Long-lasting coronavirus symptoms rare in children: Lancet study

Most children who develop COVID-19 symptoms recover after six days, and the number who experience symptoms beyond four weeks is low, according to a large UK study published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health journal.
The study, based on data reported through a smartphone app by parents and carers, provides the first detailed description of COVID-19 illness in symptomatic school-aged children.
“It is reassuring that the number of children experiencing long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 symptoms is low. Nevertheless, a small number of children do experience long illness with COVID-19, and our study validates the experiences of these children and their families,” said Professor Emma Duncan, lead author of the study, from King’s College London, UK.
The researchers noted that some adults experience a prolonged illness after COVID-19, described as long-COVID, where symptoms persist for four weeks or longer, but it is not known whether children can develop a similar condition or how .

Infosys, 4 other stocks that led Nifty’s charge to 16,000

The journey from 15,000 to 16,000 for the Nifty has been a long and arduous ride for investors compared to past 1,000-point rallies. The index took 119 sessions to move from 15,000 to 16,000 as a resurgence of coronavirus and slowdown in foreign fund fl ows dampened sentiment. In comparison, the previous two 1,000-point rallies took 25 and 26 sessions, respectively. IT bellwether Infosys led the current 1,000-point rally. Mutual funds invested nearly Rs 27,000 crore during Nifty’s upmove with foreign players’ share at Rs 17,000 crore.