How to specify multiple affiliate programs in affiliate disclosure?

Hey there fellow affiliate marketers!

I run a software review website that has reviews on various online services, including:

  • VPNs
  • Grammar checkers
  • Website builders
  • WordPress theme builders

Now, I’m trying to get my site accepted for Google AdSense, and one of the requirements is to have a proper affiliate disclosure. As I’m a member of 10+ affiliate programs, how do I specify them in my affiliate disclosure so that it complies with AdSense requirements?

Is it okay to just list all the affiliate programs my site is enrolled in, or dedicate a paragraph explaining each of these affiliate programs?

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How likely is someone to actually become somewhat successful doing Affiliate Marketing?

I have been hearing all about affiliate marketing for a while now. Everywhere from Tiktok to Youtube. They all say anyone can do it and it is super easy. But I don’t know if I believe all of that. I am not the type of person who thinks that I will immediately find success doing this, but, I am interested and am willing to work hard to be successful. What I am wondering is if I seriously put the work in and stay committed, how likely am I to be successful? Because I don’t want to waste a ton of time and money if I will likely go nowhere with it. I like the idea of starting an online side business but I am a bit hesitant. Thanks for the feedback.

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How do you find affiliates to promote your product?

Hey, so i have a client that owns home security and self-defense product store. They offer an array of products focused on six important areas of personal well-being; security, self-defense, surveillance, spy, safety and survival.

Except for affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank and ShareaSale, how do you find affiliates? Are you building a list of bloggers in your niche or influencers and send them a mail?

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How to get the traffic

Like most people that start with affiliate marketing I have problems. Mostly in the traffic department.
I have very limited funds, like less than $100 a month I can put into this until it becomes profitable enough to self sustain. And as such I don’t find paying for ads to be viable. But I am not against it.

In your experience, how have you been able to get out there and get the traffic? Especially if you don’t want to post 100 tiktoks promoting a random product, I want an automated process that I can fire and forget, not work on for hours every day. Might as well work a 2nd job at that point. Would see more return at this point too.

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Is Click Bank Even Worth The Time And Effort?

I recently came across clickbank and I see many mixed reviews about it and so people saying that there is no real money in it, while others say they are somehow overnight millionaires or making second incomes. I wanted to ask those of you who have used clickbank how was your experience? and is it worth the time? I read a review on Clickbank and like I said I really just don’t know if I can see myself using that affiliate type of program/platform

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