oh, thank God them and not me.’ ‘Cause I’ve been through it a few times,” Gottfried said.

“The internet makes me feel sentimental about old time lynch mobs,” Gottfried continued after a cut in the promo. “At least lynch mobs, they had to put their shoes on, go out, get their hands dirty, and deal with other people. Now you sit in your underwear on your couch, there with your phone … and you have a lynching there.”

Unlike calls to get someone fired online, lynchings resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths between 1877 and 1950, according to the Equal Justice Initiative’s comprehensive study and mapping of the killings, which primarily targeted Black Americans in the South after the abolition of slavery. Historians have struggled to get an accurate accounting of lynching murders because of a lack of historical records and the sheer prevalence of the practice through the Reconstruction era.

Bongino’s show is one of several on the Fox Nation streaming platform focused on cancel culture, which has emerged as a top issue at the network amid a drive for subscriptions.

After the Gottfried clip aired, Bongino promised “your jaw is gonna drop” from people he interviewed being “canceled for the most innocuous things” before plugging his podcast and radio show during his appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

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Geraldo Rivera calls Dan Bongino a ‘son of a b—-‘ and ‘nothing but a punk’ in chaotic Fox News segment

bongino rivera showdown hannity
Fox News contributor Dan Bongino argues with Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera on “Hannity” Wednesday night.

  • Two Fox News stars got into an intense shouting match on “Hannity” Wednesday night.
  • Longtime correspondent Geraldo Rivera called Dan Bongino a “son of a b—-” live on-air.
  • “I wanna see the country burn? You son of a b—- … You’re a punk, Bongino,” Rivera said.
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What started as a standard segment on looting between Fox News colleagues Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino Wednesday night quickly escalated into a shouting match before host Sean Hannity managed to cut to commercial.

Geraldo Rivera, a contributor-at-large with a tenure approaching 20 years at the network, lost his temper when podcaster, Fox News contributor, and frequent “Hannity” guest Dan Bongino told him to “take a Valium” and “stop pretending to be a cop.”

“There’s a big difference between reporting on a baseball game and playing it, Geraldo. You never wore a badge, period,” Bongino said after Rivera talked about Black Americans being three times more likely than whites to be killed in an encounter with police.

“Not interested in your reporting on it, because reporters deal with facts, and you brought the race card into it the other night when we had this debate, despite having no facts to back that up, and when I brought up the facts that there is no systemic racism-” Bongino continued before Rivera cut him off.

“I know more than you. What do you know?” Geraldo said after Hannity tried to simmer the panelists down. “What’d you have, a ten minute career as a cop? You’ve been running for office for the past 20 years!”

Bongino – who served in the NYPD from 1995 to 1999 and ran for Congress in 2012, 2014, and 2016 – continued to lament Rivera cutting him off and “promoting a race narrative” on police brutality.

“If there was a plague of police officers hunting Black men down at night, then I don’t understand, how is that happening?” Bongino said as Rivera grew increasingly irritated. “Where is this massive body count?”

As the commercial music began jingling and crosstalk intensified, Bongino told Rivera “you just wanna see the country burn.”

At that point, Rivera let loose with an expletive on the primetime program.

“I wanna see the country burn?” Rivera yelled. “You son of a b—-! I wanna see the country burn? You punk! You’re nothing but a punk. You’re a punk, Bongino. You’re a punk.”

“You wouldn’t tell me that to my face,” Bongino replied.

“Oh yeah?” Rivera said as Hannity cut to commercial. “Let’s see.”

Hannity did not address the exchange after he returned from commercial break, cutting right to his interview with Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana.

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Parler offered Trump’s company 40% ownership of the app to make it his go-to social media platform

Matze Trump Parler
Parler ex-CEO John Matze and former President Donald Trump.

  • The Trump Organization held failed talks with Parler to become a part-owner, BuzzFeed News reported.
  • Parler offered a 40% stake in exchange for Trump making the app his go-to social media platform.
  • The talks could have violated anti-bribery laws, ethics experts told BuzzFeed.
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Parler and the Trump Organization, negotiating on behalf of then-President Donald Trump, held talks that would have given Trump’s company a major stake in Parler in exchange for the president making it his go-to social media platform, BuzzFeed News¬†reported Friday.

After former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale raised the idea to Trump last year, Parscale and Alex Cannon, a lawyer for the campaign, got together with Parler’s then-CEO John Matze as well as investors Dan Bongino and Jeffrey Wernick, according to BuzzFeed.

Parler offered Trump’s company a 40% stake, doled out over two years – and in exchange, it wanted to require Trump to post on Parler four hours before reposting his content on other platforms (while also always linking back to Parler), BuzzFeed reported.

According to its report, the talks between Parler and the Trump Organization began last summer and were revisted after Trump lost the election to Joe Biden, but ultimately failed – and it wasn’t clear how involved Trump was in the negotiations.

Parler, the Trump Organization, and Trump’s personal office did not respond to a request for comment.

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Trump’s sprawling business empire – and his refusal to distance himself from it while president – raised broad concerns about whether he was abusing the office to enrich himself.

During the first two years of his presidency, Trump earned $73 million in foreign deals. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, also set up a shell company to secretly pay Trump family members as much as $617 million.

Ethics experts told BuzzFeed News that a deal with Parler would have violated anti-bribery laws because Trump would have received something of value in exchange for Parler getting a say over where Trump made his official statements.

Parler quickly gained popularity among Trump supporters and far-right figures in November following the election due to its lax approach to moderating content, though Trump never made a verified account there.

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But following the Capitol attacks, which rioters planned in large part on Parler, the company faced swift backlash over that approach. Apple and Google removed the app from their app stores, and Amazon cut off web-hosting services to Parler, forcing the platform offline. The companies said Parler had repeatedly refused to remove violent content or adjust its moderation approach to be in line with their policies.

Matze said this week that he was fired by Parler’s board and major investor Rebekah Mercer, a far-right donor that was particularly influential during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

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Dominion’s lawyers demand Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Parler preserve posts by Trump and other far-right figures, ahead of threatened defamation lawsuits

Giuliani Fox News interview

Lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems sent letters Thursday to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Parler, asking them to preserve posts by more than a dozen high-profile far-right individuals and news outlets ahead of threatened defamation lawsuits.

“A number of posts on your website must be preserved because they are relevant to our client’s libel claims; these claims are based on false accusations that Dominion rigged the 2020 election,” lawyers from the firm Clare Locke, which represents Dominion, said in the letters.

The lawyers said that, between November and January, then-President Donald Trump, his campaign, attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, prominent QAnon adherents Ron and Jim Watkins, and far-right commentator Dan Bongino all posted content that could be relevant to Dominion’s defamation lawsuits.

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Dominion makes voting machines and has been the target of conspiracy theories, extensively amplified by Trump and his allies, that the company rigged the election.

Last month, Dominion filed defamation lawsuits against Giuliani for $1.3 billion and Powell for another $1.3 billion, and had sent letters threatening to sue various pro-Trump media figures.

In the letters, Dominion’s lawyers said “more will follow.”

Dominion also asked the social media companies to preserve posts and data from the accounts of: Fox News and Fox anchors Sean Hannity, Jeannine Pirro, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs; far-right news outlets One America News Network, The Epoch Times, Rebel News, Newsmax, and Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly; Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis; former national security advisor Michael Flynn, entrepreneur Jovan Pulitzer, discredited election analyst Russell Ramsland, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, and conservative talk radio host John Catsimatidis.

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