17yo with chronic illness looking for a job that pays $13+ per hour

So I’m a 17F (18 in September) who’s been dealing with chronic pain and sciatica that has gotten exponentially worse very quickly. I’m an AP art student in high school with a graphic design background and adobe certified– and I’ve been working at a grocery store in customer service since 2019. I’ve started using a cane at work because I can’t stand for more than half an hour to an hour without experiencing serious discomfort, which transitions into pain throughout the core muscles of my body at the 1.5-hour mark, and even with my cane once I hit 2.5 hours I’m done- I need to sit. But now that I am sitting while cashiering the stool they’ve given me is at the heights where it’s just a slightly more tolerable, different kind of pain that’s still extremely uncomfortable.

I currently make 10.70 and it’s just not enough to cover my meds anymore now that my painkillers have increased, not to mention I need to get my license and insurance is through the roof for someone my age (at least in the state I live). I’ve gotten scammed before with fake WAH opportunities and was wondering if anyone knew anything legit I could get into I’d love to hear some suggestions because I’m getting desperate. I’m tired of looking for jobs to apply to and getting redirected through three to four different sites that keep requiring my email or go through tests just to find the actual application.

I’ve become trapped in this cycle of working to pay for my needs, medical in particular- while hurting myself in the process, and I can’t afford to make under 13 an hour bare minimum, I can’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore and with every shift I work, with every day I have to work through longterm pain and discomfort, the more I dread and dislike a job I previously enjoyed and its been taking a large toll on my mental health. I need to work sitting down comfortably, I just can’t do this anymore- please, I’m in desperate need of suggestions, preferably from employees who’ve worked at those jobs who can tell me about them.

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