A few questions before starting an affiliate business

Hi, I’ve been running my coaching and academy businesses and have been wanting to pivot for a while now.

I have extensive experience in website building and management, course creation, lms management etc.

The one thing stopping me from moving into this field was that I hate the idea of a blog about blogging, course about course creation and passive income business about passive income. To me it’s all an unregulated mlm or pyramid scheme and I didn’t even think of doing this before.

Recently I have been toying with the idea of making these courses and providing them for free and relying on affiliate income from them. I’ve seen a few people do that tbh.

My question is, 1. can people seriously make decent income from affiliate commission if they are providing genuine value? I see these people claiming 100k per month and I doubt that can be made through just affiliate commission but can one make $5-10k per month?

  1. I do have another part time business and a passive source too so if it takes a year for that income to start coming in, that’s ok. But is this a wishful thinking?

  2. Otoh, I think the only field I see people making massive affiliate commission is in the tech and software so this might work just fine. Should I give away the resources similar to what people are charging for for free?

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