12 best places to buy artificial plants that don’t look fake, plus expert tips on how to style them

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It’s possible to have green decor flair without an ounce of high maintenance care. If you, like me, frequently buy plants to liven up your space with the best of intentions, only to have them die a few months later, perhaps it’s time to embrace the faux plant trend.

I’m now the proud owner of a silk pothos plant and a perfectly styled fake bird of paradise. Thanks to advice from Carlos Franqui, the mind behind Floratorium, which creates stunning large-scale installations often with fake blooms for hotels, restaurants, and boutiques, I looked for silk, real-touch plants and styled them with natural elements.

Now, I frequently get compliments on my verdant dupes and guests tend to be shocked until they’re right up close when I divulge that my plants are fake. For more information on what to look for when buying fake plants and flowers and how to style them, jump to the bottom of this guide.

And if artificial plants conjure up shiny plastic leaves in your mind, think again. The best fake plants from retailers like Target, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, The Sill, and more boutique spots sell a wide variety of realistic-looking artificial plants and flowers.

Here are the best places to buy fake plants


best places to buy fake plants - amazon

Amazon has a hefty range of choices for just about anything you’re looking for, and that includes fake plants and flowers. As an added bonus you can easily sort by material, size, where you want to put the plants, and more categories.

However, with so many options available from different brands, it can be easy to get plastic-y looking plants that won’t fool anyone into thinking they are real. Just be sure to read reviews carefully and go with thoroughly vetted options because let’s face it, when fake plants are bad they are bad.

Price: Starts at $0.01

Worth a look:

Artificial Potted Green Leaf Plant in Pot (small)Artificial Palm Tree with Real Touch Technology (small)Mini Faux Potted Herbs in Pots (small)

The Sill

best places to buy fake plants - the sill

If you’re a live plant enthusiast, the Sill is likely already on your radar for their wide selection of living greenery that can be shipped right to your door. However, they’re also an option for faux plants.

While The Sill doesn’t have the biggest selection, and is a pricier option, their fakes draw praise for looking especially natural and for the lovely pots that come with the plants in a range of neutral color choices.

Price: Starts at $55

Worth a look:

Faux Pothos (small)Faux Succulent Arrangement (small)Faux Rex Begonia (small)

best places to buy fake plants - wayfair

Best known as an online retailer for reasonably priced furniture, Wayfair also dabbles in home decor needs. The brand has a large collection of artificial plants, flowers, trees, and even wreaths and hedges. 

While some are noticeably plastic-looking pieces best used for crafts, there are several options that serve as solid dupes for indoor greenery.   

Price: Starts at $14.99

Worth a look:

Artificial Bamboo Tree in Pot (small)Artificial Floor Areca Palm Tree in Planter (small)Real Touch Peony Floral Arrangement In Clear Glass Vase (small)
West Elm

best places to buy fake plants - west elm

Much like Pottery Barn, West Elm (which happens to be owned by the same parent company) sells pricey, but high-quality artificial plants and flowers.  Their collection of botanical decor allows you to bring a touch of nature into your space without any need for trying to find the right soil or fertilizer. 

Many of the plants come with beautifully designed pots and planters that give these decorative plants a truly upscale feel. 

Price: Starts at $10

Worth a look:

Faux Potted Snake Plant (small)Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree & Tall Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planter Set (small)Faux Potted Donkey Tail Plant (small)
Home Depot

best places to buy fake plants - home depot

Sure, Home Depot may be the place you turn to help you grow a real garden for its tools, fertilizer, or even materials to build your own planters. But it can also be the place you go to get a lush indoor oasis without any of that work. 

Home Depot’s artificial plants and flowers include options ranging from fake hedges and single flowers to potted trees and decorative hanging baskets. 

Price: Starts at $7.49

Worth a look:

Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3) (small)Artificial Arborvitae Tree in Dark Green Round Growers Pot (small)Tradescantia Artificial Plant Real Touch (6-Set) (small)

best places to buy fake plants - target

Target pairs the lush vibes of fake palm fronds and tropical plants with tasteful, neutral planters for a classic look. They feature plenty of options from potted artificial hyacinth and individual wisteria stems to large-scale banana plants and bamboo trees that are both realistic and long-lasting. 

Get creative with your stem arrangement and mix varieties, or pick out your own vases and planters to match your tastes.

Price: Starts at $5

Worth a look:

Artificial Eucalyptus Plant Arrangement in Pot White (small)Artificial Croton Plant (small)Artificial Potted Fern Palm with Real Touch Leaves (small)
Pottery Barn

best places to buy fake plants - pottery barn

Furniture and home good store Pottery Barn is another excellent place to shop for faux foliage. While the plants and flowers aren’t as cheap as some other options, these handcrafted beauties are some of the most real looking imposters available, and many include planters or vases that would look at home at a special event, like a wedding. Just be prepared to spend some money, particularly if you’re opting for larger-size plants and trees. 

Pottery Barn also carries less standard artificial options, like cacti, foxglove, and even potted citrus trees. 

Price: Starts at $14.50

Worth a look:

Faux Foxglove Stem (small)Faux Potted Olive Tree (small)Faux Potted Saguaro Cactus (small)

best places to buy fake plants - terrain

True to its name, Terrain has a variety of greenery, stems, and bouquets so you can deck out your space with all the faux you want. There are even floral arrangements broken down into specific items so you can purchase them all together and recreate them at home, and wire wreath bases do you can create centerpieces for special occasions. 

Price: Starts at $8

Worth a look:

Faux Potted Succulent (small)Faux Leafy Hanging Plant (small)Faux Split Leaf Philodendron Plant (small)
Nearly Natural

Best places to buy fake plants - Nearly Natural

As the name implies, Nearly Natural specializes in fake plants that look as natural as possible. Some Nearly Natural branded products can be found at other retailers like Home Depot and Amazon. But for a much larger selection of their plants, flowers, trees, and arrangements, you can buy directly from them. Their artificial faux-liage is crafted from silk for a realistic final product.  

Price: Starts at $36.99

Worth a look:

Olive Silk Tree (small)Artificial Orchid Arrangement in Vase (small)Artificial Boston Fern Hanging Basket (small)

best places to buy fake plants - artiplanto

While you won’t find any flowers here, Artiplanto has gorgeous options for artificial potted plants and hanging plants. Even interior designers have been known to turn to them thanks to the chic look of these green decor options. Their elegant woven basket planters are an especially nice touch to liven up the aesthetic of any room, and baskets and planters are sold separately from the plants themselves. 

Price: Starts at $18

Worth a look:

Zume Artificial Hanging Plant (small)Tera Monstera Artificial Potted Plant (small)Dayla Artificial Potted Flower Bouquet (small)

best places to buy fake plants - afloral

At Afloral, you’ll find everything from silk plants to outdoor plants and fig trees, as well as wedding garlands and succulents. They also sell silk flowers, artificial leaves, and live plants, too. Buy just the plants, or opt for plants and flowers that come with decorative planters — these would especially make for lovely arrangements for weddings or special occasions. 

Price: Starts at $4

Worth a look:

Natural Touch Pothos Hanging House Plant (small)Real Touch Phalaenopsis Orchids in Cream Green (small)Beige Blush Artificial Pampas Grass (small)

best places to buy fake plants - ikea

The DIY Swedish furniture giant sells more than just tables and dressers in pieces. Add a touch of nature to your home with the retailer’s lifelike artificial flowers and plants. Ikea offers some of the most affordable options out there, with many that include pots and planters still coming in under $10.

Price: Starts at $1.99

Worth a look:

Fejka Indoor/Outdoor Succulent 3 Pack (small)Smycka Ranunculus Artificial Flower (small)Fejka Hanging Eucalyptus Plant (small)
What to consider when buying fake plants and flowers

best fake plants what to consider

Let’s face it — when fake plants are bad, they’re really bad. Carlos Franqui, founder of Floratorium, is a pro when it comes to creating life-like works with faux flowers and plants. He’s created jaw-dropping installations for hotels, restaurants, and boutiques, including Marea‘s iconic outdoor seating flower tunnel, the wisteria-draped rooftop of the Beekman Hotel, vibrant window displays for Veronica Beard, plus numerous home decor projects for individual clients.  

Here’s what Franqui says to keep in mind when considering fake plants and flowers:

Use: If your main goal is a beautiful one-day event such as a party or wedding, Franqui recommends going with real blooms since making them last won’t be an issue. However, if you want the long-term look of real flowers without the upkeep, then you may want to turn to fake options. For more permanent patio decor, a floral centerpiece you don’t want to keep replacing, or a hard-to-reach corner of your home or office that doesn’t get much sunlight, fake plants and flowers can be a life-saver.   

Color: “It’s always important to look at the color of fake flowers to make sure they are as close as possible to mother nature’s colors,” says Franqui. Look for plants that have color variations as opposed to being all one color for a more realistic look. You may even want to compare photos of real plants with fake options side-by-side to ensure they’re a close match.

Material: Franqui recommends silk as a good option for a realistic look. He also says you should look for “real touch” plants and flowers. Real touch flowers and plants are made from a special liquid polymer blend that allows them to more easily take on a life-like shape, color, and feel. Some real touch flowers are made just using the polymer, but some silk flowers can also be coated in it after. Franqui recommends silk real touch plants as the overall best choice.  

How to style fake plants and flowers

“My trick to make fake plants and flowers look realistic is to incorporate real elements in the design,” says Franqui. For example, fill a clear vase with fake flowers with real water or use real soil or moss in a planter with a fake tree or plant for a more natural feel.

Franqui also likes to mix real and fake plants together for the best results. If possible, add a few real twigs or blooms to a faux floral arrangement and use fake plants to enhance indoor or outdoor greenery rather than only using fake options throughout. 

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