26 funny but useful Father’s Day gifts that’ll give your dad a good laugh

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A meat bouquet.

  • If the father you’re shopping for is known for his humor, he’s sure to enjoy these 26 funny gifts.
  • From a meat bouquet to scotch-infused toothpicks, our top picks all include lots of laughs.
  • Need more ideas? Check out our overall best Father’s Day gifts and our specialized gift guides.

Editor’s note: It’s likely that many families will be spending Father’s Day apart this year due to the impact of the novel coronavirus. Nothing takes the place of time spent together, but if you’re looking to send a gift to Dad in lieu of a visit, we hope this list will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many dads are – for better or worse – known for their humor.

Whether he really is the funniest guy you know or his dad jokes are simply hall of fame worthy, he might appreciate a good joke (and some lighthearted sentimentality) more than anything else on Father’s Day.

If he’s hard to shop for, these 26 funny gifts are an especially good jumping-off point. Pair them with one of our other favorite Father’s Day gifts or keep them short and sweet on their own.

The top 5 funny Father’s Day gifts:

1. A Beeropoly board game

2. A meat bouquet

3. Scotch-infused toothpicks

4. “Game of Thrones”-inspired glasses

5. A custom portrait of your dad or family dog in the Renaissance style

If you’re looking for more Father’s Day gift ideas, we have you covered:

Below are 26 funny gifts for Father’s Day:

A Beeropoly board game

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Beeropoly, $35

For a fun night in with his family and kids, or for the next get-together with friends, this is something he’ll get a kick out of (and probably won’t already own). 

A meat bouquet

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A meat bouquet.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet, from $50

If a bouquet of delicious meat is more his speed than flowers, he’s going to really love this one filled with salami. 

Scotch-infused toothpicks

Screen Shot 2018 05 31 at 4.22.42 PM

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set, $35.95

For the man who has everything, scotch-infused toothpicks take his love of the stuff to the next level. 

“Game of Thrones”-inspired glasses


Premium Game of Thrones Hand-Etched Whiskey Glass (Set of 2), $36.96

Whether he reminds you of Jon Snow or he’s just demonstrated a great love for all things “Game of Thrones,” your dad will get a kick out of having this around. To make it more personalized, pick up a nice whiskey to pair with it. 

A custom portrait of your dad or family dog in Renaissance style


Custom Royal Portrait, from $25.00

Send dad’s photo off to the professionals at Etsy for his very own custom royal portrait. Or, if you think he’d rather have this with the family pet as the subject, by all means get one of Fido in a Victorian-era dress.

A bidet

Tushy bidet in a toilet

Tushy Spa Premium Warm Water Bidet Attachment, $119

I’ve given several bidet attachments and seats as gifts, and they always get a laugh, especially if the person enjoys potty humor. Long-term, bidets are lifechanging, and your dad will appreciate how useful it is. If $119 is a bit much for your budget, consider this under-$40 model instead or visit our bidet buying guide.

A mousepad with your smiling face


Custom Mouse Pad, from $9.99

If your pops regularly uses a mouse, you can put a smile on his face by creating a custom mouse pad featuring his favorite kid. Make a funny face, take a super-close-up selfie, or let your imagination run wild, and use the photo for your gift.

A breakfast sandwich maker that means business


Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $39.99

If he loves breakfast sandwiches, he’s probably going to be pretty enthusiastic when he opens this. It might seem gimmicky, but it has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6 rating. It’ll get some laughs as well for dad-sized breakfasts in the future.

Slang flashcards to keep up with the teens

slang flashcards

Slang Flashcards, $12.62

Sometimes the jargon of “the youths” can sound like a foreign language. If dad might appreciate getting in on all the lingo, these helpful slang cards aspire to camouflage each and every parent as just another teen.  

An eye glasses holder

Screen Shot 2018 05 31 at 4.25.43 PM

Eye Glasses Holder, $18

If dad is somehow always losing his glasses, a fun holder is a nice way to liven up his desk area, and keep track of them.

A box of fun and functional socks

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Father’s Day Gift Box, $38

Socks are every outfit’s opportunity for some flair. If dad might appreciate a few unforgettable pairs from a new brand, check out Happy Socks’ Father’s Day Gift Box, full of fun yet functional pairs. As with any holiday set, it also arrives looking gift-ready.

A book of “dad jokes”


Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes (Volume 1), $6.99

For more callous dad humor, you might look at the unapologetic “Sh*t My Dad Says.” 

White Walker scotch

Johnnie Walker White Walker, from $30

Johnnie Walker White Walker Blended Scotch Whisky, from $39.99

An ode to eight beautiful, bittersweet seasons of “Game of Thrones” fandom.

A cookbook that is one long “ode to the Southern breakfast”


Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day, $15.99

This book is basically a how-to for making every mouth-watering Southern breakfast Dad might ever want, and he’ll probably have a lot of fun making his way through each one. 

A customized saint candle


Custom Prayer Candle, from $20

Yes, finally a way to express to dad just how miraculous you find him to be. Whether he’s fixing your garbage disposal because it’s making a weird sound or he always knows the right things to say, a saint candle with his face on it is one reminder that he’s pretty great in your eyes.

A customized bobblehead


Custom Bobblehead, $79.50

What’s a better homage to your dad than a bobblehead made exactly to his likeness? Send in a photo and the figurine will be made to order in an LA studio. 

“Game of Thrones” Monopoly

monopoly $41.13

Monopoly: Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition Board Game, $50

Use this to give a nod to his “Game of Thrones” obsession and institute a family game night. 

A card that shows you appreciate his dad humor


Dad Jokes Card, from $4.85

If your dad is the funniest guy you know, he probably knows it. Even if he isn’t, he probably thinks it. 

A matching T-shirt set for dad and baby

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Papa Bear and Baby Bear Matching Set, from $46.80

Especially for new Papa Bears, this matching T-shirt set is just as fun as it is adorable. 

A hilarious card game


Cards Against Humanity, $25

If dad loves to laugh, he should probably own a personal Cards Against Humanity set. Bring it over with some of his favorite snacks for a memorable Father’s Day he’ll enjoy every minute of.

A punny BBQ apron for the grillmaster


The Grillfather BBQ Apron, from $17.95

For an avid “The Godfather fan or just a humble grill-master with dreams of making the perfect steak, Dad will have fun wearing this around knowing you got it for him. 

“Star Wars” novelty posters


Star Wars Movie Lover Gift, $56.10

If Dad loves “Star Wars” and might appreciate a faintly artistic approach to some new decorations for his man cave, he’ll probably love these.

The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

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Culturenik Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson Pyramid Workplace Poster Print, $9.95

For those that already live by Swanson rules or would put “masonry” and “cabins” as fundamental building blocks in their life.

A brownie pan made of only edges


Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan, $36.95

So Dad never has to accept the limitations of a regular brownie pan again. From now on, the man will only have his desired edge pieces. 

A mug with a message for dad from the Donald

Father's Day Trump Mug

Father’s Day Message from Trump Mug, $16.80

This mug is sure to get any dad laughing, whether he is or isn’t a fan of Trump.

This shirt for a “Mandalorian” fan

Dadlorian Shirt

The Dadalorian Shirt, from $17.99

A riff on the beloved Disney + TV Show,”The Mandalorian,” fans and dads will love it.

Looking for more gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.

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