24 iPhone accessory gifts for Apple lovers

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Apple Airpods on a Red background
If the iPhone user in your life doesn’t have AirPods yet, they make a great gift.

One of the great things about the iPhone is that there is a veritable smorgasbord of iPhone accessories for all sorts of budgets. From high-end headphones to affordable cases, durable Lightning cables, and even a game controller, there are plenty of ideas out there to fit the interests of loved ones on your shopping list.

At Insider Reviews, we’ve tested tons of devices and researched many others. Here’s a look at some of the best gift ideas for the iPhone owner in your life, from stocking stuffers as cheap as $10 to the Apple Watch.

The majority of these gifts are available with “free” two-day shipping if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

A PopSocket grip


PopSocket Grip, available at PopSocket, $8+ 

It seems like iPhones get bigger every year, so why not buy a nice sturdy PopSocket grip and save your loved one the pinky strain? These handy grips stick on the back of most iPhone cases with ease and pop out twice to provide excellent grip. Your giftee can even use them to prop up their phone so it stands alone as they watch videos.

PopSocket grips come in more patterns, colors, and styles than I can count, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches the personality of your loved one. I personally love my PopSocket grip so much that I can’t imagine life without it.

A long, weighted iPhone cable

native union

Native Union Night Cable, available at Amazon, $39.99

There are two things wrong with the Lightning cable Apple used to include in the box with each new iPhone: The cable is too short and it’s too weak. Native Union’s Night Cable solves both those problems with a 10-foot-long durable cable that can easily reach to charge your phone.

It also has a handy knotted weight on it that you can move up and down the cable to ensure that your iPhone stays on the table while it charges without falling or moving. It’s our favorite long iPhone cable.

A gorgeous leather case

Nomad iphone case

Nomad iPhone cases, available at Nomad, $49.95 to $69.95

There’s nothing better than a leather iPhone case and Nomad makes our favorite ones. Not only are they durable and protective, but the cases are also made with soft Horween leather that ages beautifully. We can’t recommend these cases enough.

A fun case

case mate case

Case-Mate iPhone cases, available at Amazon, from $32

Case-Mate makes lots of fun iPhone cases, so there’s sure to be one that your iPhone fan will like. From sparkly cases and iridescent ones to retro Kodak and camo cases, Case-Mate has a ton of designs. The cases are protective, too.

A tracking device so that you never lose your wallet or keys

Tile Mate Essentials pack

Tile Mate Starter Bundle, available for $39.99 at Amazon

If you know someone that can’t seem to keep track of their belongings, try gifting them a Tile Mate. This tiny Bluetooth-enabled tracker lets you locate misplaced items through an app on your phone within a 200-foot range. And, if you don’t want to reach for your phone, you can always ask Alexa to find your keys or the TV remote.

A rock-n-roll Bluetooth speaker

Marshall kilburn ii

Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker, available at Amazon, $249.99

Marshall is known for its classic rock-n-roll aesthetic, and its Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker is an icon in its own right. This speaker has the classic Marshall look and appears to be an amp at first glance. It’s actually a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a massive battery inside that can last through about 20 hours of playback. I use this speaker at home often, and I love it — your iPhone-addicted giftee will, too.

A wireless charging pad

Courant catch:2

Courant Catch:2, available at Amazon, $150.00

If the person you’re shopping for has an iPhone 8 or newer, you should get them a wireless charger. This one from Courant is perfect. It’s both beautiful and practical, as it charges two devices wirelessly at the same time at up to 10 watts. It’s made of Italian leather and has an attractive braided nylon cable. Thanks to its five charging coils, there are no dead spots, either.

A wireless charger for that can power your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at once

iPhone Accessory gifts Logitech

Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock available for $129.99 at W.B Mason

Anyone with more than one Apple device knows that your night stand can quickly become cluttered. A charging dock like the Logitech Powered 3-in-1 can save you some space and add convenience by combining your charging needs into one sleek dock. This particular model stands out for its relatively speedy charging time and ease of use, as reviews from Engadget and PCWorld indicate.

Stylish on-ear wireless headphones

B&O H4

Bang & Olufsen H4 headphones, available at Amazon for $294.73

Bang & Olufsen makes gorgeous wireless headphones that look as great as they sound. They are expensive, but the sound quality, classy design, and stable Bluetooth connectivity make them a great choice — especially for people who have an iPhone 7 or newer without the headphone jack.

The latest Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE Turquoise

Apple Watch SE, available at Best Buy, starting at $259

Just about every iPhone owner will love to have an Apple Watch, so this is really a fail-safe gift. Although it’s not the top-of-the-line Series 6 watch, it has all the features most people want for less. It can track fitness metrics, keep tabs on heart rate and health, go swimming, buzz with notifications, and so much more. It’s a true companion to the iPhone.

A dedicated iPhone gaming controller

iPhone accessory gifts SteelSeries

SteelSeries Nimbus+ for iOS and Apple TV, available on Amazon, $59.99

For the mobile gamer in your life, chances are they’d appreciate some dedicated controls for their favorite games. As excellent as Apple’s touchscreens may be, they just don’t compare to buttons and joysticks for games. A controller like the SteelSeries Nimbus+, which was designed specifically for Apple devices, should make gaming on the iPhone feel much more console-like.

An effective waterproof case

Lifeproof fre

Lifeproof Fré Case, available at Amazon, $29.99-$80.99

If your loved one lives a life aquatic — or is just a lovable klutz — they need the Lifeproof Fré iPhone case. This case is fully submersible in water that’s up to 6.6 feet (2 meters) deep for 1 hour. It’s also fully sealed with its built-in screen protector and port covers, so it’s safe from the elements.

A pair of touchscreen gloves so that you can keep using your iPhone in the cold

iPhone accessory gifts The North Face

North Face Etip Gloves, available at North Face in and sizes,  for $45

Whether you’re in the car or out for a walk this winter, these gloves from North Face are a great choice for anyone that wants to keep their phone handy on-the-go. We love these gloves because they have a natural fit and allow you to use your phone with any finger, not just your index finger or thumb. 

A fast charger and USB-C-to-lightning cable


Belkin USB-C-to-Lightning Cable, available at Amazon, $19.99

Belkin USB-C Wall Adapter, available at Amazon, $16.99

With Belkin’s USB-C-to-Lightning Cable and USB-C Wall Adapter, anyone who has a newer iPhone can take advantage of faster charging speeds. The cable is also durable and well made, plus, it’s MFi certified by Apple to be safe.

An easy, durable screen protector

InvisibleShield scree protector

InvisibleShield Screen Protectors, available at Zagg, from $19.99

It’s so easy to scratch or crack a phone screen by accident, so we recommend picking up a screen protector as a small, practical gift. Zagg is famous for its screen protectors because they are durable, easy to apply, and some offer special features like blue light blocking and privacy shields. Price and availability may vary depending on which iPhone model you’re shopping for.

The most ubiquitous wireless earbuds


Apple Airpods, available at Best Buy, $159.99

Although there are truly wireless earbuds that sound better and cost more, Apple’s Airpods are among the best you can buy because they are just so simple and easy to use with an iPhone. They pair effortlessly, never lose connection, and they come in a wirelessly charging case that charges them.

Apple’s ultimate AirPods

airpods pro

Apple AirPods Pro, available at Adorama, $219

For those that either have more expensive taste or want the absolute best and latest Apple tech, whoever you’re gifting will definitely appreciate the AirPods Pro — especially for its water resistance and active noise cancelling, neither of which the traditional AirPods have.

A portable battery pack


Elecjet PowerPie Battery pack, available at Amazon, $49.00

Although iPhone battery life has improved markedly over the years, it’s still a good idea to have a portable battery pack on hand for charging emergencies. Elecjet makes our favorite battery pack with its 20,000mAh of capacity that can charge up iPhones, tablets, and even laptops.


A camera lens attachment

Olloclip iphone camera lens

Olloclip Lens Kits, available at Olloclip, starting at $109.99

Although the latest iPhones have great cameras, lens kits like this one from Olloclip make the photo quality even better. Your giftee can add fish-eye, macro, and wide-angle lenses to their iPhone with the Olloclip to take special photos.

A clever way to expand storage

SanDisk iExpand

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 64GB for iPhone, available at Amazon, $36.99

There is nothing worse than running out of storage on your iPhone or struggling to transfer photos and files from your phone to your laptop. SanDisk’s iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone solves both problems with an elegant solution that works effortlessly.

The drive has a regular USB-A end that will fit in most laptops and a lightning end that fits all iPhones so you can offload files and transfer them back and forth. It’s great for extra photo storage.

A portable photo printer


Lifeprint 3 x 4.5 Portable Photo and Video Printer, available at Amazon, $89.99

Although sharing digital photos is fun, sharing physical photos is wonderful. Lifeprint’s portable photo printer can reproduce high-quality photos on special photo paper in a 3-by-4.5-inch size that’s perfect for sharing.

You can do lots of fun things with the app, too, and make your Live iPhone photos come to life as animated GIFs as you hold your phone above the printed photo. Lifeprint’s printers can communicate with each other, too, so if both you and your loved one have a Lifeprint printer, you can send photos to print at each other’s printers.

A 3-pack of lightning cables so you never run out

Anker lightning cable

Anker PowerLine Lightning Cable (3ft) Apple MFi Certified, 3-Pack, available at Amazon, $22.99

It’s all too easy to lose lightning cables, so it’s a great idea to stock up with a three-pack of Anker’s PowerLine cables. These 3-foot-long cables are sturdy, last a long time, and have good reach. They’re also our pick for the best iPhone lightning cable you can buy in our guide.

A straight-up fitness tracker

Fitbit charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4, available at Fitbit, $119.95

When it comes to fitness trackers, Fitbit is the most well-known brand and the Charge 4 is an excellent gift for iPhone owners who want to get and stay fit.

An effective and reliable car mount

iottie car phone mount

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Air Vent Car Mount Phone Holder, available at Amazon, $24.95

Driving without a car mount for your phone is a recipe for disaster, but luckily, you can get your loved one a phone mount like this one from iOttie for a great price. It adjusts to fit any iPhone and it’ll fit in any car’s air vent. It’s easy to angle any which way so you can see the phone properly when you drive. It’s a godsend for when you need GPS for driving directions.

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