A luxury DC wine bar is closing ahead of a once-in-a-decade swarm of trillions of ‘Brood X’ cicadas, which could be louder than a jet plane

  • Little Pearl, a luxury DC wine bar, is closing for a month during an upcoming, rare cicada swarm.
  • Trillions of “Brood X” cicadas emerge from the ground once every 17 years across the eastern US.
  • Little Pearl said the sound, which could be louder than a jet, would “ruin” people’s dining experience.
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A luxury wine bar in Washington, DC, is closing for a month in anticipation of a giant swarm of trillions cicadas across the east coast, but other restaurants in the area are adamant they’ll stay open, according to a report by The Washington Post.

“We have decided to pause service at Little Pearl for 4 weeks starting May 10th in preparation for ‘Cicada Season,'” Little Pearl, a wine bar in the Capitol Hill area, told a customer who tried to get a reservation at the restaurant, per The Post.

Small numbers of cicadas appear in the eastern US every year – but occasionally, a giant swarm emerges from the ground. This year, cicadas known as “Brood X” are set to emerge from the soil to mate and then die across late May and early June. The happens just once every 17 years, which is the length of their lifecycle.

For the five to six weeks that they’re above ground, the live cicadas – and their crunchy, discarded exoskeletons – will be impossible to miss.

The swarm will hit the Northeast, including DC, Maryland, and New York, alongside parts of the Midwest and West Virginia, Dr Michael Raupp, professor emeritus of entomology at the University of Maryland, told WJLA. In some areas, there will be 1.5 million cicadas per acre emerging from the ground, he said.

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Male cicadas are known for their loud buzzing noise, which they make to attract females. Gene Kritsky, a biology professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio, previously told Insider that during the 2004 swarm a colony of Brood X cicadas made noises louder than the sound of a typical jet flying into Reagan National Airport.

Little Pearl told said in the email to the customer that “we know in good faith that a single 100 decibel cicada will ruin anyone’s dinner experience, a ‘tsunami’ of them will be impossible to control.”

The bar said the customer could reschedule, get a refund, or move the reservation to its sister restaurant.

Little Pearl told Washingtonian that it was also using cicada season as an opportunity to redecorate its restaurant and get prepared to reopen at a bigger capacity. “We are closing … in order to renovate, clean, reorganize, up-train, and get all our affairs in order as the pandemic caused so many disruptions,” the bar’s owner Aaron Silverman told the publication.

“It just so happens that this period of time falls during heavy cicada season, and roughly 80% of our current seating is outdoors in a heavily vegetative area (lots of trees, plants, etc) as we are in the garden of the Hill Center. This seemed like the best window to take advantage of.”

Other restaurants The Post spoke to said that they weren’t worried about the upcoming storm.

The owner of downtown Italian restaurant i Ricchi told the publication that it wasn’t “really affected” by the last storm, while L’Auberge Chez Francois’s owner said that it hadn’t been a “huge problem.”

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TSA ‘significantly increased’ security at DC airports ahead of Inauguration Day

Transportation Security Administration agents process passengers at the south security checkpoint at Denver International Airport in Denver.

  • The Transportation Security Administration has ‘significantly increased’ security at DC airports ahead of Inauguration Day. 
  • Following the attacks at the Capitol building two weeks ago, TSA is processing hundreds of names with law enforcement agencies for a thorough risk assessment, according to a statement published Friday.
  • Similar to previous inaugurations, screening officers will be deployed to assist the Secret Service by screening individuals along the parade route and those authorized to attend the Inauguration in-person.
  • But TSA Media Relations manager Robert Langston told Insider that while the agency has a traditional role in security related to presidential inaugurations, “this year may be different in that there is still a pandemic and a different threat environment.”

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The Transportation Security Administration has ‘significantly increased’ security at DC airports ahead of Inauguration Day, the agency announced in a statement Friday. 

Following the attacks at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, TSA is processing hundreds of names with law enforcement agencies for a thorough risk assessment.

“Our intelligence and vetting professionals are working diligently around the clock to ensure those who may pose a threat to our aviation sector undergo enhanced screening or are prevented from boarding an aircraft,” the statement said.

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As in previous inaugurations, TSA officers will be deployed to assist the Secret Service by screening individuals along the parade route and those authorized to attend the Inauguration in-person. Beyond the Inauguration grounds, TSA has implemented additional layers of security at all three Washington, DC-area airports, according to the TSA statement.

Those security layers include more law enforcement and explosives detection canine teams, random gate screening, increased number of Federal Air Marshals on certain flights, and additional Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams to provide greater security presence at certain rail transportation hubs.

While the US Secret Service has primary responsibility for the coordination of security planning and implementation, TSA will play a key role in supporting those efforts.

TSA Media Relations manager Robert Langston told Insider that the agency has a traditional role in security related to presidential inaugurations, but this year is different. 

“This year may be different in that there is still a pandemic and a different threat environment,” Langston said. “TSA maintains a security posture that is based on a risk- and intelligence-based assessment and contains multiple layers of seen and unseen methods.”

Federal officials are investigating people who took part in the riot at the U.S. Capitol to determine whether they should be barred from traveling on airlines.

A spokeperson for American Airlines told Insider they are working closely with local law enforcement and airport authority partners to “ensure the safety of our customers and team members on the ground and in the air.”

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Mary Trump says her uncle is more desperate now and Americans should be ‘both enraged and terrified’

mary trump donald trump 2
Mary Trump and President Donald Trump.

  • Donald Trump’s estranged niece told Insider the failed coup leaves her uncle more desperate now. 
  • Mary Trump said the president is incapable of accepting a loss.
  • She predicts that if Trump isn’t removed from office before his time runs out, he will grow increasingly unstable. 
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Mary Trump was in the middle of a therapy session on Cape Cod Wednesday when a mob of extremists obsessed with keeping her uncle in office breached the Capitol building. 

It was about a half-hour into the response to the attempted coup when Trump, the president’s estranged niece, tuned in to the madness in real time. 

“At one point it had that September 11 feeling for me,” Mary Trump told Insider Thursday. 

“None of it’s surprising. Nobody should be surprised by any of this,” she said. “And that’s including the horrific not just lack of response, but apparently polite assistance, offered to this insurrectionist mob.”  

Trump, a clinical physiologist, has been an outspoken critic of her uncle, and last year published a tell-all book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

She told Insider she hasn’t been in contact with anyone from Trump’s immediate family or orbit since the publication of the book. 

However, she can imagine, based on his history of narcissism, that he is more desperate now than ever.

“Donald always thinks that it’s impossible for him to lose and that, no matter, what he will end up with the win, even if there are several hundred thousand asterisks after it,” the president’s niece said. “He’s increasingly made desperate by the fact that literally nothing seems to be working. There’s nobody to get him out of this.”

Trump said she’s not sure her uncle is mentally capable of recognizing that his time in the White House is truly coming to an end. If he does, though, he could be especially dangerous. 

“This goes against everything that he’s ever experienced in his life, on top of which, of course, is that the worst thing in the universe he could be is a loser,” Mary Trump said. 

Supporters of President Donald Trump take over balconies and inauguration scaffolding at the United States Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Mary Trump said she thinks she’s been using the word “heartbreaking” too frequently since her uncle took office, but that it’s the most apt to describe how she feels about witnessing Wednesday’s chaos in the District of Columbia.

“It’s all heartbreaking, that’s just it, to see these enemies of democracy – these people who would like to see the end of America to keep a traitor like Donald in office illegally – casually walking our Capitol building and degrade everything it symbolizes,” she said. 

Even after law enforcement regained control of the building, more than four hours after the siege began, some politicians still stood in opposition to the election. 

“It’s the most egregious and appalling display of contempt for our Constitution that I’ve ever seen by people who were elected and swore to defend and protect that Constitution,” Mary Trump said.

She said the scene at the Capitol was made possible by the notion that America is a “horribly racist country” that doesn’t have a problem with domestic terrorism if the actors are white. 

Still, as serious as the actions were, she worries the mob she said her uncle created was just a “shot over the bow.” 

While she doesn’t have any insider information on plans for her uncle or his children after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, she knows he is incapable of accepting a loss.

“Of course, what happens when he no longer has the power and protection of the Oval Office? He’s in serious, serious trouble when January 20 rolls around,” she said. 

“He’s going to be very busy dealing with indictments. He’s got at least three lawsuits that I know of, one of which is mine, that will require him being deposed,” she added. “And he also has the probability, I think, of having his enormous debt called in by banks that now don’t have any reason not to call in his debt.”

Mary Trump expects the president will attempt to pardon himself, and those around him, from any federal crimes, but that ultimately it won’t protect him from an inevitable life of difficulty. 

“He can go ahead and do that, it will be a horrific thing to witness, just like everything else has been, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not going to get them out of state charges or pending lawsuits, or financial difficulties,” she said. 

Before it even gets that far, though, Trump needs to be “impeached and removed from office immediately,” his niece told Insider.

“If that doesn’t happen, that is an abject failure of our system and it doesn’t bode well for our very fragile, wounded democracy,” she said. 

Beyond that, though, if Donald Trump isn’t removed before his time in office runs out, he will grow increasingly unstable, she said. 

Aides to the President said this week that he was so detached from reality during the siege they had given up trying to communicate with him during the crisis.

“If you’re paying attention right now, you should be both enraged and terrified,” Trump said. “It is exhausting, but necessary because when people aren’t paying attention, things like yesterday are allowed to happen.”

The White House didn’t immediately return Insider’s email seeking a response to Mary Trump’s thoughts on her uncle. 

“We can’t put anything past Donald. He’s desperate, he’s terrified, he has absolutely no empathy, and he’s a nihilist,” the president’s niece added.

“I’m not entirely sure that it’s possible for him to recognize that he’s going down, because his narcissism runs so deep, but if he does get to that point, he will bring us all down with him.”

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A judge banned Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio from DC ahead of this week’s pro-Trump rally. Tarrio is charged with burning a Black Lives Matter flag.

Enrique Tarrio
Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, stands outside Harry’s bar during a protest on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC.

  • Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio was banned from DC ahead of this week’s “wild” pro-Trump rally.
  • A superior court judge included a stay away order as a condition of release for Tarrio’s recent arrest on charges that he burned a Black Lives Matter flag.
  • The judge said it was the least-restrictive measure, as Tarrio had posted on Parler that he would burn another Black Lives Matter flag. 
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The Proud Boys chairman has been banned from Washington, DC, ahead of this week’s pro-Trump rally. 

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio was arrested Monday night on a destruction of property warrant stemming from a mid-December protest that involved the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner belonging to a historically Black church in the nation’s capital

When Tarrio was taken into custody, police found two high-powered magazines branded with the Proud Boys logo in his bag, according to DC Superior Court documents viewed by Insider.

The devices were unloaded, and Tarrio told law enforcement he intended to sell them to someone he was meeting in DC at the rally.

Proud Boys branded magazines
Tarrio was carrying to high-capacity magazines at the time of his arrest, police say.

Tarrio pleaded not guilty to destruction of property and possession of a high-capacity ammunition feeding device charges Tuesday afternoon from his holding cell at the metro police station. 

Magistrate Judge Renee Raymond ordered Tarrio, who was held overnight, to be released on the condition that he stay out of the District of Columbia. 

Raymond said she was imposing the condition because Tarrio recently posted a meme on the encrypted chat platform Parler indicating he would burn another Black Lives Matter flag. 

The Proud Boys leader also posted about burning the church’s banner on social media.

The flag burning took place during the Dec. 12 Trump rally, for which Tarrio previously told Insider he was overseeing security. 

Tarrio, who is Cuban-American, has maintained to Insider that Proud Boys – a recognized hate group linked to street fights and violence around the US – is not racist or white supremacists by nature, while recognizing that some members hold those beliefs. 

“Given there are a lot of Black Lives Matter placards, banners, and alike in the District of Columbia, this will be the least restrictive condition” of release, Judge Raymond said. 

At the time of his arrest, Tarrio was arriving ahead of a pro-Trump rally planned to take place in the city this week. The demonstration is intended to coincide with Congress formalizing the presidential election results on Wednesday. 

Donald Trump, who continues to fuel conspiracy theories that President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory was fraudulent, recently tweeted that the rally would be “wild.”

The National Guard has been activated to handle crowd control this week. 

Tarrio is scheduled to return to court on June 8. 

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