Bayitakipci Review: How Bayitakipci Scams You [Bayitakipci Gözden Geçirmek]

Last Updated on December 29, 2020 by Justin Su

Looking for free Instagram followers? Surely, yes you are doing that to get free followers. You searched on Google for that and you might be seen the Bayitakipci website.

And maybe you have tried that but do you know they are a scam? Yes, they are and I am saying that after doing research on them.

Let’s check our Bayitakipci Review to understand them more.

What Is Bayitakipci?

Bayitakipci is a Turkish platform that offers free Instagram followers. Instagram beğeni for free. They claim that they provides you Instagram followers for free.

The website was first formed in the year 2018 according to domain whois. The website is active since then and have thousands of visitors daily.

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How To Use Bayitakipci

If you are not from Turkey then you have to use Google Chrome or any browser that supports language translation. Because the default language of the site is Turkish.

To use Bayitakipci you have to visit their website first ( and then click on “Login with Instagram”. A new pop-up will appear where you have to log in using your Instagram credentials.

After that, you will be logged in and they will keep loading the screen with content saying something like loading followers and all that.

Is Bayitakipci Is A Scam?

Yes, they are scams and there are many similar scam sites where this site claims that you can get thousands of followers but in the end, you will get nothing.

How They Scam Users?

The main question is how they use to scam users? There are two ways to scam users first they ask you to login using Instagram from where they get your Instagram account details and they got control over it.

If you have a good amount of followers already then they use to promote their products and links or followers, takipçi parki.

Another way to scam is surveys or human verification, they ask you to complete surveys in order to get Instagram followers and takipçi Instagram follower.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any trick to get Instagram followers?

There is no hacks or Instagram takipci hilesi but you can use SMM panels in order to get followers.

Do they provide takipci like?

Takipciking, yes they do. But it doesn’t matter becaue they are scam. bayitakipci gözden geçirmek.
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