Apple’s long-awaited location tracking gadget, AirTags, start at $29 and launch on April 30

Apple Event April 2021
Apple AirTags.

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  • Apple finally revealed its AirTags tracking accessory during a virtual press event on April 20.
  • AirTags can attach to your stuff, like your keys, enabling you to track them if they get lost.
  • Apple’s AirTags will be available to preorder this Friday starting at $29 and they launch on April 30.

After years of rumors, Apple’s AirTags were officially announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The tracking accessory, which helps users find whatever the AirTag is attached to, made its debut during the company’s Spring Loaded virtual event on April 20.

The small device is designed to stick to other products and everyday items, like keys or wallets. Once attached, you can use the AirTags and your iPhone to find your item if it gets lost.

The tiny accessory takes the form of a circular tag with the signature Apple logo. The AirTags integrate with Apple’s “Find My” app, and the app uses augmented reality to show visual markers leading you toward your lost item.

Apple Event April 2021
Apple AirTags

In a video demonstrating how it works, a man wanders around his apartment led by his iPhone on the search for his lost keys.

AirTags are functionally similar to Tiles’ lineup of Bluetooth-enabled trackers, and cost a similarly low price: A single AirTag starts at $29, and a four pack costs $99.

Apple AirTags will be available to preorder this Friday, April 23, for $29. The device is expected to start shipping on April 30.

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