(AUG-OCT)Post Affiliate programs Invitations here – all other posts will be removed

This is the NEW thread for affiliate managers to post their programs. And for affiliates like YOU to find them.

This is where we post affiliate programs, not as normal posts. I will remove them, and I will ban you.


  • Please explain your program! Don’t just leave a link and a name to your site or program.
  • NO BITLY LINKS OR SIMILAR (reddit already has built-in link cloaking)
  • NO TRAINING, WEBINARS, NOTHING LIKE THAT – I will be even more strict this time about approving and removing posts in these threads. This is meant for people to find proper affiliate programs that otherwise might be unseen.
  • No rocket emojis or similar. We want information, not some sales pitch.
  • I will issue Permanent bans from this subreddit if you promote Crestani or any other douchebag loser.

edit: I will keep the old thread but will remove it as an announcement.

edit: Locked as of november 2nd. Will open up a new one in the future. Please do not spam the regular forum just because this sticky is locked.

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