Transphobic abuse hurled at Caitlyn Jenner at CPAC conference, called a ‘sick freak’ and deadnamed

Caitlyn Jenner.
Caitlyn Jenner.

  • Caitlyn Jenner was hit with transphobic abuse while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference.
  • A heckler filmed himself repeatedly deadnaming her and calling her a “sick freak.”
  • The former reality TV star is running in California’s recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom.
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Caitlyn Jenner was harassed and hit with transphobic abuse while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas.

A heckler filmed himself approaching the former reality TV star, who is running for governor of California, and repeatedly deadnaming her and calling her a “sick freak.”

Calling a transgender person by their birth name is known as deadnaming, and it can be a stressful and triggering experience.

A video of the abuse was posted to Twitter by the account Patriot Takes, which monitors right-wing media. The identity of the attacker who filmed the video is not clear.

The video shows the heckler approaching Jenner while she poses for photos in the lobby of the Hilton Anatole Hotel.

“Hey, Bruce. Bruce, what do you think about the stuff that they’re teaching in schools regarding the LGBTQ?”, the heckler shouts at her.

As Jenner walks away, he pursues her and says, “About Jesus Christ, Bruce. Don’t forget about Jesus.”

Jenner continues to ignore the attacker, and as she exits the hotel and heads towards a waiting car, the heckler says “look at that sick freak.”

Caitlyn Jenner is in Dallas to attend CPAC, an annual gathering of top US conservatives. The former reality TV star, a vocal Republican, runs in California’s recall election against Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

In her first press conference since announcing her candidacy, Jenner recently said, “I am a private citizen of the state of California, I have every right in the world to be able to run for this office and I am on the Republican side. Obviously, I’m on the Republican side.”

“But don’t put me in this box, like if you’re in this box of ‘you’re a Republican, you have to think this way,” she said.

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Kids held in a Dallas migrant shelter are reportedly hungry and begging volunteers for food

A security guard at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center checks in vehicles carrying basketball hoops Thursday, March 18, 2021, in Dallas. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is using he convention center as an emergency intake site to hold migrant teens who have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border.
A security guard at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center checks in vehicles carrying basketball hoops, March 18, 2021, in Dallas.

  • Migrant children held in a Dallas holding center are hungry and begging for food, The Daily Beast reported.
  • Other reports say the children are also depressed and advocates worry about their mental health.
  • “It’s disturbing,” one volunteer told The Daily Beast. “They are being treated like prisoners, and it’s insane.”
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There’s concern that children at one migrant shelter in Dallas, Texas, are being inadequately fed, according to The Daily Beast.

Five volunteers told The Daily Beast migrant children held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas often said they were hungry and begged for food.

“Numerous children have told me they are hungry and have begged me for additional food even after they have had a meal,” volunteer and special education teacher Kirsten Chilstrom told the outlet. “The food quality is subpar at best.”

Another volunteer, Sam Hodges, said there are problems with rationing the food at the convention center.

Multiple reports painted a concerning picture of conditions at the shelter, which is one of several temporary federal shelters opened to migrants amid a surge at the US-Mexico border. CBS News reported that March counted a record of nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children reaching US custody and 5,767 minors held in custody. Since then, the number has fallen about 88% to 677 unaccompanied children in custody as of May 2.

Earlier this year, the public got a first look inside the facility after a congressional representative leaked photos to the media. One facility showed adults and children sitting in what appeared to be makeshift rooms separating out groups of people.

Each room was cordoned off by what looks like a plastic enclosure, drawing comparisons to jail cells. Dozens of masked children can be seen lying down on gray mats. Some were crowded into corners, despite the threat of the coronavirus spreading. Others appeared to sit on the floor.

Such conditions have caused lawmakers and human-rights experts to sound the alarms and argue that migrant children should have better treatment upon crossing the border.

NBC affiliate KXAS-TV reported that there are concerns related to the mental health of the children in the facility.

“A lot of the kids are stressed out, high anxiety levels,” local LULAC president Rene Martinez told KXAS-TV of the conditions inside. LULAC is a civil-rights organization focusing on supporting Latin American citizens. “There’s been a few fights,” Martinez said.

Other advocates told the Dallas Morning News that kids are being held with limited access to sunlight and there are children with depression.

“It’s disturbing,” Chilstrom told the Daily Beast. “They are being treated like prisoners, and it’s insane.”

The Dallas shelter is managed by a military contractor called Culmen International, the Daily Beast reported. But Culmen does not usually have any input into children’s welfare, according to the Daily Beast.

Culmen International did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. Neither did the Department of Health and Human Services.

But in a statement to the Daily Beast, the agency emphasized that the Dallas shelter provides temporary housing for migrants and said children receive meals and participate in recreational activities, among other things.

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Southwest Airlines has added new service to 2 hot vacation destinations ahead of the potential summer travel boom

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airline.

  • Southwest Airlines will begin offering new services to Florida and Montana.
  • This includes Florida’s Destin-Fort Walton Beach and Montana’s Bozeman Yellowstone airports.
  • Southwest has been drastically expanding its flight services since last year.
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Southwest Airlines will begin offering flights to Florida’s Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport and Montana’s Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in May ahead of the potential summer travel boom.

Travel, especially by air, dropped significantly in 2020 as COVID-19 first began taking its hold on the US. But now, the travel and hospitality industry is hoping that pent-up demand and the continuing vaccine rollout will lead to a big spike in travel this summer. 

As a result, companies are gearing up for this potential boom, including Southwest Airlines. In the last year, Southwest has dramatically expanded its flight offerings with new services to locations like Palm Springs, California, Cozumel, Mexico, and Miami.

Now, the airline has added additional flights to two travel hotspots: Florida and Bozeman, Montana.

Bozeman, Montana – known as “Boz Angeles” – has become a hot destination, especially for wealthier travelers looking to trade city life for a break in nature. Bozeman also been named one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and offers close access to hotspots like Yellowstone National Park.¬†

This will be Southwest Airline’s first destination in Montana. Flights to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport will take off from airports in Denver and Las Vegas starting at $40 beginning May 27.

On the opposite end of the climate spectrum, Florida has also emerged as a top travel destination during the COVID-19 pandemic due to its warm weather and more relaxed restrictions. Southwest already flies to 10 other airports in Florida but decided to expand its offerings in the state for “winter-weary families” looking to get away to warm destinations, Andrew Watterson, Southwest Airlines’ executive vice president and chief commercial officer, said in the press release.

Direct Southwest flights to Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport can be taken starting May 6 from these four airports: Dallas Love Field, Baltimore/Washington, Nashville, and Chicago Midway, the latter starting June 6. These flights will start at $70.

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Dallas is an enticing destination for history buffs, foodies, and sports fans. Here are the 9 best Airbnbs for your visit.

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Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Luxe warehouse in downtown Dallas, $557

  • Significant landmarks and southern hospitality make Dallas enticing to history buffs and foodies.
  • From a city bungalow to a tree house by the lake, Airbnb has a plethora of rental options in Dallas.
  • We’ve rounded up Airbnbs in the most desirable parts of Dallas that range from $80 to $465 per night.¬†

Texas might elicit an image of cowboy boots and country music, but the city of Dallas leaves the honkytonk to its neighbor Fort Worth. Just like any major city, Dallas is peppered with neighborhoods dedicated to preserving historical architecture, supporting small businesses, indulging in upscale dining, celebrating art and culture, and so much more. 

While Austin often gets more attention, Dallas doesn’t waiver from its spot as one of the five largest metro areas in the US. The city also holds an important part of American history, memorializing the plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.¬†¬†

Though a good spot to visit in any season, plan your trip during the fall to take advantage of the best weather, when you can avoid cold winter temperatures, extreme summer heat, and the possibility of a spring tornado. During non-pandemic times, visits from September to November can also include catching a Cowboys game or attending the State Fair of Texas.

There are a wide range of Airbnb options available in Dallas to suit all budgets and needs, from a downtown loft ideal for a first introduction to the city to a tree house on the outskirts of town for a more secluded stay ensconced in nature. 

While Airbnbs have been noted by experts as a safer choice than hotels, keep in mind that traveling anywhere right now comes at a risk. We recommend continuing to follow guidelines from the CDC by wearing a mask in public spaces, practicing social distancing, and frequently washing hands. Also, be sure to check state and local guidelines, and take extra precautions if you’re traveling to or from a hotspot area.¬†¬†

We rounded up the best Dallas Airbnbs based on the following criteria:

  1. Each property rental is private and includes the entire apartment or home, per current expert recommendations.
  2. Airbnb listings were selected based on their walkability, proximity to top attractions and the overall safety of the surrounding areas.
  3. Price was taken into consideration, with nightly rates ranging from $80 to $557. Each listing has also received at least a 4.74 rating.
  4. Standout design and decor, as well as access to solid amenities, were also considered.

These are the best Airbnbs in Dallas, sorted by price from low to high.

Trendy city flat near Lower Greenville, $80

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Trendy city flat near Lower Greenville, $80

Book this city flat starting from $80 per night 

Greenville Avenue in east Dallas is lined with some of the city’s trendiest restaurants, bars, and concert venues, many of which inhabit historical buildings from the early 20th century. A few personal favorites include HG Sply Co., Granada Theater, and Greenville Avenue Pizza Company.¬†

This apartment itself is cozy as can be, with whitewashed walls and subtle desert design elements, like a cactus print that hangs in the bedroom and an Aztec-inspired rug that sprawls across the living room floor. Sink into a plush, four-poster Queen-size bed or cuddle up by the fireplace. The host also provides guests with free coffee from the local coffeehouse Toasted, as well as tickets to the nearby Dallas Arboretum.

The property has plenty of availability throughout 2021.

The Topanga in Lower Greenville, $105

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - The Topanga in Lower Greenville, $105

Book this retro apartment starting from $105 per night

Capturing the childhood of every millennial, this apartment will convince you that you’ve traveled back in time to early ’90s. “Rugrats” and “Friends” posters hang on the bedroom walls; there’s a cereal buffet in the kitchen with options like Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms; a collection of movies can be popped into the VHS player; and classic Nintendo 64 controllers let you play Super Mario Kart while reclining in a blue blowup couch. Every detail strikes nostalgia, right down to the coffee table magazines with cover stars like NSYNC.

To take it back to the ’80s, head to The McFly, located right across the street, which conjures the nostalgia of parachute pants and movies like “Back to the Future.”

Located on the south end of Lower Greenville in a residential part of town, this apartment has plenty of availability throughout 2021.

Prairie-style cottage with backyard in Bishop Arts District, $112

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Prairie Style dottage with backyard in Bishop Arts District, $112

Book this countryside bungalow starting from $112 per night

The Bishop Arts District is an up-and-coming slice of town with a lot of character. You won’t find many major retailers here; rather stroll and peruse independent stores selling vintage records, hand-poured candles, and handmade jewelry.

The prairie-style cottage provides a nice complement to the surrounding area. A front porch swing out front sets the tone for this colorful bungalow boasting vaulted ceilings and swanky furniture, like a vintage dining room table painted baby blue. 

Outside, you’ll find a backyard patio where a barbecue grill and table are set up under bistro lights that create an idyllic scene for a night-in.¬†¬†

The property has plenty of availability throughout 2021.

Paris-inspired loft in the Main Street District, $119

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Paris inspired loft in the Main Street District, $119

Book this studio apartment starting from $119 per night

Boasting a Dallas-by-day and Paris-by-night vibe, this studio apartment, cheekily named “Nid d’amour” (“love nest” in French), is inspired by the City of Lights. Parisian illustrations on the walls and light pink accent pillows fluffed on a Queen-size bed create a charming retreat. Large, industrial windows frame views of downtown, and the unfinished ceiling, track lighting, and exposed brick behind the headboard add to its overall urban aesthetic.

A concentrated experience of Dallas is just outside. The Main Street District is close by and top attractions include The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (which preserves the history of the assassination of JFK), upscale hotels like The Joule Dallas, The Dallas World Aquarium, and the 30-foot-tall ‘Eye’ sculpture. A 5-minute drive away is the entertainment district Deep Ellum, which is a grungy music and nightlife scene, where street art covers the exterior walls of warehouse buildings.

Already booked through the summer months, the apartment becomes available again in September. 

Elegant apartment in Uptown, $130

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Luxury apartment in Uptown, $130

Book this elegant apartment starting from $130 per night

Live like a local during a stay at this luxury apartment in the heart of Uptown Dallas, an architecturally vibrant section of the city.

Through touchless check-in, guests access an open-concept floor plan with a warm color scheme that is innately Texas, where the focal point is a tufted brown leather couch. Step out onto a private balcony or retreat to the master bedroom, where wall art with bull horns hangs over a Queen-size bed.

Venturing off property, the best way to start the day is with a walk, jog, or bike ride along Katy Trail, which is less than a 10-minute drive away and commences at the beer garden Ice House.  

Reservations here go quickly, so plan ahead for a trip during the summer or fall months when the apartment still has availability.

Charming bungalow in Knox-Henderson, $135

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Charming bungalow in Knox Henderson, $135

Book this country-chic house starting from $135 per night

To the west of US Highway 75 is Knox, a destination for shopping, having brunch, or doing both at the same time on the rooftop at Restoration Hardware. To the east of the highway is Henderson, an area known for its nightlife. This charming bungalow allows for easy access to both areas. 

This home is a comfortable distance from the bar scene and is ideal for a family of four, with a Queen-size memory foam mattress in the first bedroom and a trundle bed in the second. On the front porch, a swing topped with tropical accent pillows sways near the peach-colored front door. Once inside, the kitchen’s cobalt blue cabinetry, offset by white subway tiles, draws your attention. Decor throughout the living room hinges on geometric shapes, and the backyard even boasts a Zen garden, as well as a screened-in porch and pergola for relaxing outside.¬†

The property has plenty of availability throughout 2021.

Boho-chic suite in Victory Park, $159

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Boho chic suite in Victory Park, $159

Book this centrally located apartment starting from $159 per night

The Guild Victory Park suite is a 15-minute walk from the House of Blues Dallas and a 5-minute walk from the American Airlines Center, where the Stars and Mavericks play. While games and concerts aren’t taking place amid the pandemic, the surrounding area still boasts plenty of sports bars and entertainment venues. The Design District, with its upscale showrooms and art galleries, is also right across the highway.

Retreating back to this apartment is ideal for a group of less than four. The one-bedroom unit features bohemian design elements with plenty of succulents, colorful artwork, and patterned pillows, in an otherwise sleek and updated unit. Property highlights include a fitness center with Peloton bikes, an infinity-edge pool, and an outdoor deck with fire pits.

The property has plenty of availability throughout 2021, except for during the months of August and September.

City escape tree house near White Rock Lake, $322

Best airbnbs in Dallas - City escape treehouse near White Rock Lake, $322

Book this handcrafted home from $322 per night

If you’re searching for a more remote escape just outside of the city, this two-bedroom tree house in Little Forest Hills offers a unique stay. The handcrafted home is situated near White Rock Lake, where picnickers lay out blankets on the grass to watch the breeze carry windsurfers across the water. It’s also within close proximity to The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which is a nice outdoor activity where social distancing is easy.¬†¬†

Although it’s listed as a tree house, this property is much more luxurious than a backyard structure where kids can play. A bridge and gravel pathway lead to the front door of the home that’s surrounded by Japanese maples. Inside, floor-to-ceiling windows let natural light drench the rustic-yet-refined living room. A spiral staircase leads to a lofted bedroom and master bedroom, complete with a King-size bed, jetted tub, and walk-in rain shower.¬†

The property has limited availability throughout 2021, so make sure to book far in advance of your trip.

Luxe warehouse in downtown Dallas, $557

Best Airbnbs in Dallas - Luxe warehouse in downtown Dallas, $557

Book this 1940s vintage warehouse from $557 per night

As one of the pricier Airbnbs on our list, it should be noted this luxury warehouse can host a larger family or group of friends quarantining together. Located southeast of downtown Dallas, in the Cedars neighborhood, this area isn’t usually frequented by out-of-towners, giving a quieter and more residential feel.

Reality TV fans may recognize this famous property since it was flipped on the show “Cash Pad” by the season 13 Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher and her fianc√©, Jordan Rodgers. When you first step inside, make sure to look up. Not only are the ceilings vaulted to expose the overhead beams, but the light pendants in the living room are fastened to an upside-down kayak. A partial wall divides the living room from an expansive kitchen area, where bicycles hang from the wall and can be used by guests during their stay.¬†

The master bedroom has a King-size bed and ensuite bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub. A second bedroom includes four Queen-size bunk beds, each with a Purple mattress. Stay entertained by playing pool on a vintage 1961 Brunswick table inside the warehouse or venture out to the close by Gilley’s Dallas, a music and entertainment venue.¬†

The property has limited availability this spring, but bookings open back up in July 2021, so make sure to book far in advance of your trip.

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Phoenix chalet: Credit Airbnb
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American Airlines flight diverted to Phoenix after passengers fight over racial slur

American Airlines Plane
American Airlines Boeing 787-9 takes off from Los Angeles international Airport, California on January 13, 2021.

  • Flight¬†776 between Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles had to be diverted to Phoenix.
  • Kelly Pichardo, 30, and Leeza Rodriguez, 29, were asked to stop using a slur by another passenger.¬†¬†
  • Both women were charged with disorderly conduct¬†and Pichardo also faced an additional assault charge.
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An American Airlines flight was diverted after two women got into a fight with another passenger over their use of a racial slur.

Flight 776 between Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and Los Angeles had to be diverted to Phoenix on Wednesday due to the incident. 

Kelly Pichardo, 30, and Leeza Rodriguez, 29, were asked to stop using the term by another passenger, according to Phoenix Police. 

In a statement seen by NBC News, Sgt. Mercedes Fortune of Phoenix Police said: Kelly Pichardo became upset and allegedly spat at the male passenger who had asked her to stop using that language,”

“The male passenger then began to record the two women and that is when Leeza Rodriguez struck the man’s hand to keep him from recording the incident.”

Both women were charged with disorderly conduct upon landing at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, where Pichardo also faced an additional charge of assault, the Arizona Republic reported.

American Airlines spokesman Derek Walls told the Arizona Republic: “Their behavior was disturbing and unacceptable, and they have been placed on our internal refuse list pending further investigation.”

“We continue to investigate this incident and are working directly with impacted customers to ensure their well-being. We thank our crew members for their professionalism in managing a difficult situation.”

The flight continued onto California without any further issues. 

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The top 10 places Americans moved to at the height of the pandemic in 2020

moving to texas
Six of the 10 places on the list are located in Texas.

  • Millions of Americans have requested mail-forwarding services amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • MyMove, analyzing US Postal Service data, found that Americans moving between February and July 2020 mostly fled urban cores for more suburban areas.
  • The country’s largest winner of residents was Texas. Six of the 10 places on this list are Lone Star State suburbs.
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The coronavirus pandemic upended American life this past spring and summer, driving millions to move in search of more comfortable work-from-home locales and greener pastures.

Analyzing US Postal Service data, MyMove found that almost 16 million Americans moved between February and July. Mail-forwarding requests to USPS made in that time frame show that moving Americans mostly fled urban cores and relocated to more suburban areas.

Some moves were short-term. Temporary change-of-address requests to the US Post Office were up 27%  in 2020 versus 2019. Permanent change-of-address requests were up 2% from last year. 

Requests from the height of the pandemic largely show that Americans were moving away from cities and toward less densely populated suburbs. New York City lost over 110,000 residents from February to July, according to USPS. Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles lost thousands, too.

Texas, however, gained thousands of residents amid the pandemic.

Of the top 10 places that gained residents per USPS, six were located in Texas. All were suburbs of the state’s largest cities: Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

While it seems like everyone is moving to the Lone Star State, other locations in Florida and Idaho made the list, along with a tony Hamptons neighborhood in New York state.

Keep reading for a look at the most popular locales Americans decamped to this year:

10. Meridian, Idaho

Boise Idaho
Meridian is outside Boise, Idaho, pictured above.

Number of residents: 2,088

Population in 2019: 114,161

Metro area: Boise

Read more:¬†The great migration of 2020: People from New York and California moved in droves this year ‚ÄĒ here are the states that benefited from the mass exodus, from Idaho to Texas

9. Riverview, Florida

Tampa Florida
Riverview is outside of Tampa, Florida, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 2,093

Population in 2019: 91,190

Metro area: Tampa

Read more: Hedge funds tour Florida office space ‘one to three times a day’ amid ‘torrential’ interest from out of state, broker says

8. Cumming, Georgia

Atlanta Georgia skyline
Cumming is just outside Atlanta, Georgia, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 2,128

Population in 2019: 6,547

Metro area: Atlanta

7. Cypress, Texas

Houston, Texas
Cypress is outside Houston, Texas, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 2,147

Population in 2019: 82,257

Metro area: Houston

6. Leander, Texas

austin texas
Leander is just outside of Austin, Texas, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 2,294

Population in 2019: 62,608

Metro area: Austin

5. Georgetown, Texas

Austin Texas
Georgetown is just north of outside of Austin, Texas, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 2,337

Population in 2019: 79,604

Metro area: Austin

Read more: Elon Musk and other tech powerhouses are flocking to Texas, pushing an already bonkers real-estate market to new heights. Take a look inside Austin, which is quickly becoming the next Silicon Valley.

4. East Hampton, New York

east hampton
Women crossing the street in East Hampton, New York on September 8, 2020.

Number of residents gained: 2,476

Population in 2019: 12,960

Metro area: New York City

Read more: The Post Office says 300,000 New Yorkers have fled the city ‚ÄĒ for places like the Hamptons and even Honolulu

3. Frisco, Texas

frisco football field
The Dallas Cowboys practice in Frisco, Texas.

Number of residents gained: 2,604

Population in 2019: 200,490

Metro area: Dallas

Read more: Frisco, Texas, is one of America’s fastest-growing cities. Here’s why so many people are moving there¬†

2. Richmond, Texas

Houston Texas
Richmond is outside of Houston, Texas, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 3,000

Population in 2019: 12,578

Metro area: Houston

1. Katy, Texas

Katy is just outside of Houston, pictured above.

Number of residents gained: 4,414

Population in 2019: 21,729

Metro area: Houston

Read more: Elon Musk, like everyone else, is moving to Texas. Here are 12 Lone Star State cities America is in love with.


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Flights are being halted at 2 major airports in Texas to disinfect an air traffic control center where 2 workers tested positive for COVID-19 this week

Dallas Ft. Worth Airport
An American Airlines plane at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

  • The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for flights departing and arriving into Dallas while a facility is being cleaned after two workers tested positive for COVID-19 this week.
  • Flights are also temporarily barred from landing or taking off from any airport under the airspace, which extends across Northern Texas from parts of New Mexico to parts of Louisiana and Arkansas.¬†
  • Exactly 22 people working at the facility reported having COVID-19, the highest of any FAA facility in Dallas.¬†
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Flights in and out of Dallas are being grounded as the air traffic control center responsible for the region’s high-altitude airspace is undergoing a two and a half hour cleaning after one of the facility’s personnel tested positive for COVID-19.

This is the second case this week where facility personnel tested positive for the virus, with the most recent incident occurring as recently as Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration’s website shows. Six FAA facilities in the Dallas area have reported positive COVID-19 cases, four of which reported cases multiple times, but this facility has experienced a whopping 22 cases, including Wednesday’s.¬†

The FAA issued a ground stop for all aircraft landing within the facility’s airspace during the cleaning, which extends well beyond the Dallas metropolitan area. Its airspace includes the skies above most of Northern Texas, Southern Oklahoma, Western Arkansas, Western Louisiana, and Eastern New Mexico.¬†

Dallas-bound flights that haven’t taken off yet are being held at their departure airports while flights en route to the area will likely need to enter holding patterns or divert to other airports outside of the airspace until the ground stop is lifted.

The Dallas Air Route Traffic Control Center typically coordinates flights in upper altitudes that depart from and arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas’ Love Field. The airports are home to American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, respectively, which operate hundreds of daily flights from the city.¬†

Aircraft slated to fly through Dallas’s wide-ranging airspace may also need to be rerouted around it, which can increase flight times for other aircraft. The facility is still open, the FAA confirmed to Business Insider, but likely operating with a reduced workforce due to the cleaning.¬†

The first high-profile incident of COVID-19 affecting sensitive air traffic control facilities occurred in March when the air traffic control tower at Chicago’s Midway International Airport was forced to close, grounding flights in and out of the airport. In Las Vegas, the extended closure of McCarran International Airport’s air traffic control facilities meant aircraft had to communicate directly with each other to coordinate their movements.¬†

Air traffic controllers at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport retreated to a secondary location while their control tower was closed for cleaning in March. Not all airports, however, have backup facilities for their air traffic control operations.¬†

Air Route Control Centers are also typically closed overnight for cleaning to reduce the impact on flights during the day but the frequency of cases this week likely prompted the afternoon cleaning. The ground stop also comes during what is proving to be the busiest travel time of the pandemic with over one million daily passengers passing through US airports on the days surrounding the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.¬†

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